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Vista Migration without Irritation Confronting your Vista Fears PowerPoint Presentation
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Vista Migration without Irritation Confronting your Vista Fears

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Vista Migration without Irritation Confronting your Vista Fears
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Vista Migration without Irritation Confronting your Vista Fears

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  1. Vista Migration without IrritationConfronting your Vista Fears Name, Title

  2. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN! Organizations must plan to spend 12 to 18 months learning about Windows Vista... Preparation and planning will significantly lessen the time and effort spent on the migration… Gartner, 2006

  3. Agenda

  4. Vista Adoption Media Coverage “150 million copies of Windows Vista installed by 2008, 3.5 million Windows Server 2008 installations by 2008 – IDC May 2007 “… 7% of small businesses and 17% of midsized businesses are interested in adopting Vista by the end of 2007. AMI estimates that this represents 447,000 companies. ” - TechTarget Survey– Jan 2007 “Both IDC and Gartner expect Vista adoption by businesses to be in the 10 to 11 percent range in the first year, basically identical to XP's adoption.” – Windows IT Pro, October 2006

  5. XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP XP 2000 XP XP XP 2000 NT XP Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Vista Different Approaches to Migration Mass Migration • Move everyone to common standard • Highly manageable, but… • Expensive Gradual Migration • Migrate on hardware refresh schedule • Lower cost up-front, but… • Can create a management nightmare Batch Migration • Maintain small set of standard configurations • Combination of HW refresh and re-imaging • Good cost/manageability compromise for many

  6. Hardware Refresh Batch Migration Mass Migration Ziff Davis: Types of Migration Ziff Davis Enterprises survey, March 2007

  7. Forklift 14% Hardware Attrition 57% Migration Plans # of Customers Migrating 9% Not sure Early ‘07 4th Q ‘07 2008 Gartner – Michael Silver, Jan 2007 Vista Adoption Timing Hardware refresh will be an ongoing process that requires continuous management and guidance

  8. Ziff Davis: Timeframe to Begin Migrations Ziff Davis Enterprises survey, March 2007

  9. Why Upgrade to Windows Vista? • Improved security • Stability and performance • Better search and user interface • End-user and executive management pressure -(consumerization) • Loss of Windows XP support

  10. Symantec is the Migration Expert! • MIGRATION EXPERTS • Leading deployment and migration vendor since 1998 • Performed more than20 million desktop and laptopmigrations (Altiris) • Wide customer base – small business to large enterprise – many vertical markets • SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS • Best of breed, award-winning migration capabilities • Integrated, automated, and scalable • Ties to a common CMDB for on-going management • CUSTOMER-PROVEN APPROACH • Six steps to a successful hands-free, hardware independent migration • Working with Microsoft to enhance BDD best-practice methodology • Supports a variety of migration approaches • SYMANTEC DELIVERS RESULTS!

  11. Customer - International Finance Firm Windows 2000 Migration Windows XP Migration • 250 workers, 1+ year • Displeased with results • 14 workers world-wide • Saved $22 million dollars Challenge Worldwide migration of 30,000 computers • Used a combination of Altiris and Microsoft tools • Altiris Inventory Solution • Altiris Deployment Solution / PC Transplant Altiris Solution Saved $22 Million by using Altiris tools A single, hardware independent image and one pre-built “task” works on all 30,000 computers Altiris technology automatically determines which application software goes on each computer (by department) Fully migrates computers to XP in less than 1 hour Retrained unused IT staff to build 4000+ application packages Prefers gradual approach: migrates 50 computers per night Biggest bonus: If there are problems in the future, they can rebuild a computer to its original configuration over the user’s coffee break Successful Results

  12. ? Significant Migration Challenges Hardware compatibility / replacement cost • Processor • Video RAM • Hard drive capacity • Drivers Application compatibility – 70% of all concerns • Commercial applications (i.e., anti-virus, VPN) • Legacy and Custom applications Migration logistics • How to migrate without disrupting business • Reduce costs & impact • Must do better than last time

  13. Readiness AssessmentHardware and Software

  14. Hardware Compatibly Concerns I have to have how much video memory? 1000 PCs that need to be replaced = $$$$$$$ My current drivers won’t work?

  15. Vista Hardware Requirements

  16. Hardware Readiness Assessment Process Analyze Current Hardware Environment Assess if Hardware Meets the Requirements for Windows Vista Identify which Computers Require Upgrades Assess Hardware Upgrade Options Assist in Developing a Strategy for Device Driver Compatibility Testing

  17. Hardware Readiness Assessment • Review HW compliance (RAM,disk space, etc.) • Can non-compliant components be cost-effectively upgraded (add RAM, add a hard drive, etc.)? • How many PCs will be replaced? Where are they located? • Required network infrastructure changes (routers, upgraded bandwidth, etc.)?

