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  1. http://www.filipinooutsourcers.com/ GRAPHIC DESIGN – ITS EVER-INCREASING INFLUENCE ON POLITICS AND SOCIETY From the moment you wake up to the time you sleep at night, your senses will be subjected to a lot of logos, and other forms of graphic design. The avalanche of images, signs, symbols and logos that surround us has a major impact on many of our decisions, and even on our values, whether we like it or not. This is the reason why merchants, government bureaucrats and politicians are happy to invest large sums of money on graphic design, because they know the potency of graphic devices in shaping public opinion. Here’s a look at the ever-increasing influence of graphic design on politics and society. What Are The Different Forms Of Graphic Design? According to veteran graphic designers and a noted Philippine SEO company, graphic design is defined as “communication through the use of art, and is generally used to inform, persuade, organize, stimulate, locate, identify, attract attention and provide pleasure.” It can also be used to express feeling or emotion about something. “Print” design generally includes brochures, flyers, posters, postcards and anything that can be printed in a physical format. “Electronic” design includes design for television, interactive media, websites and design for social media. Graphic Design Can Save Lives Yet Do Harm If you think that logos are just silent, lifeless pieces of design, well they aren’t. Graphic design can actually do harm to people, as much as it can help people or save lives. For example, the graphic artist can create a logo or a symbol that advertises or promotes a deadly product, or it can persuade people to look, feel and act in a certain way. The graphic design device can even waste important resources like water, paper or energy. But on the other hand, graphic design can improve people’s lives too. For instance, a certain sign, symbol or logo can denote life-saving information, especially during times of disasters or emergencies. The graphic design device can also refresh and inspire, as well as create awareness of products and lifestyles that are important to different individuals.

  2. Despite the pervasive presence of billboards, flyers, posters, packages, labels, brochures, web pages, instructional guides and other forms of graphic design in our daily life, these artistic creations have a positive effect on how we make decisions, and how we define our values. Great news – there is a bigger awareness among people that graphic design plays a crucial role in the political and social arena, especially in the different ways that the manipulation of image and text can do greater good, or harm to society. To get the best, brightest and truly influential logos, symbols, websites and other forms of graphic design, make sure you work with the best web developers, graphic artists, writers and Filipino virtual assistant in the industry!

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