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  1. What is the difference between SD, HD and 4K set top boxes? India has emerged as one of the major entertainment industry in the world. Now that it’s a mandate from the government that set top box is mandatory for each and every household in India, most of the people are generally confused about which set top box to go for. I am writing this article to clear few of those doubts. Right now the DTH industry offers four formats which are SD (standard definition), HD(High Definition) Ready, Full HD and 4K Whenever we try to buy a new TV now a days the buzz is to go for LELD full HD TV. Same with the set top box also, always for a go for high end version of whatever is available in market. Right now is either HD or 4K. But for people who are looking to purchase 4K, I still feel its too early as to watch 4K channels in India on high numbers, its going to take few more years. So, an ideal buy is HD set top box. So here is a comparison between SD, HD Ready, Full HD and 4K,basic difference lies in pixels size SD (Standard definition) – display images @ 480p , means a pixel resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Standard definition has always 4:3 aspect ratio.

  2. HD ( High Definition ) -display images @720p, means a pixel resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels , which is really very great of watching HD videos and HD broadcasting videos. All the carriers currently in India charge an HD access fee for viewing HD channels and may vary from carrier to carrier. HD supports an aspect ratio of 4:3 same like SD (standard definition) Full HD - display @1080p, means a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, Full HD display contains a greater detail of picture and it brings an extreme level of real life experience. HD supports 16:9 aspect ratios. 4K services – Display @ 4000p. This is pretty much a new technology and there are hardly few channels which transmit the channels at this resolution. DTH – Though most of the early buyers has bought SD Set top box and are thunder stuck with the picture quality of it, image what will be the picture quality when we move to HD set top boxes which transmits data @720p and 1080P. It will be a mind blowing experience. Forgot to mention the sound quality of HD set top boxes. Its just amazing. You will be feel that you are watching a movie in a high end dolby digital sound system theatre. In simple temrs Full HD Set top box is 5 x picture quality and 5 x sound quality of an SD Set top box. If you are going for an HD set top box, always go for an yearly pack as the HD access fee to view HD channels which is around 150 per month will be waived off directly. So the customer can get a direct discount of 150x12=1800/year discount straight away for all the yearly packages. Top 5 carriers in India at this moment are Tatasky Videocon d2h Airtel Digital TV Sun Direct Dish TV

  3. For best deals on SD, HD and 4K set top boxes, visit www.bookmydth.com and win extra discounts.

  4. Different Tata Sky Packages Hi, in this blog, I am going to take you through the packages that are being offered by tata sky. I will cover both South Indian packages and Rest of India packages, their pros and cons, what to choose and how to change the packages in case you need to change. Tatasky offers Tru Choice packs, Regional packs, Add on packs and A-la-carte channels selections. Customer has to select a Tru Choice pack and 2 free regional packs of his wish to form a entire package. On top it, if the customer can go for "Add on" packs or A-la-carte addition of channels based on their needs. Tru Choice Packs table: Tatasky offers 10 Tru Choice Packs for its customers of both South India and Rest of India. But few packs are not applicable in both the regions which has been mentioned in the below table. Applicable in South India Yes Applicable in North India No Free 2 regional packs Yes Tru Choice Packs Price per month South Special pack 200 South sports Special pack 255 Yes No Yes Dhamaal mix pack 250 Yes Yes Yes Dhamaal cricket pack 290 Yes Yes Yes Supreme Sports Kids pack 355 Yes Yes Yes Metro pack 395 Yes Yes Yes Grand Sports pack 485 Yes Yes Yes No ( buy regional pack) My 99 99 Yes Yes Dhoom Pack 179 Yes Yes Yes ( 1 regional pack) 7500 to 7900 per annum Mega Pack Yes Yes Yes Regional Packs: All the tru choice packs get 2 free regional packs apart from MY 99 pack and Dhoom Pack. In general 2 regional packs are given free with most of the tru choice packs when buying a tatasky new connection. But in some cases, they are not applicable to few tru choice packages. "My 99 packs" cannot have 2 free regional packs. They has to be bought by the customer if he selects MY 99 pack. Dhoom pack can go with only 1 regional pack free. If the customer wants more regional packs, it has to be bought.

  5. Know about Tata Sky and How to Install a Tata Sky New Connection: Tatasky is undoubtedly the best service provider of India for the year 2015. They have crossed the highest number of connections in all the metros performing better than their second best rival Videocon. Tatasky has been way ahead compared to its competitors this year. They have launched two new products tatasky+transfer and tatasky 4K which are state of the art products in DTH industry in India. Though tatasky 4K dint take off in a way it was expected mainly due to the pricing and lack of 4K channels makes it a waste of money for the customer to invest in a 4K box and watch channels at just 1080 pixels (HD). But the later product tatasky+transfer has really made a huge impact especially for the users who were looking for a recoding option and who wants to easily transfer it their computers. Coming now on how to book a new tata sky new connection, I have jotted down the exact step by step process to book it. 1. Launch www.bookmydth.com 2. Click on “TATASKY” category in the category bar. 3. Select the set top box type. Must be either “HD” or “SD” or “UHD 4K or “HD PVR Transfer”. Right now, I am going with “HD” set top box. 4. In the category page, select you region. It should be either “South India” or “Rest of India”. Right now, I am going with “South India” 5. Verify all the features on the set top box in the “Tata sky HD features” space. 6. Check the packages available for tatasky HD set top box. Right now, in www.bookmydth.com there are 7 kinds of packages that are there for selection depending on the customers requirement. The range of the tatasky packages starts from Rs.200/- per month (south special pack) and goes till Rs.485/- per month (grand sports pack). 7. Our suggestion to the buyers is to choose a basic pack like south special pack for the first month, analyze the channels and then change the package from the second month onwards. 8. Right now, I am selecting the “South Special pack”. This package also comes with free 2 regional packs which user can select in the next page. I click on “Book Now” button now. 9. Check the channels list of the south special pack in the next page. Customer has to choose 2 regional packs and then click on “Express Checkout” button for checking out.

  6. 10. User will be navigated into “Checkout page” where the address and other details has to be entered before clicking on “Continue button” to go to the CC avenue payment gateway page. 11. Click on “Continue to Payment” button and the user will be taken to CC avenue payment gateway page. 12. User can pay online using Credit card, Debit Card, Net banking and Wallet services also. 13. SMS and email confirmation will be sent with in minutes after booking the order. 14. Users can call the customer care number and reconfirm the address details and phone number entered. +91 - 8688004477 15. In the next 6 hours, the customer will receive a call from the installation team for preferred installation timing. Customer has to schedule the installation. 16. Installation team will install, activate and demo the features. 17. The package contains Tatasky HD set top box, antenna, remote control, 1st month recharge free, 150 rupees HD access fee recharged free, 10 meters cable wire, shipping and Installation. Videocon d2h HD Features Unlimited Recording India’s first radio frequency remote (for DTH) Title/Time Based Recording Rewind/Forward (Up to 64x) Pause Live TV Mark – Skip –Watch Auto Serial Recording One year warranty and more.

  7. Relocation services. Subscription to any pack compatible with HD add-on is necessary to view HD channels. Dimensions : Length - 16.6 cm, Width - 13.0 cm, Height- 4.1 cm Existing subscriber can purchase a multiTv connection for Rs.1820/- HD access fee, Minimum Rs. 100/- for 4 channels, Rs. 150/- to Rs. 175/- based on packages HD access fee waived off for 12 months+ subscription

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