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Personally for you Profile of MKB Bank and MKB Group

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Personally for you Profile of MKB Bank and MKB Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personally for you Profile of MKB Bank and MKB Group. Budapest, April 2009. Strong business activity in 2008. Sound capital base and safe liquidity Strategy for aiming stronger income generation by business diversification from 2005:

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strong business activity in 2008
Strong business activity in 2008
  • Sound capital base and safe liquidity
  • Strategy for aiming stronger income generation by business diversification from 2005:
    • MKB Bank: boom of retail, small and medium size enterprises as well as money and capital market business line; complete universality in Hungary: successful launch and development of MKB Insurance Companies
    • 3 countries, 219 branches, almost 1 million (880 thousand retail and 85 thousand corporate) customers
    • 80% increase of gross operating income in 3 years*
  • 2nd largest domestic bank by equity, 4th largest by assets
  • Hungarian market leader in project financing and factoring with over 20% market-share. One of the largest player in lending to non-financial companies
  • Largest net asset value growth and dynamic on the investment funds market in 2008**, 1.5% growth of market share; 3rd place in guaranteed funds with 11.3% market share; 2nd in funds denominated in USD (15.3% market share); 3rd in funds denominated in EUR (11.4% market share)
  • Major issuer of domestic bond market with 10.6% share; active on the international capital market ***
  • Strong expansion in private individual business: besides increasing market share in savings 0.6% market share growth in lending with focus on mortgage-covered loans, +111,000 customers since end-2005

* IFRS consolidated

**Among participants with over 1% market share

***Prior to crisis

our awards reflect our commitment to quality
Our awards reflect our commitment to quality
  • Branchmarking Ltd: The most efficient branch network and call center: 2007, 2008
  • Liquid Real Estate (Euromoney): 1st in Financial Advisory services in Hungary in 2008 in the combined category of „Commercial banking, real estate financing activity, Advisory and Consultancy Services”
  • Mastercard- Bank of the year: 3rd, The retail current account product of the year, Socially responsible bank of the year – 2008
  • Best strategic cooperation with civil organisations – Good CSR – 2008
  • Superbrands – again in 2008 (2007)
key figures of mkb bank audited ifrs non consolidated huf billion
Key figures of MKB Bank (audited, IFRS, non-consolidated, HUF billion )
  • The growth of business income was among the best in 2008 in Hungary (+16% gross operating income growth and 11.9 % increase in operating profit).
  • Provisioning prudently reflects the impacts of the adverse environment.
  • Sound capitalisation and safe liquidity.




Total assets

1 843.3

2 236.9

2 656.6

Customer loans

1 353.3

1 719.8

2 018.4

Customer deposits


1 075.9

1 087.8

Shareholders’ equity




Gross operating income




Operating profit




Pre-tax profit




Pre-tax return on average equity (ROAE)




Cost to income ratio (CIR)





Capital adequacy ratio (CAR-HAR)




Large corporate and institutional customers

3 028

3 060

3 100

Medium size and small companies

35 220

37 080

40 210

Private individuals

220 300

254 000

288 000

Pension and Health Care Fund members

201 000

231 000

254 800





*Note: early of 2009 appr. EUR 95.6 million capital increase by the strategic owner, BayernLB

key figures of mkb group audited ifrs consolidated huf billion




Total assets




Customer loans




Customer deposits




Shareholders’s equity




Gross operating income




Operating profit




Pre-tax profit




Pre-tax return on average equity (ROAE)




Cost to income ratio (CIR)




Capital adequacy ratio (CAR)




Corporate and institutional customers

70 800

79 700

85 000

Private Individuals

673 000

778 000

880 000









Key figures of MKB Group(audited, IFRS, consolidated, HUF billion)
  • Universality in Hungary with MKB Insurance Companies.
  • 80% growth in gross operating income in 3 years.
  • Almost 1 million customers in 3 countries.
  • Sound capitalisation and safe liquidity.

