7 ways to support your business needs with social media by lor l marketing group n.
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7 Ways To Support Your Business Needs With Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Ways To Support Your Business Needs With Social Media

7 Ways To Support Your Business Needs With Social Media

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7 Ways To Support Your Business Needs With Social Media

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  1. 7 Ways To Support Your Business Needs With Social Mediaby Lorél Marketing Group

  2. Just having a social presence is not a social strategy. • Business owners are continuously challenged in how to grow and manage their business better, faster and smarter. • Businesses understand that customer acquisition and retention is critical to their success. Underneath all of this is the understanding that people connect with companies and brands they can relate to and have a relationship with.

  3. 1. Influence your Public Relations Approach • Social media is one of the most direct and immediate channels into the hearts, minds and voices of consumers • Develop a social media listening plan to listen, adjust and optimize your brand across all channels • Communicate and interact with your consumers directly

  4. 2. Find and Engage Customers and Provide Support on Social Sites • Social media can help provide customer support at virtually no cost to the brand • Minimize costs and increase the Lifetime Value of your customer • Let customers help other customers; they feel more connected to a larger brand community.

  5. 3. Listen and Gather Primary Market Research • While asking questions on blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites does not produce statistically valid results, brands can learn a lot from the responses. • Having access to consumers who are openly talking about their rational and emotional needs is a newly discovered goldmine for market research. • Leverage your consumers to further research • Develop a research plan to test the success of campaigns and gather consumer insight at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods for gathering information.

  6. 4. Increase Brand Awareness and Marketing Publicity • 92% of respondents said social media marketing was effective at influencing brand reputation and 91% said it worked for increasing brand awareness. • Identify your customers’ journey • Show the most effective use of a social media channel to help build the relationship

  7. 5. A Vehicle for Consumer Education • Social networks present a platform to share information over a longer period of time. • Leverage that time effectively to educate consumers • Integrate education opportunities into their digital/web strategies and programs by utilizing discussion boards, ask-the-expert buttons, learning videos, images and reference quotes.

  8. 6. Gather Customer Requirements and Drive Product Development • Leverage a public pool of collective brainpower to help identify new innovative market opportunities and even assist with development of new product concepts. • Use social media to crowd source and drive innovation

  9. 7. Enable Consumer Connection and Build Loyalty • Social media profiles tend to outlast changing email addresses, job addresses, physical addresses and more. This allowed for a longer relationship with the customer. • Extend and deepen the relationship with your customers • Identify the lifecycle of your customer and target each segment directly

  10. A Closing Remark: • Businesses are challenged with determining how to connect with the customer, present the brand and develop the long-term relationship with the customer.

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