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Common Oral Problems and Treatments PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Oral Problems and Treatments

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Common Oral Problems and Treatments
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Common Oral Problems and Treatments

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  1. Common dental problems and treatments

  2. Common Dental Problems and Treatments • How many of us think about oral hygiene? Just because teeth are hidden in the mouth, they can’t be ignored. • In fact, teeth are vulnerable to numerous problems. But yes, these issues are often preventable by adhering with proper dental habits. Your teeth require love and care for a healthy smile

  3. Bad Breath • Suffering from bad breath? Don’t worry; you are not alone. The cause of bad breath is a dental condition. Gum disease, oral cancer, bacteria on the tongue, cavities are some of the dental problems which may lead to bad breath • Brushing and flossing twice a day, especially after the meal can prevent this. Go for a regular checkup and maintain good oral hygiene

  4. Tooth Decay • Tooth decay or cavities occur when plaque (sticky material which forms on teeth) mingles with sugar or starch present in food. Fusion of both makes acid which is harmful to tooth enamel. • The best way to prevent this decay is by brushing with fluoride toothpaste, regular checkup, avoiding continuous munching, have tooth friendly diet, go for fluoride treatment.

  5. Gum Disease • Gum disease also known as periodontal disease is associated with the heart. Surrounding of teeth is called gum and infection in gum is a major reason of tooth loss among adults • This disease has two stages namely: gingivitis and periodontitis. Emphasizing on the regular checkup, brushing and flossing twice in a day, swish with mouthwash can help you in avoiding gum disease.

  6. Oral Cancer • Oral cancer is the most dangerous disease which may cause death. • About 300,000 cases of oral cancer get detected every year. • This disease which may be related to mouth, throat or lips is only curable if diagnosed at an early stage. • Avoid chewing tobacco, limit consumption of alcohol, stay away from sun rays especially in afternoon time, and eat a healthy diet. Check the condition of your mouth at least once in a month, if you see any changes; inform the same to the doctor.

  7. Tooth Sensitivity • It is a well-known problem faced by many people. • It is the discomfort in teeth while eating or drinking too hot or too cold things. Patients may feel sensitivity even during brushing or flossing. Brush with desensitizing toothpaste; apply fluoride on affected areas. • You can go with gum graft if your gum tissue is lost from any of your teeth. It is a procedure of taking a small portion of gum from any other part of the mouth and implanting it in the desired area. In the case of severe pain, one can go with a root canal.

  8. Damaged or Decayed Tooth • Porcelain crowns are used for avoiding tooth damage. In this technique, the whole tooth is covered with a cap, without hampering tooth’s natural form and feature (i.e. how it behaves with other teeth). This strategy is used to • Support the weak tooth from damage or the cap holds the broken parts of tooth together. • Protect worn out tooth. • Cover highly discolored tooth. • Are you facing any of the problems mentioned above? Are you taking good care of your teeth? Clean your teeth for their long life.