The members of the group are: MKB-Euroleasing car financing group; MKB Romexterra Bank, Romania; MKB Unionbank, Bulgaria

ownership strategic owner with long term commitment
Ownership: strategic owner with long-term commitment

Ownership structure

  • Strategic owners with long-term commitment
  • 1994: first privatised large bank in Central Eastern Europe
  • The main owner is BayernLB the 6th largest bank of Germany by total assets, and 5th by equity (2008). Its total assets amounted to EUR 421.7 billion, equity and subordinated capital was EUR 23.1 billion at end-2008
  • The Bank's legal form is that of a "corporation established under public law“. The Free State of Bavaria holds ((indirectly via BayernLB Holding AG) 94% and the Association of Bavarian Savings Banks 6 % of the shares. Member of S-Finanzgruppe
  • 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008: total of EUR 376 M subordinated capital from BayernLB. EUR 95.6 M capital increase in 2009


  • MKB Bank is in investment category:


    • Bank Deposits -Fgn Curr: Baa1/P-2
    • Bank Deposits -Dom Curr: *A1/*P-1
    • Bank Financial Strength: C-
    • Senior Unsecured/Subordinate: *A1/ A2
    • Other Short Term: *P-1
    • Outlook: *under possible downgrade

*IFRS, non-consolidated

**solicited rating, 22 APR 2009

large corporate and institutional customers tailor made services
Large corporate and institutional customers: tailor-made services

Large corporate customers:

  • 3,100 large corporate and institutional customers. It is one of the largest in financing non-financial companies, major bank in corporate payments turnover.
  • Loans to large corporate, project and institutional customers reached HUF 916.4 billion at the end of 2008 and their deposits grew to HUF 265.5 billion.
  • Full range of products, complex services to domestic blue chip, large corporate customers and subsidiaries of multinational customers.
  • Intense cooperation of customer relationship and product support areas ensure tailor-made services fit to clients’ needs.
  • Personal services in Budapest and the countryside by dedicated relationship managers.
  • Senior experts provide industry coverage and product competence .
  • Professional offer of full range of retail and treasury products.

Institutional customers

  • One of the leading banks in servicing insurance companies
  • Foundations, non-profit segment
  • Professional chambers, solicitors, professional organisations, etc.
  • Specific products for local municipalities

Corporate loans – market share

Corporate deposits – market share

project financing mid market customers renewed business models

Project financing- Market share 2008

MKB: 27%

Factoring -

Market share 2008



Project financing/ Mid-market customers: renewed business models

Project financing

  • Number of customers: 620, loans amounted to HUF 720 billion at end-2008
  • Market leader in project, real estate financing since 1995 (received the „Best commercial bank in Hungary” award of Euromoney Liquid Real Estate in 2008)
  • Major player in different project segments: offices, residential, commercial real estate, telecommunication, energy, infrastructure, PPP projects
  • Shift towards the ’arrange and sell’ business model from 2008
  • Cooperation with BayernLB

Mid-market companies

  • Number of customers: 11,100
  • Focus is on the suppliers of multinational companies, export oriented, regionally active mid-markets and domestic companies with growth potential and perspective
  • New segmentation from market and risk management aspect
  • Wide range of preferential state-subsidized and EU loans
  • Market leader position in factoring
  • Equipment leasing, trade finance

Upper mid-market companies

  • At end-2008 the deposits reached HUF 117.1 billion, while loans amounted to HUF 322.8 billion
  • Selected range of products, tailor-made services
  • Selective business growth based on bank payment turnover by the intensification of funds acquision
  • Focus on trade finance and factoring
  • Considerable demand for project financing

