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Online Pharmacy Powered by MANDDO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Platform to book an appointment, find online doctors, buy medicine online, generic medicines, substitutes. Manddo provides blood bank facility & one shop stop for healthcare

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Online Pharmacy Powered


Manddo Medication is the most critical aspect of any

treatment regime. For consistency in recovery process it

is important that the medication is followed properly;

dosage administered at a strict routine as well as the

refill isn’t delayed much.

When India was busy in their e-shopping manddo

realized it is more of a necessity than leisure to facilitate

medicine buying over electronic mode and have them

delivered to your doorstep; so the mammoth online




Headquarters at Gurgaon and its chief all round support

unit located in Ludhiana -manddo online pharmacy is

omnipresent throughout the Indian subcontinent to

anyone who has an access to internet.




Healthcare is a basic requisite for survival and everyone

deserves to have a fair chance at life, an impetus to hope

for revival of their diseased condition. What comes in the

way? Apart from accessibility it’s affordability that’s

causes more numbers of casualties. Making medicines

available to all by featuring generic varieties is indeed

another benevolent adaptation to help mankind triumph

over illness. No more running out of stocks for rare and

specialty medicines, no more travelling to nearest mega

city in search of a live saving drug, no more loss of

precious lives over deferral in medical aid because got it sorted already by plugging-in

advanced healthcare into e-mode over an online


Attributes of manddo buy medicine online –India’s

largest online pharmacy

•Overabundance of all sorts of drugs and medications,

from over the counter common varieties to highly

therapeutic schedule H drugs.

•Generic alternatives for most type of drugs to boost a

common man’s confidence to fight against the ailment,

powered by enhanced affordability that manddo offers.

•Reminder service as a modern day implementation of

smart and interactive healthcare; feed in dosage time

and refill date it will help you not to miss out your

medication by honking an alarm in time on a day to day


•Manddo vault gives you the privilege to store

prescriptions and other medical documents online – so

you never lose them or the papers don’t get wrecked

over time deleting your medical history forever.