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Local Internet Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing

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Local Internet Marketing

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  1. Bidyut Bikash Dhar – SEO and Internet Marketing Expert Consultant

  2. Internet Marketing strategy • Internet marketing strategy can bring success for any online business. But to get success quickly, there are different solutions basically termed as “Real Solutions” as follows: • Strategic Marketing • Internet Marketing • Seo • Business Marketing • Reputation Management • Brand Marketing

  3. How to measure SEO Effectiveness? • Every website SEO performance and results can be measured through following three factors. 1. Monitor Keyword Rankings 2. Analyze Monthly Visitors 3. Track Leads & Conversions

  4. Internet Marketing New Techniques 5 Techniques You Can Use to Take Your Internet Marketing Business to the Next Level in 2012. • Modernize your approach • Get your priorities straight! • Take it offline • If you are not outsourcing yet, start now • Develop a new skill • Graphic design • SEO/SEM • Web design • Blog design • CSS, PHP, HTML, Flash, Java • EBook writing • Bookkeeping • Video editing

  5. New Google Panda • In 2012, content is more important then other techniques. After come Google Panda, content play most important role in promotion of your website. If you use unique and fresh content, you will get good results like high ranking, high traffic.. etc. If you use duplicate or irrelevant content, you will get very bad results like high drop in ranking, high drop in traffic.. etc.

  6. Business Marketing • With the advent of marketing trough internet, the importance of business marketing has increased. The competition has increased due to the fact that internet has made people come to know more about different products and services. More over one can never know where a competitor is hiding behind and even has entered in your territory. So to get success in business a proper business marketing plan is necessary.

  7. Reputation Management • Basically reputation management is the process of managing as well as identifying the online content. Managing reputation has always been an important factor for any business because it takes years to develop reputation but it hardly takes a minute to get it damaged by any negative comment on the your website. So reputation management can help to increase the online reputation of your business.

  8. Brand Marketing • Brand is the most important factor for any business to prosper. Brand marketing can generate huge leads, prospects. Your brand can become the key identity of your ideas and business if it is rightly promoted.

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