Lower mid-market companies

  • At end-2008 loans reached HUF 331.8 billion and the deposits amounted to HUF 169.2 billion
  • Standardised sales, standard range of products and streamlined credit approvalprocesses as of 2009
  • Quicker customer services
  • Primary focus is on payments, accounts and deposits on top of risk consolidation and monitoring of the existing portfolio
products and services for corporate and institutional customers
Products and Services for Corporate and Institutional Customers
  • HUF and FX accounts
  • HUF and FX deposits
  • HUF and FX loans
  • Business cards
  • Payment services (cash pool, documentary transactions, transfers, issue of L/Cs, collections, guarantees)
  • Discounting of bills, L/Cs
  • Teller, bulk cash and safe services
  • Money market and risk-management products and services
  • Export, import, cross border and domestic factoring
  • Vehicle leasing and fleet management
  • Asset leasing
  • Project finance and structured finance including PPP types
  • State subsidised lending products
  • MKB EU program
  • Securities accounts
  • Securities trading
  • MKB and BayernLB Lux investment funds
  • Portfolio management and custody services
  • MKB Pension Fund
  • MKB Health Care Fund
  • MKB Insurance companies
  • Financial and investment advisory
  • Securities programs: IPO’s, LBOs, MBOs
  • Acquisition finance
  • Property trading and management
  • Real-estate valuation and assessment
  • Trade Finance
small companies renewed business model as of 2009
Small companies: renewed business model as of 2009
  • In strategic focus since 2007; clients up to HUF 250 million net annual sales, served with standardized products
  • The number of customers reached 29,150 at end-2008
  • The accounts and deposits of small companies reached HUF 94 billion by the end of 2008, loans exceeded HUF 32 billion
  • Full-service at every branch via dedicated small company- and financial advisors
  • Renewed small company product range; competitive specificaccount packages and loan products
  • Active role in state-subsidized products
  • Wide range of cooperation agreements with different professional and entrepreneur organisations, professional chambers, property appraisers
  • Special focus given to electronic banking: over 14,000 small companies use the NetBANKer service
small company service packages from start ups to professionals

For start-up micro companies with scarce capital and low bank turnover

  • HUF account keeping and wide range of related services for low fix monthly fee
  • Outstanding sight interest, if the account holder has a specified service package as a private individual
  • Free of charge cash pay-in
  • Free of charge NetBANKer service



Small company service packages: from start-ups to professionals



To whom?

  • Suitable for the reduction of the banking costs of small companies with stable operation
  • For our customers with extended business relationship preferring internet banking
  • For start-up customers, but with considerable account turnover preferring internet communication and internet banking
  • Account keeping fee is reduced by usable turnover commission
  • Up to 13 free electronic banking payment transfer transactions outside the bank
  • In case of paper based banking up to 6 free of charge payment transactions within the


  • Account keeping for a low monthly fee
  • HUF account keeping at preferential monthly fee and one foreign currency account or PCBANKer service free of charge
  • All payments are free within the bank
  • Preferential electronic transaction fees

Basic banking, payment services

  • Free of charge electronic banking services necessary for the operation of the enterprise
  • Preferential electronic transaction fees
  • Free of charge electronic services necessary for the operation of the enterprise
  • Free of charge NetBANKer service and NetBANKer Business at preferential conditions

Electronic services

mkb small company loans fit and fast
MKB small company loans: Fit and Fast

Our loans suits to as many companies as possible in the small company sector:

We offer our loans with different conditions and possibilities. 1x1 Overdraft is advantageous for enterprisesneeding fast and flexible help in terms of financing requirements due to temporary cash-flow and current asset fluctuations as this facility can be simply applied for without a material collateral up to 10% of the net sales, max, HUF 15,000,000,

If the enterprise needs higher overdraft facility it can use 1x1 Overdraft Plus product with Garantiqa Hitelgarancia Zrt guarantee, and the requested amount can reach 25% of the net sales, but max, HUF 25,000,000,

If the company needs working capital to cover its inventory and material needs we recommend 1x1 Working capital loan. The credit facility, which depends on the size of the collateral may reach HUF 50,000,000 can be HUF or EUR based, utilised freely during the tenor, however it has to be partially repaid twice a year.

