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LogisticsAcademy.org Freight Broker Training School Curriculum Development

How we developed our curriculum for training Freight Broker and Freight Agent students. If you have questions about Freight Broker Training visit LogisticsAcademy.org

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LogisticsAcademy.org Freight Broker Training School Curriculum Development

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  1. Logistics Academy is a Freight Broker Training School that also trains Freight Agents for brokers, Dispatchers for Trucking Companies, and Transportation Managers for Shippers. Here is how they created the curriculum and lessons for their online video courses. Visit LogisticsAcademy.org on LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google+! Curriculum Development Here at Logistics Academy you will find experienced professionals who have mastered the transportation industry showing students how to follow in suit. We developed our curriculum in stages by collaborating the experience and knowledge of our team, in a series of 5 steps. Our courses are made up of hundreds of 5-10 minute video tutorials organized into different sections. 1.First, we compiled a list of personal experiences and lessons that some of us learned the hard way, the things that we wish someone would have told us when we started. The lessons that we share are based on real experiences as a motor carrier and licensed broker. 2.Second, we listed the fundamental concepts that every good freight broker and agent must understand in order to provide a quality service and solve real life problems for other companies (for profit). It is essential to fully understand simple things such as reading rate confirmations, general insurance requirements, DOT legal regulations, and how to determine shipping rates for different lanes. 3.Third, we included a list of best practices to ensure the longevity of our student’s success. Mismanaging a Freight Brokerage can be 1 | O n l i n e F r e i g h t B r o k e r & F r e i g h t A g e n t T r a i n i n g | L o g i s t i c s A c a d e m y . o r g

  2. extremely costly and even detrimental to your business. So in addition to our list of best practices we acknowledged everything that must be understood in order to avoid going out of business (a list of Bad Practices). 4.Fourth, we organized a step by step guide to lead students through the legal process of becoming a licensed Freight Broker. We continued to discuss the knowledge and skills required for running a profitable business independently on a day-to-day basis. We cover absolutely everything we think our students need to understand. 5.Finally, we compared our Freight Broker Training to other training programs. We added the features and content that other schools have in the most expensive version of their training program to our standard course. The development of our Online Training Portal helps us reduce overhead and allows us to compete with our competitor’s premium results at the lowest prices. The development of our courses is a never ending process. Whenever a student asks a good questions we go update our courses with the requested information. Our courses are constantly improving for no additional cost to the users. 2 | O n l i n e F r e i g h t B r o k e r & F r e i g h t A g e n t T r a i n i n g | L o g i s t i c s A c a d e m y . o r g

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