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Dementia Treatment – Exercises for Patients with This Condition

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Dementia Treatment – Exercises for Patients with This Condition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dementia Treatment – Exercises for Patients with This Condition

Growing old is a part of life and it comes with many changes that we will all have to face

eventually at some point in time. One thing that makes growing old particularly scary is

the chance of acquiring dementia – a degenerative condition that results in loss of

memory and limitations in behaviour, language, and thinking. People who have

dementia require a whole lot of attention because they no longer act like themselves

and can sometimes lash out unexpectedly at other people. While there is no known cure

for dementia there are plenty of exercises that patients can do that can help them cope

with this disease. Here are some dementia treatment exercises that patients can do.

Functional Exercise

This refers to any kind of exercise or workout that can help improve function while you

perform your everyday tasks. Just like occupational therapy, there are a lot of fine

motor control movements involved with functional exercises. All of these are necessary

as they can help you perform your daily activities such as changing your clothes,

washing your hair, and brushing your teeth. Your ability to do even the simplest of tasks

can be hindered by dementia, which is why functional exercises are important as they

can help improve the quality of your life.

Strength Training Exercises

Muscle mass decreases as we grow older, so performing strength training exercises can

be useful for dementia patients as it can help them deal with this change in their bodies.

Strength training programs designed for dementia patients can improve their balance,

mobility, and independence. It can also help give them the strength that they need to

do certain daily tasks such as sitting up from a chair or getting out of bed. Strength

training usually involves the use of weight machines, resistance bands, and free weights,

and must be done two to three times a week for optimum results.

Flexibility Exercise

A personal trainer will be required for this one. Flexibility exercises are designed to help

improve range of motion in your body’s major joints and can even improve back

stiffness caused by dementia. You can know more at