For the purchase of real estates the best is 1x1 Investment Loan, the repayment of which does not have to be started immediately, it is possible to choose a grace period depending on the tenor of the loan. To finance larger expenses or replace other bank loan 1x1 Free Utilisation Mortgage Loan is the best, in case of which the entrepreneur can also have a grace period. In case of these two products the maximum requested loan amount – depending on the value of the real estate – can be up to HUF 125,000,000.

Our 1x1 Loan with Deposit Security can be suitable for free use or the replacement of owner’s loan, in case of a security placed by private individual up to HUF 250 million loan can be provided.

In addition to these loans Széchenyi Card 2 construction can also be applied for at MKB Bank.

retail customers 1 quality personal services
Retail customers (1): quality personal services

Retail loans – market share

  • Personally for you – differentiated value proposition and service level to each customer segment
  • 286,000 customers; targeted clientele: affluent customers with asset and income potential higher than average
  • Savings from households (deposit+bond+funds) grew to HUF 523 billion in 2008
  • Near 200,000 retail bankcards at end-2008
  • Service packages to segments:focus is on the younggeneration (Caring, Student Career packages with preferential conditions, Baby bond), outstanding financial services: Exclusive package; financial peace of the silver years: Pensioner package
  • Wide range of savings and investment opportunities according to risk-appetite; Focus on standard and campaign term deposits
  • Electronic channels: NetBANKer, NetBROKer, TeleBANKer, MobilBanker
  • 81 branches, ATM, Portal, Retail newsletter

Savings of households – market share

retail customers 2 mkb bank the mortgage lending specialist
Retail customers (2): MKB Bank: the mortgage lending specialist
  • The lending products of MKB Bank offer flexibility for clients, the Bank is the expert of mortgage loans
  • Fast processes, credit products for every client needs
  • In 2008 the market share of MKB Bank in new deals was over 10%; the loan portfolio of private individuals grew to HUF 464.5 billion


  • Overdraft
  • Deposit and security collateralised loans
  • Personal loan (HUF, EUR)
  • Loan for Pension Fund members
  • Credit cards (24,700 cards)
    • Credit cards issued by MKB Bank
    • Co-branded credit cards: T-Mobile, Lufthansa, WestEnd
  • Wide range of housing and private loans – at end-2008
    • HUF and EUR denominated loans
    • Értékmegőrző combined loan – insurance product
    • MKB-Fundamenta Housing and Private Loan Programme
    • Hitelcsúcs – attractive LTV’s
    • Full range of housing loans with preferential conditions (state subsidy)
    • Housing loans for any housing purpose (bridge, expansion, modernisation, purchase of new and second hand house construction, etc.)
  • Real estate loans – other than home purpose (e.g. holiday resort)
products and services for private individuals
Products and services for Private Individuals
  • MKB Housing loans and Home Equity loan (HUF, EUR)
  • Personal loan (HUF, EUR)
  • Distribution of MKB Investment funds
  • Government securities and equity sales
  • Capital and securities accounts
  • Cheques (issue, purchase, trading of traveller cheques)
  • MKB TeleBANKer
  • MKB MobilBANKer
  • MKB NetBANKer
  • Safe services
  • MKB Pension Funds
  • MKB Insurance products
  • MKB Health Care Fund
  • MKB Account for retirement savings
  • Car and utility vehicle financing (MKB-Euroleasing Ltd.)
  • HUF and FX accounts
  • Account packages (Exclusive, Student, Career)
  • Term deposits
  • MKB bonds
  • ‘Kivételes’ account
  • Savings account
  • Money market deposit
  • MKB ‘Hozamsuli’ (deposit+bond+investment fund)
  • Baby-bond
  • All type of payment orders
  • Debit cards (VISA, MasterCard)
  • Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard)
  • Co-branded Credit Cards (T-Mobile, Lufthansa, WestEnd)
  • Overdraft
  • Margin lending
  • Bridging loan topension fund members
private banking emerges rapidly at mkb bank
Private Banking: emerges rapidly at MKB Bank
  • MKB Bank launched its Private Banking business line in 2003
  • We provide private individuals and companies with:
    • Complex financial service
    • Portfolio management
    • Investment advisory
    • Financial planning
    • Account keeping

