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University of Florida

Rebecca Moura

Period 4


Ms. Richardson

College scholarship questions l.jpg
College & Scholarship Questions

  • Is FAFSA required? When is the best time you should apply?

    FAFSA is required, people also recommend you to apply before January 1.

  • How can taking AP, IB, or CLEP examinations help you save money?

    It helps you save money because if you past those tests during high school you wont have to take them in college. Since college costs money and you wont be taking those classes, you save money.

College scholarship questions3 l.jpg
College & Scholarship Questions

  • Is work study available?

    Yes work study is available as long as you maintain a required GPA and you have a financial need.

  • Is it better to apply for large scholarships then small scholarships?

    If you are intelligent and you qualify for the larger scholarships that are merit based then you should apply.

College scholarship questions4 l.jpg
College & Scholarship Questions

  • When can I start applying for scholarships?

    You should start applying for scholarships during your junior year.

  • Can I get a scholarship that pays for my tuition, room, board, books, and supplies?

    Yes you may get a scholarship that pays for all of that, if you get a full academic scholarship.

College scholarship questions5 l.jpg
College & Scholarship Questions

  • General University

  • Florida Museum of Natural History

  • Gator Clubs

  • Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

  • Health Science Center

  • Intercollegiate Athletics

  • International Studies and Programs

  • Center for Latin American Studies

  • Division of Military Sciences

  • National Merit Scholarship Program

  • P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School

  • Office of the Provost

  • Women's Club Scholarships

College scholarship questions6 l.jpg
College & Scholarship Questions

  • What are the requirements to gain a scholarship?

    You have to submit your application prior to the deadline then you’re selected by a committee. You must also complete the credit hours with a high GPA and one of your best essays along with it.

College scenario 1 l.jpg
College Scenario #1

  • I don’t believe you should blame colleges for the personality and the behavior of college graduates. Once you enter college all the decisions you make are your choice with no one interfering. How ever you choose to react during and after college is your choice, so I don’t believe colleges should be the blame for a students actions and attitude.

College scenario 3 l.jpg
College Scenario #3

  • In this situation I believe it is her fault for not taking precautions because she is old enough to be able to realize how deep the situation can get. If she chooses to have a large career ahead of her and she cannot take responsibility, then she should abort it. Although if it is the other way around then she should keep it.