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Spanish Inquisition

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Spanish Inquisition. Islamic Invasions. 711 – Islam’s invade Iberian Peninsula Known as the Moors. The Reconquest Begins in Spain 732 AD Battle of Tours Al Andalus . Cathars – Southern Gaul (2 gods) Purgatory is formed Selling of Indulgences. Medieval Inquisition 10 th Century.

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islamic invasions
Islamic Invasions
  • 711 – Islam’s invade Iberian Peninsula
  • Known as the Moors.
  • The Reconquest Begins in Spain
  • 732 AD Battle of Tours
  • Al Andalus
  • A Jew that converts to Christianity was known as a Converso
  • A Moor who converts to Christianity was known as a Morisco
jews moors christians
Jews, Moors & Christians
  • Jews protected by king
    • Tax Farmers
    • Loans

Moriscos live away from Christians (mainly in the South in Grenada)

Christians dominate Spain (Laws)


pogroms of 1391
Pogroms of 1391

Fernan Martinez

Mass Conversions to Christianity (20,000 Jews)

Jews become a race and no longer just a religion

limpieza de sangre blood purity
Limpieza de Sangre (Blood Purity)
  • Before the Pogroms of 1391, Jew is part of a religion
  • Conversions mean they are Christians and equal…
  • Old vs. New Christians
blood libel mid 1400s
Blood Libel Mid 1400s
  • Propaganda against Jews
  • Stories told of Jews stealing Christian babies and sacrificing them at night.
  • Very effective (Fear travels through all Christians)
  • La Guardia Trial
unification of spain
Unification of Spain
  • Spanish Civil War (Isabella vs. Juana) 1474-79
  • Isabella marries the Prince of Aragon Ferdinand V
  • Castile and Aragon are now united and Spain is United
  • 1483 becomes Grand Inquisitor of both Castile and Aragon (this is the only organization that Castile and Aragon have in common)
  • Very powerful, austere stern man and very Anti-Semitic. Helps to push the expulsion of the Jews.
  • Confessor to Isabella
the spanish inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition
  • Pope Sixtus IV signs the Papal Bull in 1478, which gives Spain the right to start the Inquisition.
  • Holy Office- Organization of the Inquisitors.
  • Heresy – “Wrong Thinking”
  • First few years, inactive until the La Guardia Trial in 1491.
  • 1478-1530 Most active period of the Inquisition
  • Not Eating Pork
  • Using Olive Oil
  • Reading Prohibited Books
  • Practicing Judaism
how did the inquisition work
How did the Inquisition Work
  • Edict of Grace (7days – 30days)
  • Denunciation
  • Reconciliation
why did the inquisition start 3 theories
Why did the Inquisition Start (3 theories)
  • Money Money Money – Confiscation of goods.
  • Racism – Christians were blaming Jews for killing Jesus Christ.
  • Religion – Some believed they really had to convert to Catholicism.
  • Invasion of Grenada (Spain is completely unified)
  • Expulsion of the Jews
makeup of the inquisition
Makeup of the Inquisition
  • Suprema (1488) – 6 members that rules over the Inquisition
  • Tribunals – makeshift courtrooms
  • Familiars – Spies
  • Finances – confiscations, fines, penances, dispensation.
privileges of member to the inquisition
Privileges of Member to the Inquisition
  • A. Inspection
  • B. Censor Literature – Index of Prohibited Books
  • C. Immunity from other Jurisdictions
  • D. Tax Exemption
  • E. No Quartering of Troops
the trial
The Trial

A. Lawyers – Defense lawyers emerge

B. Witnesses – could testify

C. Enemies – Name your enemies

  • Toca – Water Torture
  • Potro – The Rack
  • Garrucha – Hung by ceiling
autos de f
Autos de Fé
  • Act of Faith
  • Sanbenito
  • Burned In Effigy
moriscos witchcraze
Moriscos & Witchcraze
  • April 4 , 1609 Expulsion of the Moriscos
      • Led to Economic Problems

Over 110,000 witches were killed in Europe.

Less than 100 killed in Spain

the end of the inquisition
The End of the Inquisition
  • The French Revolution of 1789 would cause the Inquisition to disband.
  • After the Revolution, a new government arose in Spain “Cortes de Cadiz” and they chose not to include the Inquisition in the new constitution.