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Using The UCHC Purchasing Process/Materials Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using The UCHC Purchasing Process/Materials Management. December 2005 . The UCHC Purchasing Department. Mission Statement.

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Mission statement l.jpg
Mission Statement

The Purchasing Department is committed to being an effective and efficient organization, which recognizes and supports the mission of the University of Connecticut Health Center:

“helping people achieve and maintain healthy lives and

restoring wellness/health to maximum attainable levels”

through research, education and clinical care.

The acquisition of materials, equipment, and contractual services shall be predicated on the accomplishment of the mission; utilizing best purchasing practices, conducted to the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations.

Authority to purchase l.jpg
Authority To Purchase

The University of Connecticut Health Center receives purchasing authority from Volume 3, Title 10a, Chapter 185b, Section 10a-151b of the General Statutes of Connecticut which states in part “…a chief executive officer may purchase equipment, supplies and contractual services, execute personal service agreements..” The Chief Executive Officer of the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) has delegated the purchasing authority to the Director of Purchasing at UCHC.

Department scope l.jpg
Department Scope

Provide procurement services to acquire all supplies, equipment, and contractual services for University of Connecticut Health Center departments and to the University of Connecticut Health Center Finance Corporation.

Use of vendors suppliers l.jpg
Use of Vendors/Suppliers

The Purchasing Department is exclusively responsible for vendor contracting, creation, selection, and use.

Strategic prime vendor relationships l.jpg
Strategic Prime Vendor Relationships

Owens & Minor: Medical and Surgical Supplies

Fisher Scientific: Laboratory Supplies and Apparatus

Henry Schein: Dental Supplies

Suburban Stationers: Office Supplies

(Certified Small Bus.)

Gateway Computers: PCs

*A Computer Peripherals Strategic relationship is currently under development.

Requisitioning for supplies equipment services l.jpg
Requisitioning ForSupplies, Equipment, Services

The Purchasing Department must be in receipt of a fully approved Purchase Requisition prior to initiating a procurement action for supplies, equipment, or contractual services.

This is done through the FRS system.

For information on online training call: (860) 679-2408

Changing your passwords l.jpg
Changing Your Passwords

  • VMS Password

  • FRS Password

Changing your vms password l.jpg
Changing Your VMS Password

At the main UCHC – SUN menu, select “D. PASS – Change your Password.” Hit “Enter”

Changing your vms password11 l.jpg
Changing Your VMS Password

Type your old password, hit “Enter,” then type your new password, hit “Enter,” then type your new password again and hit “Enter.” You’re done!

Changing your frs password l.jpg
Changing Your FRS Password

After signing in to FRS, type PWC (Password Change) into the first screen that appears. Hit “Enter.”

Changing your frs password13 l.jpg
Changing Your FRS Password

Type your old password where requested, and then your new password, and your new password again, at “Verify Password.” Hit “Enter.” You’re done!

Competitive bidding negotiation l.jpg
Competitive Bidding/Negotiation

Up to $10,000 Competitive Bidding or Negotiation may take place at the discretion of the Buyer or Management , but is not statutorily required.

$10,000 to 49,999: informal bidding is statutorily required. No Public advertisement or web posting is required.

$50,000 and over: Full formal bidding is statutorily required. Place public bid ads in two State newspapers and post to UCHC On-Line Bid Submission Website and the DAS Bid Portal. The average time of the posting is three weeks.

Contracting for supplies equipment services l.jpg
Contracting For Supplies, Equipment & Services

  • There are three main types of contracts:

  • Purchase Order: The PO is the standard contract. It may be include by reference, the bidder’s proposal, a negotiated contract, or any contractual document that has been reduced to writing.

  • Formal Letter Contract: This contract is used when issuing a multiple year (term) contract which will be referenced when issuing individual P0s against it.

  • Personal Services Agreement: This agreement is used when contracting for services being provided by an individual. Ex. Consultant.

Sources of contracts l.jpg
Sources of Contracts

  • UCHC Negotiated Through Competitive Bid Process

  • University Contracts (Storrs)

  • State of Connecticut Contracts

  • Novation Buying Group

  • Connecticut Hospital Association

  • Amerinet Buying Group

  • University of Connecticut Health Center Finance


New initiatives in purchasing l.jpg
New Initiatives In Purchasing

  • Update Policies and Procedures. January 06

  • New Contract Administration Division . January 06

  • New Procurement Contract Specialist Position: Margaret Gilbert has been promoted into this position.

  • Electronic Business: e-Portal and UCHC On-Line Bid System

  • New Research Procurement Outreach and Updates.

  • Computer Peripherals Strategic Relationship.

  • New Enterprise Financial System: January 06 RFP.

  • New Community Preceptors and Adoption assistance contract processes.

Purchasing directory l.jpg
Purchasing Directory

Rob Murphy, Director 679-2812

Matt Larson, Asst. Director 679-1775

Margaret Gilbert, Clinical Buyer 679-3927

June Ellis, Laboratory Buyer 679-2117

Jennifer Kelley, Facilities Buyer 679-1988

Daniel Melesko IT Buyer 679-2309

Main Telephone Number 679-2408

Main Fax Number 679-2508

Buyer commodity assignments l.jpg
Buyer Commodity Assignments

Summary slide l.jpg
Summary Slide


Invest the time necessary to learn financialprocesses

  • The Budget process

  • The Purchasing and Materials Management process including Receiving

  • The Accounts Payable process

  • The Human Resource process