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Welcome…. Introductions…………. Mike Harper - Sector Manager Government John Brown - Government Sector Executive Lisa Shepherd -NHS Customer Services Anne McKenzie -Project Management Chris Astley -Converged Services Liz Craig -NHS Account Management Bill Cowley -NHS Account Management.

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  1. Welcome….. Introductions…………. Mike Harper - Sector Manager Government John Brown - Government Sector Executive Lisa Shepherd -NHS Customer Services Anne McKenzie -Project Management Chris Astley -Converged Services Liz Craig -NHS Account Management Bill Cowley -NHS Account Management

  2. Purpose of the presentation • Why Vodafone for NHS Scotland? • Catalist Framework agreement overview • Project Management - consolidation • Customer Services support for NHS • Converged Services overview • The Next Steps

  3. Vodafone and Government • Over 20 years experience in mobile communications • Headquartered in Newbury, UK • 179 million customers worldwide • Strategic Partner of UK Government for mobile communications since 2000

  4. What did our customers like from the existing GTM contract • Like simplicity of framework agreement • Want flexibility to use phones more • Like the flexibility of equipment credit • Need help to monitor and collect payment for personal calls • Reduce the cost of making calls and using voicemail

  5. How we have responded… • Saving 30% across all tariffs and services • Developed a unique proposition – Vodafone Teamwork and specifically tailored products • Continued equipment credit regime • Introduced spend management portfolio of products

  6. Vodafone has developed special NHS products • Loneworker Protection • Discreet alarm activation • Message capture system ; Location finder • Links instantly to Orbis Monitoring response centre • Incidents handled by real operators 24/7 • Spend Management suite • Dual line; one phone – two bills • Split bill • Star billing • Community Text • Over the air management

  7. Project Management (Acquisitions) Service Project Manager PM(A) Anne McKenzie

  8. Project Management (Acquisitions) To manage your implementation your dedicated Project Manager and Support team will: • Be clear on your objectives and any challenges • Provide close support for key stakeholders • Identify key risks and implement project plan • Identify billing and reporting requirements • Implement Communication plan • Work to OFCOM regulations using MNP • Have regular project meetings internal and external • Provide SIM memory transfer solutions

  9. Mobile Number Portability • MNP - OFCOM sponsored, operates using a central database – all SP’s have access • Customer contacts Donor Service Provider requesting a Port Authorisation Code • PAC issued within 10 working days (>25 CTN’s) • PAC registered on OFCOM website – valid 30 calendar days • PAC and mobile numbers provided to Vodafone Corporate • Details verified from OFCOM website • Numbers port on agreed date (NB this can go beyond the PAC expiry date by 10 days)

  10. What do we need from you? • Accurate Database completed in Vodafone standard template format • PAC codes and expiry dates for the numbers porting • Order of priority and port timescales for each location/division • Policies (i.e re international roaming) and billing requirements • Delivery address for sims/replacement handsets and welcome packs • An agreed communication plan to include timing, method and frequency • Preferred method of sim memory transfer options

  11. Sim Memory Solutions • Provide SIM memory solutions: • Via compatible handsets • Vodafone Retail stores • SIM card readers

  12. What happens on transfer day? PORT • Users will have received welcome pack and new SIM card • Any stored numbers on SIM can be transferred to new SIM on, before or after transfer takes place. • Number will port on agreed date between 11am and 4pm (unless it is a Vodafone originating number – in this case the port will happen at midnight on the day of the port) • Insert new Vodafone SIM – (in some cases there can sometimes be a short delay in registering the SIM to the new network)

  13. Some Recent Transfers 6500 Ports - Orange 500 Ports - 02/Orange 3100 ports - 02 3000 Ports - Orange 550 Ports - 02 1000 Ports - 02

  14. NHS Customer Management NHS Customer Services Manager Lisa Sheppard

  15. Converged Services Account Manager Chris Astley

  16. What is the Fixed Line Solutions Product Set • The products that can be offered as a total solution are: • Fixed line calls and line rental • Broadband • Internet connectivity • Private circuits and inter office connectivity • Business Numbers

