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Force Field Analysis

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Force Field Analysis. Learning Session I April 16, 2004. Force Field Analysis. Analysis tool used to identify forces that help or hinder a change or solution Helps teams focus on change from the “ current state ” to the “ desired state ”

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force field analysis

Force Field Analysis

Learning Session I

April 16, 2004

force field analysis1
Force Field Analysis
  • Analysis tool used to identify forces that help or hinder a change or solution
  • Helps teams focus on change from the “current state” to the “desired state”
  • Highlights both weaknesses and strengths, pros and cons, barriers and opportunities
  • Determine if change is feasible/viable
force field analysis applications
Force Field Analysis Applications
  • Assist in the analysis of cause and effect
  • Assessment of the strength of opposing forces
  • Help analyze and prioritize solutions to problems or areas needing improvement
developing a force field analysis
Developing a Force Field Analysis

1) State topic of Force Field Analysis at top of flip chart/board

2) Draw a vertical line in center, write “Helping Forces” on the left and “Hindering Forces” on the right

3) Explain both forces, those that aid change are helping forces, and those that are barriers hinder change

4) Brainstorm forces for the selected topic and record in their respective category (helping or hindering)

developing a force field analysis cont
Developing a Force Field Analysis (cont.)

5) Discuss each force,reach consensus on their relative strength. Use simple 1(weak) to 5 (strong) scale

6) Draw arrows pointing to the left for hindering forces and to the right for helping forces, length of arrow varies according to strength of force.

7) The team can now focus on strengthening helping forces or on removing hindering forces

force field analysis example
Force Field Analysis Example

Video Check Out ProcessImprovement

Hindering Forces (-)

Helping Forces (+)

Loyal customers

Computer affordable

Software available

Mgt. Wants to change



Customers dissatisfied

Manual activities

No computer expertise

Unfriendly employees

Store layout

Employees turnover









Total: 12

Total: 16

group activity
Group Activity
  • Develop a Force Field Analysis: