Literature Review on Leadership Topics
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Literature Review on Leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Literature review on leadership

Literature Review on Leadership Topics

If you’ve decided to write a literature review in leadership, check out these topics.

1. Do men have a problem accepting a female leader?

2. Does gender play a role in leadership qualities?

3. What qualities make a better leader?

4. Is a member of any marginalized group liable to be accepted as a leader? By their own group

members, by others?

5. Distance management: how to effectively manage a team from afar

6. Is an impulsive leader or a disciplined one better?

7. Emotional or distant: which leadership style is more effective?

8. The ethics of leadership

9. Effectively managing a multicultural team

10. The effects of leadership style on moral and behavior of the followers

11. Does student leadership affect later career success?

12. Can social media help shape a good leader?

13. Cultural differences in the role of a leader

14. Is charisma necessary to be an effective leader?

15. Can leadership qualities be developed from nothing or must they be born into a person?

16. The most important quality for a leader

17. Can leadership qualities be developed late or must they be encouraged early?

18. Self-management in leadership

19. How to communicate effectively as a leader

20. The role of negotiation and diplomacy in leadership

21. Leading research into action

22. Knowledge management and the role of the leader

23. How you one be a supportive supervisor?

24. Building the right team

25. Decision making and involving the team in the process

26. Holding managers accountable

27. How to encourage leadership talent in underrepresented groups

28. Leaders as catalysts for change

29. The effects of technology on the role of the leader

30. Management cultures in various countries