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VANCOUVER SUMMER 2010 Starring : Lisa Craviari , Veronica Sesenna , Federica Savi, Maristella Zalaffi ( 2B sc.), Federico Porta e Giacomo Tanzi ( 2 A sc. ), Irene Pincolini ( 2 C sc ), Leonardo Magnelli ( 4 B sc.) e Eugenio Tanzi ( istituto arte Toschi)

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vancouver summer 2010


Starring :

Lisa Craviari, Veronica Sesenna, Federica Savi, MaristellaZalaffi ( 2B sc.),

Federico Porta e Giacomo Tanzi ( 2 A sc. ),

Irene Pincolini ( 2 C sc),

Leonardo Magnelli ( 4 B sc.) e

Eugenio Tanzi ( istituto arte Toschi)

the school ilac vancouver
The school : ILAC Vancouver
  • Here are ourheroes holding theircertificates. The pupilsgotthemafterstudying hard from 8.30 to 13.30 5 days a week!
and finally some words about the experience
…andfinally some wordsabout the experience

Having been in a city like Vancouver, to the other side of this world, was a wonderful experience. It was not great only because I improved my English, but mainly because I’ve learned a little about the people who live in a society which is similar and at the same time different from ours: a mix of cultures I’ve never seen in my life and which gives a sense of a great unique community, with its pros and its cons.

A city between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, where it’s easy to live: this is Vancouver, a great metropolitan centre with a freedom similar to the one of a little town. I can not describe it with words, because I think everyone might have a different view of Vancouver: someone may think it’s boring, some others that it’s not… I can only say it’s awesome.

Studying English is hard work, but studying it in Vancouver and in particular at the school where we went, gives the opportunity to know people from everywhere (and the age doesn’t matter, I can say that): people from Europe, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Poland; people from Saudi Arabia, from Korea, Japan, China; and then from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia… and I could add more!

Visiting places like these amplifies the horizon of the mind, which is usually focused only on things really close to us, and it’s strange to see how our little Italy isn’t so well known in the world. Because we’re not alone on this big coloured planet. There could be friends on the other side of the sea, as that happened to me. And, of course, there are friends here, the ones I learned to know during the trip and with whom I passed a great study vacation.

So, this is all: an unforgettable experience in the city of the last Winter Olympic Games, of the biggest port on the Pacific coast, of the Rocky Mountains and Capilano Suspension Bridge. Vancouver.

Leonardo Magnelli

just a little explanation
Just a little explanation…
  • I 9 ragazzi che hanno partecipato al viaggio studio a Vancouver hanno frequentato la scuola internazionale ILAC per 5 giorni la settimana dalle 8.30 alle 13.30.
  • I ragazzi hanno fatto lezione con studenti di altra nazionalità. In ogni classe era presente uno solo dei nostri alunni. Il livello di internazionalità era altissimo.
  • Non college residence ma hostfamilies nelle zone residenziali di Vancouver.
  • Vancouver offre molte opportunità di divertimento: la spiaggia, i parchi, lo sport, le visite ai dintorni ( Vancouver island , Whistler).

Organizzazione tecnica a cura diNEW BEETLE – viaggi studioManythankstoLisa Craviari and Veronica Sesenna, whoprovided the photos, and toLeonardo Magnelli, whowrote the report.