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Increasing Email Program Response Rate PowerPoint Presentation
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Increasing Email Program Response Rate

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Increasing Email Program Response Rate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 Best Practices For Increasing Email Program Response Rate and Driving Deeper Customer Engagementby Lorél Marketing Group

Today, most organizations recognize email marketing as one of the most cost-effective ways to reach and convert prospects and build a deeper relationship with customers to drive incremental sales.
  • Lorél Marketing Group provides you with 5 best practices to help you to communicate in a customer-centric way and increase your email response!
1 increasing response rate with shorter subject lines
1. Increasing Response Rate with Shorter Subject Lines
  • Studies show that subject lines shorter than 50 characters in length lead to increased open and click-through rates.
  • As always, test different lengths of subject lines to determine what works best for your specific customers and subscribers.
  • Make sure relevant messaging is included in your subject line
2 increasing response rates with more links
2. Increasing Response Rates with More Links
  • Include multiple links in your email to give your customers multiple ways to engage with you.
  • Studies show that emails with 25 or more links had an open rate 12 percent higher than those containing fewer than 25 links
  • They also had a click-through rate 29 percent higher than for e-mails with fewer than 25 links.
3 increase response rate with updated privacy policy
3. Increase Response Rate with Updated Privacy Policy
  • Always place a link to your privacy policy from email you send
  • Have your privacy policy reviewed and certified by an independent 3rd party, such as TRUSTe, to ensure you are clear in your promise to your web visitors and email subscribers.
4 increase response rate by establishing double opt in
4. Increase Response Rate by Establishing Double Opt-in
  • While single opt-in tends to acquire more e-mail subscribers, there are a number of inherent problems that can be better handled through a secondary, double opt-in practice to confirm subscription.
    • Double opt-in prevents erroneous subscriptions
    • Double opt-in prevents malicious subscriptions
    • Double opt-in provides an audit trail
    • Confirmation logs protect against anti-spam legislation by providing evidence of solicitation
5. Increase Email Lists by Integrating Email Pre-Checked Opt-in Across All Customer Engagements and Forms
  • Pre-checking saves the registrant time in filling out the form
  • Customers are more likely to decide to subscribe to your email communications
  • Test Pre-Checked and Non-PRe-checked boxes across channels to determine the quality and cost per lead that best suits your business objectices.
a closing remark
A Closing Remark:
  • Well-conceived email programs will deliver better results and sales for you.

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