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Effect of Manglik Dosha in Marriage by Best Astrologer in Bangalore

Are you having mangal dosha in your kundali? Get to know the answer by best astrologer in bangalore. Also provide you tips to overcome the effects.<br>

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Effect of Manglik Dosha in Marriage by Best Astrologer in Bangalore

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  1. Effect of Manglik Dosha in Marriage by Best astrologer in Bangalore The Planet Mars is important planet in astrological reading and play vital role in marriage. The defects caused because of planet mars are called Mangalik dosha. Sometimes, it is also called as Sumanglik or Kuja Dosha. This defect causes bad luck for the person or affects him very badly. To know, whether the person has manglik dosha or not, astrologer has to do deep analysis and reading of the birth chart, moon chart and navmasha. This defect is much discussed and talked topic in Hindu Society. Many prefer to check it before marriage rituals. Even many marriages are performed or even finalized after checking this dosha. While doing horoscope matching of both bride and groom, if there is any significance of mismatch in manglik dosha, it considered as inappropriate for marriage life. Manglik Dosha comes in effect when mars is placed in any of the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses of individual horoscope. When Planet mars reside in 7th house in horoscope, it creates bad defects, which is dangerous for that individual and creates worst level of situation in life. In addition to mars, if Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu is placed in above mentioned houses, then it also creates partial amount of Manglik Defects. Effects of Manglik Dosha: The most seen effect of Manglik Dosha is delay in marriage. Many times, it is seen that manglik person get married in the age of 34 or in 40’s. There is possibility of marriage after 40’s. Is is seen that, is a manglik boy/girl get married to non manglik spouse, it creates dangerous effects, even it may result in accidents, disability, deaths or permanent separation. It also results in unstable relationship, fights, continuous problems, even may end up with divorce. It is always advised and recommended that the person having manglik dosha must consult with best astrologer in Bangalore before going into new relationship. This is so because he provides some puja’s to overcome and nullify the negative defects of mars.

  2. Remedies for Mamglik Dosha: Below is provided some genralised remedies for manglik dosha. To get the personalized reading and remedies consult with best jyotish in Bangalore. 1.It is recommended that the manglik person must get married with manglik person.

  3. 2.Manglik effects are neutralized when Jupiter unites with Mars. 3.It is also neutralized if the mars and rahu is positioned mutually. 4.If venus is placed in 12th house along with mars, then it also cancels out the manglik dosha.

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