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Diploma Nursing

Diploma Nursing

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Diploma Nursing

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  1. Diploma Nursing • Team Members • Todd Autry • Celeste Stoltz • Kelli Anderson • Robyn Ward • Christina Valentin

  2. Diploma Nursing • Curriculum • Clinical experiences • Educational site • Future trends in education preparation • Current Employment Status • Job Descriptions

  3. Diploma Nursing • Salaries • Jobs Available • Future Employment Needs

  4. Diploma Nursing Curriculum • Ø   initially, education was mostly apprenticeship • Ø    provided much of workforce for hospitals • Ø    learning mostly learned by "hands on"

  5. Diploma Nursing Curriculum • Ø    curriculum blocks of study • §Medical nursing • §       Surgical nursing • §       Psychiatric nursing • §       Obstetrics • §       Pediatrics • §       Operating and emergency department

  6. Diploma Nursing Curriculum • Ø    support courses were in basics • §       Anatomy • §       Physiology • §       Nutrition • §       Pharmacology

  7. Diploma Nursing Clinical Experience • Students mostly assigned during early and late hours of day ( this time was when staff was needed the most). most days were at least 12 hours. • Nurses lived together in a dormitory, usually accessible to the hospital. • Senior year. • Responsible for supervising units of hospital, normally 1 month spent supervising each shift of days, evenings, nights.

  8. Diploma Nursing Educational Site • • • • • Ebsco host • Innopac

  9. Diploma Nursing Future Trends in Education Preparation • There is little long term future for diploma nursing programs although there are still several on the east and west coasts. The type of learning opportunities in a diploma program are not broad enough to provide a nurse to meet the wide realm of the health care industry now and in the future. Diploma education limits most nurses from advancing in their professional careers and there are work situations that do not hire less than BSN prepared nurses.

  10. Diploma Nursing Future Trends in Education Preparation • The reason there remain diploma programs most likely is that they are funded and supported by the hospital association/organizations and the doctors in the area they continue to exist. Most have been integrated into university education settings with many becoming part of BSN programs.

  11. Diploma Nursing Future Trends in Education Preparation • Diploma nurses very often seek their BSN or higher degrees in other nursing related areas (psychology, etc.). There are some fine diploma graduates who have been working as nurses for many years who have a wealth of clinical knowledge and are great at the bedside. • Those who are in many clinical settings have grown with their roles and have accumulated a broader knowledge base, if they have not taken courses toward a BSN. “I would say that I met that criteria until I completed my BSN”. Quote “Marie Ahrens.” Clinical instructor in nursing. University of Tulsa.

  12. Diploma Nursing Job Description • Diploma, Associate or Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing with six months experience in area of specialty/desired practice.• Current unrestricted licensure to practice as a Registered Nurse in the state(s) to which assigned and current CPR certification required.• Prior home health experience preferred. • Experience administering appropriate medication based on patients' histories. Has knowledge of the uses and typical dosages of different medications.

  13. Diploma Nursing Job Description • Excellent diagnostic and clinical skills. Able to obtain a good history, perform a routine physical, and create a working diagnosis and treatment plan. • Is team-oriented and works collaboratively with others in the medical team. • Capable of performing general procedural nursing duties. • Good understanding of physiological functions and processes as they relate to issues of patient care. • Ability to multi-task. • Builds trust and is patient and responsive to client's needs. Source:

  14. Diploma NursingSalaries Source: Department of Labor

  15. Diploma NursingFuture Employment Needs Source: DOL, CareerInfonet

  16. Diploma Nursing • Sources • Nursing in Today’s world, Challenges, and Issues, and Trends Ellis, Janis Rider 5th edition • • U.S. Department of Labor • TU Faculty