tricks to secure your gmail account n.
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Enable Two-Step Authentication Process on Your Gmail  PowerPoint Presentation
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Enable Two-Step Authentication Process on Your Gmail 

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Enable Two-Step Authentication Process on Your Gmail  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You can easily secure your Gmail account by enable two-step authentication. Google provide this extra layer of security to all Gmail users. After enabling this security layer, if someone trying to access your Gmail account, at a time you will get notification from the Google. So, to keep secure your Gmail account using this.\n\n

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Presentation Transcript
basic tips to secure gmail account

You need to know these tricks to keep secure your Gmail account from the hackers. As we know that Gmailaccountisveryimportantregardsbothpersonal & officialuse.

ChangeyourGmailpasswordregularly. Use 2 stepVerification


do you know this
DoYou Know This?



ofGmailusersstilldon’tusetwo-factor authentication. know-about-it-now.html

steps to enable two step authentication process
StepstoEnableTwo-StepAuthentication Process


Inthesecondstep,Clickonthe"MyAccount" whichcanbefoundonupperrightcorner.

Afterclickingon"MyAccount",Itwill redirectyouto"EmailSetting"page.

process to enable 2 step authentication
ProcesstoEnable 2-StepAuthentication

Clickonthe‘sign-inandsecurity'&askedto authenticate theaccount.

Now,choose2stepverification.Clcikonthe get startedbutton.


process to enable 2 step verification
ProcesstoEnable 2-StepVerification

EnterthephonenumbertogetGmailtwo- step verificationcodes.

EnterthereceivingcodeintheCaptchabox tovaildateyourphonenubmer.

Now,yourGmailaccountissecurefrom hackers.

gmail account secure help
Gmail Account SecureHelp

IfyouwanttoenjoyyourGmailaccountwithoutanyhassle,then enable2stepauthenticationGmailonyouraccount.