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Alphabet Game

Alphabet Game. Down a column, write down all the letters of the alphabet. See if you can find one word for each letter that related to Henry VII, and then Henry VIII. FLIPPED LEARNING. The work due in for today is:. TASK:

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Alphabet Game

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  1. Alphabet Game Down a column, write down all the letters of the alphabet. See if you can find one word for each letter that related to Henry VII, and then Henry VIII

  2. FLIPPED LEARNING The work due in for today is: • TASK: • Please remember to finish your essay for next lesson:‘The main aim of English foreign policy in the years 1509 to 1529 was to achieve peace in Europe’. • Please create a timeline for Henry VIII and foreign policy, divided into the following time frames • 1509-1514 • 1514-1529 • 1529-1540 • 1540-1547

  3. How did English society change and with what effects? Great learning: Explain what regional issues there were and the social impact of religious upheaval under Henry VIII Even better: Evaluate how much society changed under Henry VIII. Good learning: Understand how the classes changed under this period Key Words: How did English society and economy change and with what effects?

  4. How did the classes change under Henry VIII? • Task: You need create a mind map that looks at how different groups in society, focus on • How their role has changed –add in specific detail where possible • What it is like for them living under Henry VIII • Examples of people or groups from the categories below • You should use the information on 97-99 of the new textbook • CHALLENGE! • Which group changed the most under Henry VIII? Explain. • Overall, how much did the classes change under Henry VIII? (this could be for better or for worse) • Was being a noble under Henry VIII better or worse than his father?

  5. What regional issues did Henry VIII face? Tudor society was not only divided up by class and title, it was also regionally divided, with local loyalties often being stronger than national ones. In order to bind the country as one nation, measures were taken to create a single unified state. Anglo-Scottish border • TASK: • Stick the copy of the map you have been given in the middle of your page. Around the edge you need you need to make notes on the different areas using pages 100-101 and then answer the following: • Overall, how success was Henry in unifying his state? The Council in the North English Palatinates Anglo-Welsh border Wales and the act of 1536

  6. How much impact and change did religious upheaval cause? • In 1485, there was little sign that there would be fundamental changes to the English Church. • Despite there being some complaints made, the church still fulfilled the requirements of the people. • There had even been some improvements in the early 16th Century in the quality of the clergy and Cardinal Wolsey had dissolved some monasteries, no one would have creditably predicted the destruction of the Catholic Church. • However, in the 1530s once Henry had broke with Rome and become Head of the English Church that changes started to be made. Though a small minority of people welcomed the religious change it brought, this was not widespread and anyone denying the royal supremacy was even executed, such as Sir Thomas More. • Monasteries were an important feature pre Reformation, however this changed with Cromwell’s dissolution of the monasteries in 1536 and his royal injunctions of 1536 attacked many of the traditional practices of Catholicism, such as holy days, pilgrimages and the worship of relics. This provoked fears that the reforms might be accompanied by an attack on the parish churches. The most important consequence of this was a major rebellion that broke out in Autumn 1536 in Lincolnshire and parts of Northern England that became known as the Pilgrimage of Grace. • TASK: • Look at the 4 bullet points on Pg. 102-103 that look at the social consequences of the religious upheaval. Make a note of each of them with them, but in order of how much impact they have (put the biggest consequence/impact at the top). • Once completed, explain your top choice

  7. Overall, how much change to society had taken place under Henry VIII? There were some areas that clearly changed more than others and not all change was necessarily for the better or accepted by the people. However, just how much change did Henry VIII bring about? Lots of Change Task: Write a PEEL paragraph to explain your judgement No Change

  8. FLIP LEARNING The work due in for next lesson is as follows: • TASK: • You are coming up your next folder check of the year and therefore need to make sure all your notes are present and organised ready for this. • FOLDER CHECKS WILL BE ONE ON THE LAST WEEK OF TERM.

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