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Getting a Great Logo Design Begins With Finding Designers Yo PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting a Great Logo Design Begins With Finding Designers Yo

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Getting a Great Logo Design Begins With Finding Designers Yo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Order your new logo design for your projects and ideas in high-resolution vector format (. Eps file). Logomad offers goal-oriented and creative logo design development, for the highest standards and requirements. According to your wishes and we create your custom-made logo design that accompanies in impressive form, color and functionality of your business processes and projects.Check us out at:

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Getting a Great Logo Design Begins With Finding Designers Yo

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    1. Getting a Great Logo Design Begins With Finding Designers You Can TrustYou can find people who will do logo design for almost nothing. Did you notice the first sentence says “people” not graphic designers? Professionals who do logodesign are not a dime a dozen. Their work can be found inexpensively, but the difference between professional design and the work of amateurs is significant. A Professional in Logo Design Understands Everything You NeedYou may be thinking a logo is just a simple graphic file. That may sound great, but when you only have a simple JPG file it will not scale in size without becoming highly distorted. If you choose to add it to a canvas bag, t-shirts, or banners you will have a really big problem. You need vector based graphics which maintain their quality no matter how large you scale them, or how small you shrink them.This becomes even more important if you will be using your logo with a printing service. They will not accept your JPG file but will insist on getting an EPS file. While the vector based EPS file is perfect for many situations, the lowly JPG file is what you need for your websites and online profiles. A professional will provide you with both, often offering you several sizes of JPG files.

    2. Do Not Be Limited By Your Own VisionWhile you may have some great ideas of your own, you could just as easily be having logo design block. High quality graphic designers understand you may not have any ideas and are going to trust them to make a logodesign which matches your industry and company personality.A professional will provide you with two or three different logo designs to choose from. You select the one you prefer and then give your designer feedback on any changes you want, which leads us to the next important topic.The Professional Correction Loop Process of DesignThis is where amateurs and professionals part company. Professionals understand just because they created a logo the job is not finished. An amateur will create a logo, send it to you, and be finished with the project. The company you choose for logo design should offer a correction loop process. Ideally you want 3 loops in the process. This allows you to resubmit the logo back to the designer more than one time for corrections or adjustments to make sure you are satisfied. The Real Magic in Logo Design Is a Partnership of MindsThe place real magic takes place when logo design is the collaborative process of you and your designer. You start off by explaining your basic thoughts and ideas. They bounce ideas back to you to make sure you are thinking the same way. Your designer then creates several logos for the two of your to evaluate and discuss. You then start into the correction loop phase to fine tune the ideas. The entire professional logodesign process ends with you receiving a logo which fits your company, flows from your ideas, and is enhanced by a professional designer, a logo with impact.