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Increasing Email Program Response Rate PowerPoint Presentation
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Increasing Email Program Response Rate

Increasing Email Program Response Rate

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Increasing Email Program Response Rate

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  1. 5 Best Practices For Increasing Email Program Response Rate and Driving Deeper Customer Engagementby Lorél Marketing Group

  2. Today, most organizations recognize email marketing as one of the most cost-effective ways to reach and convert prospects and build a deeper relationship with customers to drive incremental sales. • Lorél Marketing Group provides you with 5 best practices to help you to communicate in a customer-centric way and increase your email response!

  3. 1. Increasing Response Rate with Shorter Subject Lines • Studies show that subject lines shorter than 50 characters in length lead to increased open and click-through rates. • As always, test different lengths of subject lines to determine what works best for your specific customers and subscribers. • Make sure relevant messaging is included in your subject line

  4. 2. Increasing Response Rates with More Links • Include multiple links in your email to give your customers multiple ways to engage with you. • Studies show that emails with 25 or more links had an open rate 12 percent higher than those containing fewer than 25 links • They also had a click-through rate 29 percent higher than for e-mails with fewer than 25 links.

  5. 3. Increase Response Rate with Updated Privacy Policy • Always place a link to your privacy policy from email you send • Have your privacy policy reviewed and certified by an independent 3rd party, such as TRUSTe, to ensure you are clear in your promise to your web visitors and email subscribers.

  6. 4. Increase Response Rate by Establishing Double Opt-in • While single opt-in tends to acquire more e-mail subscribers, there are a number of inherent problems that can be better handled through a secondary, double opt-in practice to confirm subscription. • Double opt-in prevents erroneous subscriptions • Double opt-in prevents malicious subscriptions • Double opt-in provides an audit trail • Confirmation logs protect against anti-spam legislation by providing evidence of solicitation

  7. 5. Increase Email Lists by Integrating Email Pre-Checked Opt-in Across All Customer Engagements and Forms • Pre-checking saves the registrant time in filling out the form • Customers are more likely to decide to subscribe to your email communications • Test Pre-Checked and Non-PRe-checked boxes across channels to determine the quality and cost per lead that best suits your business objectices.

  8. A Closing Remark: • Well-conceived email programs will deliver better results and sales for you.

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