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Protecting schools since March 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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Protecting schools since March 2005

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Protecting schools since March 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protecting schools since March 2005. We average 400 hits a day. Text Messaging. A new way to initiate an Alert has arrived!

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Protecting schools since March 2005

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Text Messaging

A new way to initiate an Alert has arrived!

To send an alert via Cellphones use your text messaging ability and type in " " instead of a phone number. *Note: If your phone service does not support this system please text the following number with your alert: 602-980-5887.

** It is highly recommended to save "" in your cellphone for easy reference. **


Table of Contents

  • About us
  • Quick facts
  • Statistics
  • How we work
  • Making a


  • The future

About Us

  • Alert is an acronym for  “Always Let Experts Respond Timely.”
  • The program is designed to empower students by giving them the freedom to disseminate information about negative activities occurring on their campuses. At the same time it protects them by keeping their identities confidential.
  • It is a mechanism that can keep our campuses, our students, and our community safe, as well as save our schools, communities, and their insurance carriers economic losses.
  • Alert is a non-profit organization with a 501-C3

Quick Facts

Saving Schools, Communities, and Law Enforcement time and money.




Grand theft auto







Number of offenses in the past five years



We spend between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars a year to educate a student. We incarcerate them at a cost of $57,761.25 per person per year.

Alert Recall is helping to reduce the amount of money spent on the detainment of juveniles by enabling the safety of schools and communities in the prevention of crimes.



It costs an estimated $158.25 per day* to incarcerate a juvenile.

Each Alert Recall event has the potential to save another juvenile from costing the taxpayers $57,761.25 a year.

*Maricopa County’s JOLTS

After an Alert is initiated it takes less than a second to reach our computer system.
  • Within 30 seconds of reception it is reviewed and action is taken.
  • The system is supervised 24/7.

Since its implementation in March 2005, Alert Recall has aided in the resolution of a laundry list of offenses:

  • Crack houses were shut down
  • A NW valley shooter was arrested
  • Bullying was averted
  • Sexual assaults were disclosed
  • High school drug dealers were arrested
  • Teacher misconduct was examined
  • Potential problems in the community were proactively disclosed.
  • Community awareness was heightened
  • A double homicide was solved
The future of our organization demonstrates growth as a result of our expanding goals.
  • We have gone National and are currently in the process of notifying schools across the country about our program.
  • Our goal is to have every school in the U.S. informed of our program and to make sure all students are aware of and are able to use our service.
  • Nobody wants another Columbine. We are trying to protect our schools, our communities and our students.