marion barnes a nature lover n.
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Marion Barnes

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Marion Barnes

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  1. Marion Barnes – A Nature Lover

  2. Marion Barnes is an avid adrenaline junkie, and a mountaineer, para glider, cave explorer, and skier. He was born in Helen, Montana to Mary and Scott Barnes. They had a family ranch where he spent a majority of his life. Living on a ranch, Marion came to appreciate the beauty of outdoors, and enjoyed venturing out on treks. What he recalls the most is going on hiking trails and collecting insects, leaves, and bugs along the way.

  3. After graduating from University, Marion came back to his ranch. While he liked the experience of going to college and living in a city, he knew that urban life was not for him. Upon coming back, he got in touch with an old childhood buddy , and opened a center for outdoor activities including boating, trekking, hiking, biking, nature walks, etc. The land used was from his family and that of his friends family.

  4. Currently, his outdoor center has also added a shooting, golfing, and archery section. The center has a staff of about 15 guides who are all personally trained by Marion Barnes. Every Halloween they organize a special haunted trail for their customers to enjoy. This has become very popular around Helena, and the center makes a lot of revenue from this event every year.

  5. In his personal life, Marion is an active participant in community events. He is a church going man, and he goes with his family every Sunday. Through the church, he is involved in a variety of charities for which he does volunteer work. Additionally, he donated a considerable amount of money to the church sponsored organizations.

  6. Marion enjoys spending quality time with his wife and family. His mother passed away in 2000 from complications of a pulmonary infection. Currently he lives with his father, wife and two children on their family ranch.

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