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Having an idea is half the battle, but in order to write a story you must understand the basics of creative writing and how to write a novel from just an idea.

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Story Writing


by Luis Valentino

Many people have good ideas for writing a story, but without writing tips

and help on how to write a story are unable to even start. Having an idea

is half the battle, but in order to write a story you must understand the

basics of creative writing and how to write a novel from just an idea.

Reading a short story is 1 thing that most of us have enjoyed during our

childhood. It's good method to relax oneself and to unwind. The attention

binding short stories can conveniently indulge you completely. It is not a

surprise that such story books are perfect gifts in every sense. While all

love reading stories, writing the same isn't everybody's cup of tea.

However, in case you're interested in writing short stories, do not be

disappointed as it is no big ordeal. Let's shed some light on tricks that

can help you out with the same.

You need to be very clear about your principles before you begin writing the story.

Your tale should have a correct beginning, middle and an ending. You may shine these

parts and furnish them with further information as you head through it. Nevertheless,

be certain that you've a well thought out and appropriate story line for each of the

several parts.

Sticking to a particularly simple and essential thought would work very best for your

short stories. The more tough and complex themes are better integrated in full fledged

novels. Hence, your short story ought to ideally be centered on fairly uncomplicated

premises, to work. Given that you are penning a short story, too many twists and turns

may confuse the reader.

The next in line crucial element of a short story is characters. If you involve complex

characters in your story, you must write more to provide a detailed explanation of the

characters. It is always in your interest to include simple and easy to comprehend

characters. This will assist indulge the readers far better. Additionally don't include

many heroes in the story if you don't desire to heighten the confusion levels of the


Paint your tale in a short time frame. You may utilize small periods of daily life such as a

voyage and the experiences your lead figure goes through on this journey as the plot

line. Using a shorter time figure will help you create a more concise ending and

beginning for your tale. As a result, you'll additionally not face any troubles with giving

detailed descriptions of the time frame you've provided in the narrative.

Lastly, get your creative juices flowing like never before. Try and involve a minimum of a single

unique element within your story. Short stories usually give you enough opportunity to exercise your

imagination and creativity. Don't be afraid of experimenting and explore your tips extensively. This

will support you write an engaging and smooth ending.

The strategy of writing a small story ought to not become a source of stress for you. Just follow the

mentioned tricks and you are sure to come up with a short story that is truly enchanting.

Luis Valentino is a publisher and has set Try and involve a minimum of a single

up Valgar Institute: A Publishing Company.

Jean Luc Godard said that "sometimes

reality is too complex. Stories give it

form." Luis Valentino and his co-founder

are hoping to create a community for

writers and readers who believe that

everyone has a story to tell.

Visit him