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Industrial Safety Equipment in Sharjah

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Industrial Safety Equipment in Sharjah - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safety Equipment Suppliers &

Manufacturers in Sharjah


Fire safety equipment are those which are used to prevent, restrict or extinguish accidental fires.

  • There are many types of fire safety equipment like
  • Fire extinguishers,
  • Safety ladders,
  • Water hoses,
  • Fire blankets,
  • Flamezorbpowder, etc.

Fire Safety Equipment


Industrial fire safety equipment is used to control or extinguish accidental fires in various construction, chemical, and industrial establishments.

  • These include
  • Flame resistant coveralls,
  • Fire blankets,
  • Sprinkler systems,
  • Fire detection and alarm systems,
  • Fire hydrants and hoses, etc.,

Industrial Fire Safety Equipment


Road Safety Equipment

  • Road safety equipment are used to advise caution, illustrate instructions or to prevent accidents from happening.
  • The most common road safety equipment used include
  • Road crash barriers,
  • Traffic cones,
  • Flashers,
  • Reflective safety jackets,
  • Speed bumps,
  • Road signs, etc.,

Safety Equipment for Welders

  • Protective or safety welding equipment is used while welding to protect the welder from sparks, debris, and other dangers.
  • A few protective welding equipment include
  • Safety goggles,
  • Welding face shields and helmets,
  • Protective welding gloves,
  • Protective clothing,
  • Steel-toed boots, etc.,

Any safety or protective equipment used in studios, labs and manufacturing facilities are called safety workshop equipment.

  • These include several types of equipment, such as
  • Safety glasses,
  • Hearing protection,
  • Face shields,
  • Respirators and facemasks,
  • Protective clothing and gear, etc.,

Safety Equipment in



Constructional Work Safety Equipment

  • There are many types of safety equipment used for various purposes in the construction industry.
  • A few of these safety products include
  • Safety shoes,
  • Safety harnesses,
  • Protective helmets,
  • Safety goggles,
  • Safety gloves,
  • Protective coveralls, etc.,

Safety Equipment

for Labs

  • Safety lab equipment is used to prevent chemical burns, put out fires, prevent chemical inhalation, and a number of other uses.
  • These include
  • Lab coats,
  • Gas masks and respirators,
  • Chemical suits,
  • Safety goggles,
  • Protective eye gear,
  • Safety shields, etc.,

Safety Gears for Ships Workers

  • Marine safety gear is used by crew and ship workers to prevent accidents and casualties while working on board. There are several types of marine safety equipment like
  • Safety jackets,
  • First aid kits,
  • Man Overboard,
  • Survival gear,
  • Life rafts,
  • Immersion suits, etc.,

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Industrial Safety Equipment in Sharjah