i really surprised myself by
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I really surprised myself by \_\_\_\_\_\_\_.

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I really surprised myself by \_\_\_\_\_\_\_. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Question of The Day What have you done that, at first, you thought you couldn’t do? Question of the Day Who do detectives ask for help when they are solving mysteries?. I really surprised myself by \_\_\_\_\_\_\_. . Loved Best Theme 3 Lesson 11. Read Aloud. Genre- Fiction

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i really surprised myself by
Question of The DayWhat have you done that, at first, you thought you couldn’t do?Question of the DayWho do detectives ask for help when they are solving mysteries?

I really surprised myself by _______.


Loved Best

Theme 3 Lesson 11

read aloud
Read Aloud
  • Genre- Fiction
  • Set a Purpose- Why might we read or listen to a fiction story again?
  • Modeling Fluency- Pay attention to phrasing and punctuation.
  • Listen as I carefully read the poem.


The Speech Willie watched as his mother moved about the kitchen in a hurry. He could tell she was upset. She was so nervous she could not sit still or smile. When Willie asked what was wrong, she said, “I have to give a speech at work today. I haven’t felt this nervous since my third grade play! I’m not sure Ican go through with it.”Poor mom, thought Willie. “Is your speech important?” he asked.“Yes.” she said. “That’s why I’m so nervous. I’m supposed to be showing people how to use our new computer system. There will be real problems if people can’t use it.”


the speech
The Speech

Willie thought about her words. “I remember when I had to recite a poem last year,” he said. “I was sure I was going to fall right off the stage. I was so scared I would forget the words that I could hardly walk. But you told me that all I had to do was just think of one word at a time. I did just fine. You will, too, Mom. Just take it one word at a time.” Willie watched his mother’s face as a big smile grew. “You’re absolutely right, she said.”

Discussion Questions:
  • What is the story problem?
  • In the story, how might Willie’s mom have said “I’m not sure I can go through with it”? What emotion should you try to show in your voice?
  • How does Willie try to help his mother?
c le syllables
C-le Syllables

pebble tumble gentle

  • What sound does –le make in these words?
  • Remember that these words are divided into syllables so that a consonant and

-le form the final syllable

  • Remember when there are two consonants before the letters –le, the vowel sound in the first syllable is short.

peb/ble tum/ble gen/tle

c le syllable
C-le Syllable

noble staple bugle eagle

  • Remember when there is one consonant before –le, the vowel sound in the first syllable is long.

no/ble sta/ble bu/gle ea/gle

spelling with c le syllables
Spelling with C-le Syllables

Use the words below to help complete each sentence.

title uncle beetle table bubble apple rattle cable

1.) Tell me the ______of the book you are reading.

2.) Sara set the _______ for dinner last night.

3.) Seema’s _________ lives in Ohio.

4.) If you cut an ________ in half, you can see the seeds.

5.) A thick, strong wire is called a ___________.

6.) Lisette bought some _______ gum.

7.) A big read _______ was crawling on the tree.

8.) Have you ever seen a baby playing with a _________.


spelling with c le syllables10
Spelling with C-le Syllables

Use the words below to help complete each sentence.

little scribble purple middle

trouble saddle simple

9.) Denison’s favorite color is ________.

10.) An elephant is big, but a mouse is ________.

11.) Erik sat in the _________ of the bench.

12.) It is _________ to add 2 and 2.

13.) Jovan fastened the ________ around the horse.

14.) Jake got in _______ when he ran in the halls.

15.) Small children like to ________ with crayons.

performing loved best
Performing “Loved Best”

In groups we will perform a readers’ theater by rereading “Loved Best” on pages 306-323.

Things to remember:

  • The characters might act and sound different in various parts.
  • Readers can use expression to reinforce what is happening in the text.

What is the plot of a story?

A plot is the events that happen; it usually includes a problem and its solution.


evie and margie
“Evie and Margie”

Listen closely as I reread “Evie and Margie” starting on page 38. Listen closely for the problem and the solution as I reread the story.

  • What is the main problem in the story?

Evie and Margie both want to be Cinderella in the play.

  • How is the problem solved?

Evie gets to perform as an understudy, and Margie gets to do another performance.