the benefits provided by the live chat software n.
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Benefits Provided By the Live Chat Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits Provided By the Live Chat Software

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Benefits Provided By the Live Chat Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits Provided By the Live Chat Software
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  1. The Benefits Provided By the Live Chat Software LiveChat99 is software which has been designed to serve as the major live support software for websites. You can place it in any location and at the same time it will enable proactive chat, analytics, real-time website tracking and e-mail support. This software is used in customer service since it is proven to raise satisfaction levels and minimize returns from unsatisfied clients Maximized revenue from online sale and customer base retention are some of the reasons implementing live support software on any website. With our product that have been specifically designed for support and sales purposes, you can rest in peace you’re embedding a valuable asset to your daily activities and you are also keeping your policy regarding branding policy along with making your website look more modern. The Live chat support software of can also be hosted in the cloud. You can easily access it via any browser or operating system, live chat for windows, or live chat for mobile phones are various alternatives for you to choose from. It is very easy to set up the chat queues as well as the different types of chat departments with its built-in queuing mechanics. The Live chat support software of will certainly be able to beat a phone line. The reason for this is that each agent will be able to handle multiple chats when compared with a single call per representative. The Live chat support software of has been designed specifically to leverage processes involving live help and live chat support. Online support services are being used widely especially in the era of mobile internet. Live Support Software is an ideal solution when it comes to quick assistance and help.

  2. Customer support and service are the major factors in modern e-commerce. It has been revealed that live chat conversion rates are much higher when compared with the standard, the out-date phone based call centers. Outsourcing operators blended with an easy to deploy and affordable chat technology offer your visitors with an excellent way of communication, which your company can adopt can easily be taken up by your company with the minimum of efforts. We guarantee this software support. Hence, if you have any doubts feel free to get in touch with us. It is for this reason that we have created LiveChat99 which is an application that allows your visitors on your site to chat live with your customer support. It’s a solution dedicated for e- commerce and customer care. Because of its powerful reporting and unique greetings are just some of our features that will help your daily business activities.