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  1. Kenya:WHERE I’M FROM by Osman darbane

  2. KEYNA AFRICA • I’m from Kenya. I was born there in 1998 and lived there since I was 6 years old. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and lived there for half of my life. They helped me out with my English.

  3. Quran • In order to get to read the Quran, you have to learn how to read and write in Quran. It’s really hard so you haveto practice everyday.

  4. What I Do • When ever I go home I have to speak Somili to my mom and dad so they can understand me but I just speak English to my sister and brothers. That’s why I got to learn how to speak English perfect.

  5. Population in Kenya 2014 • 41 million inhabitants • Kenya is a multi-ethnic state in the Great Lakes region of Southeast Africa. It is primarily inhabited by Bantu and Nilotic populations, with some Cushitic ethnic minorities in the north. Its total population is estimated at 41 million inhabitants as of 2011.

  6. About Kenya • Kenya is the home of the Safari. For over a hundred years, Kenya has attracted adventurers and romantics from all over the globe. This has been the setting of some of history’s greatest adventure tales. This is the home of Out of Africa, a place where setting out on an adventure into the wilderness became an age old tradition.The spirit of the Safari lives on today. The romance of sundown drinks, of evenings around a campfire, and nights under canvas with the distant roar of a lion in the African night can still be found in Kenya.

  7. Sports We Play in Kenya • The sport I would like to playis soccer because that’s all I’ve been playing my whole life. We love it in Kenya; it’s fun and gets your heath better. • My older brother has taught me how to play soccer since I was 5 years old. I just love to play every sport; the best is soccer.

  8. Kenya Music And More •

  9. I WANT TO GO TO ENGLAND • England's national sport is cricket.Although to many people football(soccer) is seen as England’snational sport. Football is their most popular sport. Some of England's football teams are world famous, the most famous being Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. Teams are made up of 11 players each. • I Want to go there because I love playing soccer with my brothers everyday and next year I’m about to play soccer for this school. I might move to England. I don’t know when, but I just want to have some fun and maybe join a soccer team (Arsenal).