based on their individual demand via dedicated private bankers

  • Switzerland- and Luxemburg based portfolio management and account keeping due to cooperation agreements
  • The minimum entry requirement is HUF 50 million financial savings to be invested in freely
  • At the end of 2008 the business line managed HUF 135 billion assets of 1,017 customers (2007: HUF 90 billion).
  • Assetmanaged per client exceeds HUF 130M; outstanding on the Hungarian market
  • Headquartered in the very heart of Budapest, Private Banking operates with a network of local private bankers in 10 large countryside cities on top of Budapest and its surrounding
  • The complete retail, wholesale and investment services product range of MKB Bank is available for PB clients
money and capital markets continuously expanding range of products in line with customer demands
Money and capital markets: continuously expanding range of products in line with customer demands

Market share of MKB investment funds

Investment funds:

  • The increase of MKB investment funds assets and the products range is a strategic target
  • NAV grew by 5% to HUF 119.6 billion. MKB was the only major fund manager, which could increase its portfolio in the sector shrank by about 25%
  • Introduction of 10 new products in 2008, 33 funds in total

Corporate treasury and risk management products:

  • One of the 10 largest participants in FX trade; short term liquidity and interest risk management
  • Active sale of interest and exchange rate risk products (futures, option and structured products)

Securities trading and own issues:

  • MKB Bank is one of the main primary dealers of Hungarian government bonds and active primarily in OTC trading of securities (and BÉT- Budapest Stock Exchange).
  • Major market participant in domestic public issues, renewed its domestic public issue programme in 2008. The total face value of the 13 MKB bonds series amounted to HUF 104.3 billion in 2008; innovative, structured products primarily for retail secondly for corporate and institutional customers; FHB mortgage bond trading, Diákhitel Központ Zrt, bond trading.
  • Traditionally active international capital market presence, EMTN as of 2004, programme of EUR 3 billion as of 2007 with international rating.

Asset and portfolio management:

  • Asset portfolio managed for institutional and retail customers amounted to HUF 151.8 billion at the end of 2008, (4.4% market share)
  • Main customers: MKB Pension Fund, other pension and health care funds, municipalities, companies, foundations, private individuals

Custody management:

  • The management of HUF 1,227 billion assets at the end of 2008 primarily for institutional customers (insurance companies, pension funds, etc.). MKB Bank is a major player.
comprehensive universal financial services through main domestic strategic partners subsidiaries
Comprehensive, universal financial services through main domestic strategic partners/subsidiaries




  • Strategic business for MKB Bank, the bank provides stable, long-term background and support to the Fund
  • 146,000 members, HUF 121 billion assets at end-2008
  • The 4th largest voluntary pension fund in Hungary. 11.2% market share in 2008
  • Per capita assets are considerably higher than the market average by 40.8% in the voluntary scheme and by 82% in the compulsory
  • www,mkbnyp,hu
  • Launched in 2003, strategic business line
  • 108,800 members. 13.2% market share, it became the 2nd largest in 2008
  • The assets amounted to HUF 6.9 billion at end-2008
  • Expanding partnership: 8,600 contracted health service provider, 2,850 corporate and institutional employers
  • 120,000 issued cards to be used at 4,545 service points
  • www,mkbep,hu




