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Hotel Extranet System

Travelopro offers Hotel Extranet, Hotel Extranet System, Extranet Booking System, Global Hotel Extranet for travel agencies, and tour operators worldwide. For more details, please visit our website: https://www.travelopro.com/hotel-extranet-system.php

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Hotel Extranet System

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  1. Hotel Extranet System Email us at: contact@travelopro.com

  2. What is Hotel Extranet System? Hotel extranet is a hotel reservation system that allows travel agents to upload their real-time hotel inventory or their partner or supplier’s hotel inventory and gives them access to information about the availability, hotel rooms, price and other relevant data of hotels for management of online hotel inventory, reservation and payments. Travelopro is a leading travel technology company that specializes in Hotel Extranet Systems. Our solutions empower hoteliers to streamline operations, manage inventory and rates, and increase online visibility.  A Hotel extranet is basically an individual application that assists travel management companies, travel agencies and travel operators to upload the partnered hotels and make their entry to their online reservation system.  Travelopro Hotel Extranet system delivers travel agencies an opportunity to insert their own agreed hotels and permit them to manage their inventories online. Through this excellent platform, the hotel industry got enormous freedom and facility in online inventory management and improving sales. The hotel extranet system redefines the functionality of a single hotel chain connecting it with various properties. Therefore, with all the advancements of the evolution of the Internet, hotel owners can attract consumers and get them multiple options.

  3. How does it work? The Hotel Extranet System permits your travel company to connect directly to the specific Channel Managers utilized by the hotels you desire to have in your inventory, in order to obtain the modernize dynamic rates and availability. Add or to grant hoteliers access to the Extranet System (with unique login and password), the information (inventory, description, photo gallery, facilities, policies) and the dynamic pricing. The second one is an excellent option to decrease your employees’ workload. The hotelier is able to add or reduce their room inventory and appeal the dynamic rate for their room category, period and many more. These changes will then be available directly to you to benefit from the best available rates and further synchronize them to your selling channels.

  4. How Hotel Extranet System Functions? The Hotel Extranet system is an exceptional tool for travel companies that links them to endless renowned hotels. Providing travel agencies an option to choose the best hotels and linking their managers helps our customers expand their business. The goal is to get the pricing of different hotels and help the end-user to reserve at the best price. Also, the end-user has the option to choose the best property that does not hamper their budget. Travelopro allows tour operators and travel agents to upload their connected hotel and in turn allow them to upload the complete inventory and manage it. When you have the opportunity to include the properties you have a connection with, possibly you can seamlessly input your hotel data. The data comprises a description of property rates, allotments, rates, dates and checkout time, special offers, coupon codes, amenities, restrictions and more. Travelopro makes extranet distribution seamless, capable of accepting online reservation, even during the most rush hours. We always include a seamless backend in our travel or hotel booking portals so that hoteliers can handle their complete inventory in the CRS. On the other hand, travel agencies grab the top deals from hotels and come out with excellent travel packages for their consumers. The hotelier can keep the multiple rates for various rooms, duration, and others.

  5. Benefits of Hotel Extranet System: Efficient Distribution:Extranet systems allow hotels to efficiently distribute their inventory across a wide range of online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and other sales channels, reaching a broader audience. Time and Resource Savings: Automation of tasks such as updating rates and availability reduces manual workload, freeing up staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Improved Accuracy: Real-time updates and automated processes minimize the risk of errors and overbookings, enhancing customer satisfaction and hotel reputation.

  6. Enhanced Revenue Management: Extranet systems empower hotels to implement dynamic pricing strategies and respond quickly to market changes, optimizing revenue potential. Streamlined Communication: Clear and seamless communication between the hotel and its distribution partners makes sure consistent messaging and minimizes misunderstandings. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Access to comprehensive analytics and performance data permits hotels to make informed decisions, refine marketing strategies, and identify growth opportunities.

  7. How to Choose the Right Hotel Extranet System Elevate your travel business with our comprehensive guide on Selecting the Right Hotel Extranet System. Discover key considerations, from user-friendly interfaces to robust security measures, make sure you make an informed decision for seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences. Trust us, your dedicated third-party service supplier, to guide you toward success in the dynamic hospitality landscape. In the dynamic realm of travel businesses, selecting the right Hotel Extranet System is paramount for success. A robust and efficient system streamlines operations and enhances the consumer experience.  When determining the specific requirements of your travel business, consider the following aspects to ensure that the chosen Hotel Extranet System aligns seamlessly with your operations.

  8. Business Scale and Growth Potential:Evaluate the current scale of your best white label business and anticipate future increases. Ensure the selected Hotel Extranet Booking System is not only capable of handling your current reservation volume but is also scalable to accommodate future expansions in the number of properties or accommodations. Target Audience Alignment: Identify the characteristics and preferences of your target customer. Choose a system that aligns with the unique requirements and expectations of your clientele, incorporating features that cater specifically to their booking preferences and behaviors. Property Type Compatibility: Examine the types of properties you handle (hotels, resorts, vacation rentals). Ensure the chosen system is tailored to manage the specific requirements and nuances associated with your property type, offering specialized features if needed.

  9. Features Of Hotel Extranet System • End to end connection for real-time data and availability of inventory. • Hold room time limit management • Room price plan id • Controlled access to agent dashboard, customer dashboard, and vendor dashboard. • Auto email and SMS notification • Payment policy management • MIS reporting and statistics • Role management under supplier module • Price plan and promotion mapping • Loyalty points management • Rooms left badge

  10. Why Choose Travelopro for Hotel Extranet System? Travelopro is one of the leading Hotel Extranet integration service providers. As such, it is a matter of pride for us to develop and provide the best possible systems for our esteemed clients.  When you choose to work with us, you are selecting to work with experienced developers who have been working in the travel tech industry for years. With us, you gain access to their incredible proficiency in the Hotel Extranet system. As a result, you can leverage the best skills and experience in getting a robust solution for your specific needs. Our hotel extranet system assists in easy inventory management. Further, it results in more consumers for our client’s property. It gives enormous advantages to travel agencies, hotels and resort industries, Hotel Extranet is a user-friendly platform to enter details of associated hotels and allow them to upload their product description, images, prices, and availability, etc.  At Travelopro, we understand how crucial it is to stay ahead of the bow, especially in an industry like travel and tourism. That is why we aim to provide the best hotel Booking System in the shortest period of time.  After all, your business shouldn’t need to wait to deliver amazing services to your customers. In fact, by working with us, you ensure that you provide a comprehensive hotel reservation service extranet to your customers via an attentive and spontaneous interface, among other things.

  11. CONTACT US:For more details, please visit our website: https://www.travelopro.com/hotel-extranet-system.php Email us at: contact@travelopro.com

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