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japanese feudalism n.
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Japanese Feudalism PowerPoint Presentation
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Japanese Feudalism

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Japanese Feudalism
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Japanese Feudalism

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  1. Japanese Feudalism Lord or Vassal?

  2. What is feudalism? • A political, economic, social system in medieval Japan and Europe, in which land was granted by a lord in return for loyalty and work from lower class members called vassals.

  3. What is a lord? • Lord is a person who grants land called a fief in return for loyalty. • Vassal: receives land or protection from their lord and in return promises to be loyal

  4. Does anyone here in this room have any gum or candy or drink they can give me for a bonus point today?

  5. Congrats! You’re farmers and also known as peasants -- part of the largest class of Japan’s feudal system! • Peasants were considered fairly important since their food helped the entire population survive. Plus, rice was used more than coins for currency to pay for things such as taxes!

  6. Can anyone trade me a give me a school supply to have and in return I’ll give you extra credit.

  7. Congrats! You’re a merchant • Part of the the lowest class in Japan! Merchants were part of the lowest class because they didn’t “Make” anything themselves for society – they just sold what others made.

  8. But wait, who can tell me the the myth about the beginning of Japan and the name of the first family clan?

  9. Congrats, you must be from the Yamoto blood line of emperors of Japan! • You might look good, but basically you have no power! Watch out – you are easy to push around by people with military power.

  10. Who can draw a picture of a samurai sword or the shape of Japan?

  11. You are an artist.You are higher than a merchant because you make valuable goods like swords, but you’re still in the lowest class.

  12. The rest of you are involved in a rock paper scissor contest! • Stand up. • I’ll call up two to complete. • Take your spot above the peasants if you win.

  13. Winners are WARRIORS! I hope you were honest. • You are part of the warrior class, and you are samurai. • You make up about 10% of Japan and live by a strong Bushido Code of loyalty. • You have enormous power – peasants bow to you or are beheaded. • In return for their loyalty, you protect them from rival samurai while they farm.

  14. Samurai • Even though you LORD over the peasants, you are VASSALS to the daimyo. • Each castle is headed by the strongest local samurai who is called a daimyo. • The daimyo lives in the castles and makes all the laws. He collects all the rice taxes from the peasants and distributes food as necessary.

  15. The Samurai must fight for the power to be the local DAIMYO. • Who is the strongest among you? • We will see – play rock, paper, scissors. • Those who win will get control of a local piece of land.

  16. Daimyo • The strongest samurai can become daimyos. • Daimyos controlled local areas. They were lords to the samurai who lived in their castles. • Samurai promised to be true to their daimyo and help protect the castles from rival daimyo provinces. There were about 260 daimyo by the end of the feudal era. • They usually lived in castles that were fortified with much land for their peasants. • Their samurai also lived in the castles with them, and it was also their place of business.

  17. Of the daimyos, show me your guns (muscles). • Class – who has the biggest guns???

  18. Congrats, SHOGUN! • Your “show” guns were amazing. That makes you the strongest one in the class. You rule! You’re a shogun, the true ruler of Japan! You are “lord” all the below “vassals!” • Shoguns were at the top of society – the military and true ruler of feudal Japan and ruled in the name of the emperor.

  19. The rest • Other people fell outside the pyramid. The ethnic minority, the slaves and people in condemned industries such as butchers, executioners and tanners who were considered unclean. • Also actors, wandering bards and criminals.

  20. The Feudal Order of Japan ________ (figure head at the top, but no real power) __________ ( the one running the show!) __________ (one is the boss of each province) _______ (an army for each daimyo and his area) Peasants (the biggest population of Japan) __________________ (the lowest class)

  21. Japanese Feudalism

  22. The Feudal Order Emperor (figure head at the top, but no real power) Shogun ( the one running the show!) Daimyo (one is the boss of each province) Samurai (an army for each daimyo and his area) Farmer (the biggest population of Japan) Merchants and Artisans (the lowest class) Hmk: Draw some sort of picture, write a short poem or a paragraph explaining how the feudal order in Japan works.