  • Jointly with BayernLB and the S-Finanz Group member Versicherungskammer Bayern MKB established non-life and life insurance companies being operative from October 2007
  • The number of customers of the two Insurers exceeded 12,000 at end-2008
  • In 2008 a number of new life and non-life insurance products were launched:
    • MKB Family Home Insurance , MKB Multi-protection asset insurance, KGFB, Casco
    • Life insurances: MKB Kincstár, MKB Életrevaló, MKB Védőháló, MKB Értékmegőrző
  • By the foundation of the Insurance Companies the universality of the bank group in Hungary became comprehensive. MKB Bank provides ‘one-stop-shop’ service
  • www,mkbb,hu




domestic strategic partners subsidiaries 2 mkb euroleasing group uniquely complex services
Domestic strategic partners/subsidiaries (2):MKB-Euroleasing Group – uniquely complex services

Company group

  • Strategic partnership since 2001 – MKB Bank owns 50% of MKB-EUROLEASING Group. Major market position. 2nd largest in new car financing volumes with 12.5% market share
  • 49% share in joint venture with Toyota (Toyota Finance Hungary Ltd), unique cooperation scheme in the Toyota world
  • Back office service for Toyota Finance Hungary and PSA Hungary
  • 60,000 retail, 600 fleet customers
  • www,autohitel,hu, www,euroleasing,hu, www,gyorshitel,hu, www,netrisk,hu, www,hasznaltautok,hu, www,autocity,hu – portals operated by MKB-Euroleasing


  • Complex and uniquely integrated financial and auxiliary services by the companies of the group
  • Full range of services in car trade and fleet management (car and dealer finance, service, car trade, insurance brokerage, fleet financing)
  • MKB-Euroleasing Car Financing
    • The financing of over 26,000 new cars in 2008
    • New lending of HUF 66 billion, 4th position, within it 2nd position in the market of new cars

Buyer and dealer


Fleet financing

  • MKB-Euroleasing Fleet Management
    • Target: market leader position, No2 in the managed only but not financed fleet management segment; 6.9% market share in fleet financing
    • Managed cars: 7,800 for 600 customers


  • MKB-Euroleasing Car Trade
    • 12,000 cars sold in 2008, increasing volume
    • 20 sales points, 11 brands, several used car lots



  • Nr. 1. in traditional and internet insurance brokerage with a total of 416,000 customers
  • Traditional insurance brokerage for cars is provided by the market leader Eurorisk Kft, the internet brokerage is provided by market leader Netrisk Kft. Altogether 244,000 casco and mandatory motor liability insurances were realised in 2008.
domestic branch network of mkb bank personal service with nationwide coverage
Domestic branch network of MKB Bank: personal service with nationwide coverage
  • 81 branches by the end of 2008 :
    • 24 in Budapest,
    • 8 in the agglomeration,
    • 49 in the countryside
  • Regional competence centres with corporate-, money and capital market product specialists and private bankers
  • Local decision-making provides flexibility
  • Most efficient branch network in 2007, 2008 - according to Branchmarking Ltd,
alternative sales channels expanding secured services
Alternative sales channels: expanding secured services
  • PC Banker, Multicash - Online account and transaction services
  • Used by 15,700 corporate customers at end-2008
  • Over 80% of the payment transfers is performed electronically


banking service


  • Call Center of MKB Bank – 24 hours service for the entire clientele

most efficient call-center by Branchmarking Ltd.

  • 15,000 corporate (35%), 137,000 retail (48%) customers
  • Direct contact with our colleagues or automated services


  • Over 106,000 retail and 30,000 corporate customers, dynamic growth
  • NetBroker service was launched – trading of MKB investment funds and own issued bonds
  • Accounts, payment transfers, savings transactions and investment services, credit related information
  • Bankcard transactions, balance; continuous development of the service
  • SMS service about payment transactions, new products, campaigns


  • 84 own ATMs
  • The availability of over 4,400 further ATMs in the country


External sales

partner network

  • 850 selected quality agencies, sales force of 1,600
  • Sales to SME and retail customers
  • Account products, deposit and savings products, loan products, electronic services, sale of guarantees and letters of credit
mkb unionbank bulgaria

Established in 1993

Current ownership structure:

60% MKB Bank

34% Union Group OOD (previous majority owner)


Universal bank with considerable experience in financing of small and medium size enterprises.