  18. Placeholder Migration Dashboard

  19. Demo

  20. Ready to Replace Hardware • Partner Program • Hardware specific deployment • Include Vista hardware purchase in automated procurement workflow • Import new hardware into Deployment Solution before it is delivered

  21. Application Migration Methodology • Start migrating most business critical • Start migrating most commonly used/popular • Harvest licenses • Fresh start

  22. Customer Reference – DaimlerChrysler

  23. Application Compatibility

  24. Application Compatibility Concerns “Will my current applications work? “What do I do about the apps that won’t work on Vista?” “How many applications do I need to migrate?” “Who is going to update our legacy and custom apps?” “Our users are going to hate the UAC”

  25. Application Compatibility is an Issue • 480 apps written for Vista • 1491 apps Vista certified • Millions of Windows apps exist

  26. Application Compatibility Process • Assess Environment • Inventory all applications • Assess application usage • Determine Compatibility Issues • Start with most critical apps • Move to commonly used applications • Detect and Fix Issues • MS ACT • MS Shim • Altiris Application Compatibility Suite • Test Applications

  27. Commercial, Legacy and Custom Applications Commercial Applications Broad distribution and current development by ISV ISV’s are working hard to update their applications Well represented in Microsoft Mitigation ACT, Shims, and Community Legacy Applications Developed by ISV’s Often business-critical Not well-represented in Microsoft Mitigation Custom Applications Developed in house Business Critical and represent unique challenges Not represented by most Microsoft Mitigation Community has no knowledge of your custom apps!

  28. Application Development Migration Costs (USD) Source: Gartner Jan 2007

  29. Harvesting Unused Licenses Determine used applications Harvest unused licenses Application Metering Data Inventory Data

  30. Vista Software Compatibility Assessment • Inventory Solution • Comprehensive software inventory • Agent/agent-less inventory gathering • Application Metering • Determines if application is being executed • Uses policies to gather • Limit workstation upload policy to 7-14 days • Identify specific application for usage • Short-term: Data may not be consistent for all apps • Long-term: Track through business cycles Start gathering data NOW for Vista Migration

  31. Reasons Applications May Fail in Vista User Access Control (UAC), Integrity Level (IL), andother security changes Application Control Solution Windows Resource Protection SVS & Application Control Deprecated Components (DLL functions, registry settings, etc.) SVS MSI & Manifests Required Wise Package Studio

  32. Evaluate Your Applications Determine compatible applications Check Microsoft KB 933305 for Microsoft Certified Applications list Paid for process Many vendors not participating Currently: ~2000 Vista applications Check application vendor website Many Vendors are producing new versions for Vista May not be included in Microsoft list Is there an upgrade fee?

  33. Evaluate Your Applications (cont) ACT 5.0 Application compatibility data provided is in a user community Run ACT inventory on client PCs Gather software data in SQL database Comment on application compatibility Send comments to user community User community is only available to computers running applications that have been inventoried by ACT

  34. Vista Software Compatibility Assessment ACT 5.0 user community

  35. Evaluate Current Compatibility Solution Use Application shim ACT 5.0 Compatibility Administrator Tool to shim applications so they will work on a new operating system (no code changes required) Good list of commercial applications Custom applications will generally not have a shim Use Application Compatibility Suite Software Virtualization Solution Application Control Solution Wise Package Studio

  36. ACT 5.0 Compatibility Administrator • Find and apply shims for known applications • Manually apply shims for unknown applications

  37. Introducing Application Compatibility Suite Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) Virtualization of software in layers Windows Resource Protection Deprecated components Know dependencies Dependencies must be Vista compatible Application Control Solution Elevates application privileges May be applied to legacy and custom applications when other mitigation fails Wise Package Studio Microsoft Recommended Creates Vista compatible MSIs

  38. Migration Logistics

  39. Minimize Disruption to Business “Our last migration was brutal!” Downtime = $$$$$$ “What happened to my wallpaper?” 2,000 PCs 8 locations + one sys admin 14 hour workdays “How can I migrate all my computers without screwing things up?”


  41. BDD and Symantec 6-Step Process Microsoft Symantec/Altiris End to end “guidance framework”, best practices, process documents and recommendations (Altiris supports) Disparate tools, agents, infrastructures with no central console Less mature (scripting guides, disparate tools, etc.) Many tools introduced with Vista More automation with less scripting and manual steps Integrated architecture More mature (solid platform; advanced features like tokens, resource association, less guides – more tools, etc.) Experience is engineered into the product Supports and extends BDD

  42. Altiris Client Management Suite Altiris Deployment Solution Altiris Solutions and BDD Tools ACT 6 Steps of Migration HW-AT diskpart imageX BDD WIM WDS Image Mgr USMT

  43. OS Image Pilot Client Hardware & Software Implement Migration Infrastructure Personality Template (Data & Settings) App Packaging &Compatibility Infrastructure & Security Deployment Plan Zero-Touch Migration & Report Migration Process Build Parts Assess Create Job Deploy • Capture Personality • Deploy OS • Install Apps(conditional by group/OU) • Restore Personality • Report MANAGE

  44. Demo Create Job

  45. OS Image Personality Template (Data & Settings) App Packaging &Compatibility Build Parts Build - Best Practices • Migrate user settings with standard template • Small OS-only image • Install only Altiris Agent • Install all current patches • Setup security – firewalls, anti-virus, etc • Use Sysprep • Use Hardware Independent Imaging, driver insertion • Use Packaged Application • Standard MSI • Virtual Applications (VSA)