  17. Why do Vodafone offer Fixed Line Solutions • Fixed Line Solutions is an integral part of the Vodafone product offering • By offering Fixed Line Solutions Vodafone can offer a company a total solution for its Corporate offices, Branch offices as well as its remote and Home workers. • With the world renowned Vodafone stability, reliability and quality of service your company is in safe hands

  18. Suppliers Vodafone has a range of suppliers for it’s Fixed Line Solutions • Analogue & ISDN Line rental • Private Circuits • Broadband • IP VPN • Internet Connectivity • Low cost calls (CPS) • Business Numbers

  19. 2 1 3 Vodafone addresses the full range of business applications with managed IP VPNs Remote Access VPN Site to Site VPN Main Office Virtual Private Network Remote Office Regional Office Business Partners Telecommuter Mobile Worker Intranet VPN Extranet VPN Remote Access VPN

  20. Vodafone Voice VPN Solutions

  21. What is a Voice VPN? • A connection or virtual connection to from a PBX to the Vodafone network allowing company mobiles to become part of the office (fixed) dial plan, use short code dialling and benefit from a preferential ‘on-net’ rate. • On-net dialling within the ‘Closed User Group’ (CUG) from: Mobile ~ Office Office ~ Mobile Mobile ~ Mobile • Significant reduction in both mobile and office call spends

  22. How Does if Work? • A ‘Closed User Group’ (CUG) database is created on the Vodafone network containing company mobile and landline numbers. • Once created, all calls between numbers in the CUG are flagged as ‘on-net’ and billed at the preferential on-net rate. • The user experience does not change unless you chose to offer the option of mobile short dials or (mobile to mobile and office to mobile) or DDI dialling (mobile to office DDI).

  23. Virtual Fixed Link (VFL)

  24. Other UK Site Other UK Site Vodafone Other UK Site HQ Site Other UK Site BT Vodafone Closed User Group The ‘Closed User Group’ is created on the Vodafone network containing mobile and site telephone numbers. Mobile originated calls to other company mobiles or to VPN sites are now ‘on-net’ Sites that wish to be included in the VPN must have BT lines and a programmable PBX. The PBX must be configured to insert the access code prefix 16677 before all calls to be routed to Vodafone In a non-VPN environment calls pass between mobile users and landline users and are billed by the appropriate provider Vodafone Voice VPN

  25. Managed Fixed Link

  26. Vodafone Voice VPN • Addition of UK sites simply requires the new landline numbers to be added to the CUG (on the Vodafone network) and a piece of on-site PBX routing work to be carried out by the PBX maintainer • Virtual Fixed Link was launched in early 2004 and many of Vodafones largest customers are now benefiting from the VFL service with no major issues to date • Short dials and DDI dial-in are available using VFL as with the fixed link MVPN service • Seamless rollout – NO user impact

  27. Benefits • On-net rate applied to all calls within the Closed User Group (CUG) i.e. mobile ~ mobile, mobile ~ office and office ~ mobile. • Shorts dials can be associated with mobile numbers if desired (optional). • Mobile users can dial direct to office DDI’s if desired (optional). • Allows multiple sites to be part of the same VPN without the need for expensive fixed link infrastructure at every site. • No user education required. The user experience remains the same.

  28. Next Steps • Complete the order form • Supply a list of all landline numbers (by site) that are to be included in the VPN. These must be BT lines if you wish to route outbound calls to VFL. Non-BT numbers can be included but will benefit for inbound calls only. • Supply ‘Proof of Ownership’ for all landline numbers to be included, either: • Landline bill • Disc Bill • E-mail from landline supplier stating that all listed numbers are effectively owned by your organisation.

  29. Working Together

  30. Delivering ‘Best Value’ through Understanding the Needs of Government Customers”

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