MKB Unionbank - Bulgaria



MKB Unionbank

IFRS, million EUR

Total assets



Customer loans



Customer deposits






Pre-tax profit



Pre-tax ROAE



Pre-tax ROAA



Cost to income ratio (CIR)



Capital adequacy ratio



Number of employees



Market shares

Total assets



Corporate loans



Corporate deposits



Retail loans



Retail deposits



EUR/BGN exchange rate: 1.95583 (2007 and 2008)

Business activity

  • Number of corporate customers reached 1,213 (large and medium size), the number of retail customers (private individuals and micro companies) amounted to 76,570 at the end of 2008.
  • Loans grew by 50%, while deposits grew by 21.5%. The pre-tax profit of the Bank exceeded the 2007’ level by 72%.
  • In 2009 emphasis is on the prudent increase of lending and more intensive acquisition of customer deposits. The maintenance of the currently excellent portfolio quality is also priority.

Sales channels

  • Branch network of 58 units covers Bulgaria.
  • Extension of bankcard acceptance network.
  • Focus on the deepening of existing customer relationships, strengthen cross-selling.
  • Emerging of alternative sales channels:
    • Continuous improvement of the quality of the internet banking service,
    • Development of mobile banking services,
    • Implementation of complete Call Centre services in the medium term,
    • Expansion of the external sales network.
mkb romexterra bank romania
MKB Romexterra Bank - Romania



MKB Romexterra Bank

IFRS, million EUR

Total assets



Customer loans



Customer deposits




  • Established in 1993
  • Current ownership structure:
    • 80.48% MKB Bank
    • 19.52% other companies and private individuals
  • Universal bank with basically retail banking profile.
  • Leasing activity in a separate company.




Pre-tax profit



Pre-tax ROAE



Pre-tax ROAA



Cost to income ratio (CIR)



Capital adequacy ratio



Number of employees


1 037

Market shares

Total assets



Corporate loans



Corporate deposits



Retail loans



Retail deposits



EURRON exchange rate: 3.6077 (2007)and 3.9852 ( 2008)

Business activity

  • The number of retail customers was 228,629 the number of corporate customers was 14,121 at the end of 2008.
  • Total assets of the bank grew by 50% in 2008, however due to the deterioration of the portfolio quality owing to some products and customer segments the bank generated loss in 2008.
  • In 2009 the main emphasis is on the improvement of the portfolio quality, attraction of customer funds and widening of product range.

Sales channels

  • The bank is present in every region of the country, the coverage increased further
    • 2008: 80 branches (2007: 76 branches)
  • Emerging alternative sales channels:
    • Widening the range of internet and mobile bank services, further development of their quality,
    • Introduction of complete Call Center services,
    • Establishing external sales agent relationships,
social responsibility

Charity activities:

    • Cooperation with the International Children‘s Safety Service; MKB scholarships to talented and socially dependent children
    • Support to a number of hospitals, schools, foundations.
Social responsibility
  • Arts:
    • MKB Bank has a large collection of fine arts containing a number of outstanding Hungarian artists’ works of the 19th and 20th century.
    • Long-term cooperation with a number of museums (Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery).
    • Long-term support of Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra.

Sports sponsorships – Long-term cooperation in Winning Spirit


MKB-Veszprém handball team;

16 times Hungarian champion, EHF Cup Winners’ winner in 2008.


MKB-Euroleasing Sopron basketball team. Champion team in 2008 for third time, Hungarian Cup winner in 2008

Kayak-canoe Association

Kayak-canoe is No. 1 Olympic sport of Hungary




1056 Budapest, Váci utca 38.

Budapest H-1821

MKB TeleBANKár: 06 1 373 333

06 40 333 666


Internet: www,mkb,hu

E-mail: exterbank@mkb,hu