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Lotus Freezing offers a wide range of glass door refrigerator from its commercial fridge collection. Now available in different sizes and styles. Find a great collection of high quality merchandisers, coolers and more at https://www.freezeradvisor.com/product/glass-door-cooler-chiller/.

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Glass Door Refrigerator - Freezeradvisor

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  1. Glass Door Refrigerator Difference between Glass Door Refrigerators vs Solid Door Refrigerators It goes without the saying that commercial refrigerator is an essential part of the food business. while selecting the refrigerator for your business, you will have to compare a huge variety of models and makes. However, the biggest confusion you will have to deal with is whether to invest in the solid door refrigerator or Glass Door Refrigerator. Both refrigerators have their own advantages. However, the on that would work for you depends on the type of business that you are running. Here are a few things you have to consider before buying your next commercial refrigerator.

  2. Insulation Solid door refrigerators have a better insulation as compared to the glass door refrigerators. This is the reason that solid door refrigerators will keep your raw food fresh for a long time especially meat. In most of the food businesses, chefs and owners prefer to have solid door refrigerators for ingredients they will be using for cooking the meal. These are more energy efficient as compared to the glass door refrigerators. Glass door are commonly used for the merchandising display and they are not very good when it comes to storage of food. Privacy In the present age, customers prefer to visit the restaurants that have an open kitchen. They want to make sure that everyone working in the kitchen is following the safety and quality standards. In order to meet the requirements of the customers most of the restaurant owners prefer to buy the glass door refrigerators to display the raw ingredients and food items. You should know that it is not a good idea because it is not an appetizing view to have. It is better to have the solid door refrigerator and keep the raw food items private. Cleaning Requirements One of the most important things you have to consider is the cleaning requirements of the refrigerator you are going to invest in. 1. You will have to clean both refrigerators internally on regular basis to assure that fungus buildup will not happen, and it will keep the food fresh. 2. With the glass door refrigerators, you will have to clean the door of the fridge more frequently as compared to the interior of the fridge. The reason is that it often gets smudges and that has to be cleaned. 3. In case of the solid door refrigerators you might not have to clean the door so frequently because the smudges will not be visible.

  3. Visibility Requirements An important thing to consider is the visibility requirements of your business. In case that you have a bakery or store, it is better that you get the glass door refrigerators. It is better that all the items are visible, so you customer can easily pick the item they want. As well as you will not have to spend minutes looking for the items that your customers want. On the other hand, for the restaurants, solid door refrigerators will be a good option because there are a lot of ingredients that have to be stored and you cannot afford your customers looking at them. While buying the refrigerator, make sure that you pay attention to the energy efficiency of the product you are going to buy. In the present age, most of the refrigerators are developed with the energy efficiency technology that will help you save the environment and some extra money. Do not forget to consider your budget while buying the technology because that is the only way you will get the best product. There are many brands available in the market, make sure to select the best one. Contact us for Quick Quote Now ! or Get the Latest Discount on Products

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