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ABOUT SARAFAN-TV “Switch on the holiday!” is the motto of the television channel is the first International Travel Television Channel for Russian-speaking people . It was founded in 2007

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about sarafan tv

“Switch on the holiday!” is the motto of the television channel

is the first International Travel Television Channel for Russian-speaking

people. It was founded in 2007

broadcasts on the territory of 70 countries with total population of 500 mln

people. The signal is not coded and can be received by any receiver.

retransmits its signal through cable television operators on the territory of 29

most populous regions of Russian Federation and in the Russian cities

which population exceeds one million inhabitants, it also broadcasts on the

territory of Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstanand Spain.

is the project that is being developed on the basis of two media-platforms:

Television and Internet, which enables Sarafan-TV to establish better

relations with its audience.

concept of the tv channel
about different parts of the world, the programs

about history, traditions and peculiarities of

various countries, practical advice of

professionals, weather forecasts for different

cities of the world, exchange rates etc.

“ No daily routine!” – this is the principle of

programming of Sarafan-TV channel. Every day

the viewer gets bright, light and entertaining

contents that gives the holiday mood.

According to public opinion polls the tourists

prefer to watch positive and entertaining

television while being in their hotel rooms.

SARAFAN-TV offers a unique mixture of

entertaining and comic programs, talk shows,

series and musical videos 24 hours daily which

helps the viewers to feel at home wherever they


For those who are choosing where and how to

travel, SARAFAN-TV offers informative shows

concept of the tv channel4

When it comes to programming, SARAFAN-TV

has one more crucial position: the channel is

free of politics, vulgarity and cruelty. Thus, it

can be watched by all members of a family

including children and aged people.

Sarafan-TV helps parents on vacations by

engaging children in communication with their

favorite cartoon characters. Aged people

get pleasure from watching “The Golden

Collection” of classical movies.

SARAFAN-TV has programs of own

production. The show “Commentator’s Box”

offers the interviews with celebrities who talk

about the role of sports in their lives. Guests

and specialists of the show

“About Kids for Grown-ups” share their secrets

of upbringing.

The show “Presidential Residences” and

intellectual game show “Travel Around the

World” are in post-production.

our guests

The guests of Sarafan

TV programs are famous

champions, well-known

musicians, actors and

politicians. Among them

there are: Oleg Tabakov –

actor and producer, Alina

Kabaeva – world

champion in rhythmic

gymnastics, Renata

Litvinova - actress,

Alexander Lebzyak –

Olympic boxing champion,

Lyubov Tolkalina –

actress, Irina Hakomada

– politician, and many

other celebrities.


Target audience of Sarafan-TVconsists of socially active well-off people aged from 25 to 50

  • Sex: 57% - female, 43% - male
  • Age:from 19 – 16%, 20-29 – 18%, 30-40 – 37%, 40-49 – 26%, 50+ – 3%
  • Income: high – 34%, above average – 37%, average – 20%, low – 9% *


(% form the TV-channel audience)


(% form the TV-channel audience)


(% form the TV-channel audience)

*Based of social researches of satellite channels audience, made

by TNS Gallop Media.

  • Education: with academic degree– 3%, higher – 47%, incomplete higher– 4,5%, post-secondary – 24%, secondary – 21%, primary – 0,5%
  • Social status: leading managers – 29%, specialists - 28%, employees – 19,5%, workers – 7,5%, housewives – 7%, retired – 5,5%, students – 1,5%, other – 2%*


(% form the TV-channel audience)


(% form the TV-channel audience)

*Based of social researches of satellite channels audience, made

by TNS Gallop Media.


SARAFAN-TV is open for any form of information and advertising cooperation:

  • direct advertising
  • productplacement
  • sponsorship of programs

Also available for advertisers: our Internet portal, banners, advertisement articles, on-line contest games, votes, conferences etc

Production Department of SARAFAN-TV will produce advertising video materials of any complexity.

Advertisement Department of SARAFAN-TV is able to render the following services: out-of-door advertising, sketch design, print of advertising materials of any complexity in our own printing office.

Our specialists are open to any other offers of partnership.

7 reasons for cooperation with sarafan tv

1.Unique possibility to present your company to the inhabitants of 70 countries of the world, including the leading economic countries and resorts popular among Russian-speaking tourists.

2. Quality of the audience: more than 2/3 of our audience has above average income, these are people who can afford buying luxury goods, travelling abroad, eating high-quality products and sending their children to study in paid educational institutions.

3. SARAFAN-TV personnel possess all the needed knowledge and experience for realization of creative and media strategies on brand promoting.

4. Vast rage of forms of cooperation: direct advertising, programs upon request, sponsorship, productplacementetc

7 reasons for cooperation with sarafan tv10

5.Simultaneous placing of information in the air of the channel, on Internet site and out-of-door


6. The principle of flexible price formation, individual schemes

of cooperation for each client and providing the initial

arrangement of information on privileged terms.

7. Energetic expansion for the newmarkets. In January 2008

through the satellite Intelsat 12 SARAFAN-TVhas been

included into RUSSIAN TV TIME satellite project package

which counts 300 000 subscribers on the territory of Western

Europe. In the end of the summer 2008 we are going to be

connected to the satellite Telstar-10, which covers the

territory of Asia, Africa and Australia.


The interactive Internet portal is another specific feature

of Sarafan-TV project. According to the researches,

more than 200 thousand of people are browsing Russian

Internet network every day in search of the information

about the places they intend to visit. aims to gather the community of tourism-

lovers in Internet.

Visitors of the website have an opportunity to become

acquainted with news of tourism, informative articles

about different countries, health resorts and hotels, to

read useful advice of specialists.

Forums and blogs, on-line photo albums, Internet

conferences with the experts enable the visitors to

obtain the maximum of information about the place of

possible trip, and also to share their impressions, find

new friends or fellow-travelers.

Moreover, visitors of the portal can watch

the announcements of the best programs

of Sarafan-TV and get acquainted with

the program schedule.

zones of broadcasting

Sarafan TV-channel broadcasts in 70 countries of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and

CIS via satellite Hot Bird-6

zones of broadcasting13

Late summer 2008 the channel is planned to start being retransmitted through the satellite Telstar-10

Sarafan- TV has also been included into RUSSIAN TV

TIME satellite project package. The project targets to

create a digital satellite package of television channels

in Russian language for broadcast on the territory of

European Union.

zones of broadcasting14

We are carrying on negotiations about retransmitting of SARAFAN TV signal by means of the

spacecraft “express -AM2” by summer 2008.

primary service area

expansion aria

technical characteristics

The signal of the channel is not coded.

TV-channel broadcasts 24-hours a day with the following parameters for tuning the receiving equipment:

Satellite: Hot Bird 6 (13.0 E)

Transponder: 125

Polarization: Horizontal

Frequency: 11013 Mhz

S/R: 27500 Msymb/s

FEC: 3/4

PID Video: 263

PID Audio: 519

Service: SARAFAN

Standard: DVB-S/MPEG-2

CAS: Viaccess



B. Kommunisticheskaya st., 18

Moscow, Russia

Tel.: +7 (495) 662 82 42

Fax: +7 (495) 662 82 43