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Graduate Student Governance Association

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Graduate Student Governance Association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graduate Student Governance Association. GSGA Workshop Oct 25 th , 2008. Campus Representative. James Bowen. Ice Breaker. I will announce a category Organize into groups based on answers Interact/mingle for a few minutes Develop a list of why people chose that category. Category 1.

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Graduate Student Governance Association

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    1. Graduate Student Governance Association GSGA Workshop Oct 25th, 2008

    2. Campus Representative James Bowen

    3. Ice Breaker • I will announce a category • Organize into groups based on answers • Interact/mingle for a few minutes • Develop a list of why people chose that category

    4. Category 1 Can you roll your tongue?

    5. Category 2 Favorite Bond? Sean Connery Daniel Craig Treasury

    6. Category 3 Favorite Pop Starlett Britney Paris Lindsay Hillary

    7. Category 4 Favorite Movie Genre? Action Comedy Drama Thriller

    8. Category 5 Best Professional Basketball Player? Michael Jordan Oscar Robertson Magic Johnson

    9. President Ezgi Akpinar-Ferrand

    10. Graduate Student Governance Association • Oversee a budget of $267,214; serve 44 graduate departments with a total of 7600+ graduate students. • Funding for traveling to conferences. • One-Time Research. • Funding for Graduate Student Community Building-Group Budgets. • Funding for speakers, small events, journal publication-Group Grants. • University wide programs for graduate students. • Graduate Student Advocacy. • How you can get involved at UC!!

    11. Advocacy work for the graduate student issues: Student Health Insurance Graduate Student Housing Bearcat Transportation • Plan and implement academic and social events that will be open to the graduate population of the university. GraduateMixer in CatSkeller. GSGA Sponsored Lunch Hours at Mainstreet Cinema. Darwin Celebrations. Movie Events. Fund-raisers for natural disasters that impact different parts of the world. • Survey and participate in data collection and statistical analysis on data concerning graduate student education and funding.

    12. How you can get involved at UC and GSGA?

    13. External Committees Graduate Student Representation Needed Executive Representation President’s Cabinet. Board of Trustees. Environment & Sustainability Committee. UC Sustainability. Academic Coordinating Committee. Faculty Senate. Graduate Council. Council on Student Affairs. SACUB. Diversity Council. Student Code of Conduct. • Fiscal Coordinating Committee. • Capital Advisory Committee. • International Affairs Committee. • Academic Calendar Committee. • Graduate Student Housing Task Force. • Council on Student Affairs. • SACUB

    14. Internal Committees • Graduate Student Research and Publication Committee. • GSGA Constitution & Bylaws Committee. • Student Health Insurance Committee. • GSGA Grievance Committee. • International Students Concerns Committee. • Bearcat Transportation Committee. • Darwin Celebrations Committee. • Graduate Student Excellence Awards Committee.

    15. Vice PresidentDivyachapan(DC) Padur

    16. Agenda • GSGA Membership • Group Registration Process • Monthly Meeting Attendance • Group Communication • Group Budget • Group Grants

    17. GSGA Membership GSGA Individual Grad Groups Physics GSA CCM GSA

    18. Group Registration • Grad groups (GSA’s) are special groups • Open only to grad students • No membership fees • Primarily academically oriented • Have to register with GSGA and SALD • GSGA registration provides funding • SALD registration provides access to other university resources

    19. Group Registration • Registering with GSGA • New officers’ information • Group Advisor • Student member count (approx.) • Website • Email Listserv

    20. Group Registration • SALD Registration • Login at SALD registration page • Previous year officers can login and update information • New groups need a C/BL document • Roster of members ( at least 10 )

    21. Monthly Meeting • First Wednesday of every month in Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters • 12.30-2pm in 425 TUC • Attendance mandatory • Meeting schedule on website • Agenda notice will be sent out a week ahead • Constitutional provisions to impose sanctions on groups missing the meetings

    22. Communication • Primary contact for group issues – VP • Office hours or make appointments • Creating web pages for all groups • Joining the GSGA listserv • GSGA joining individual group listserv

    23. Group Budget • Group budget – Fixed + Variable • Fixed baseline amount • Variable amount based on student strength • Primarily for fun expenses / social events • No approval required, subject to conditions of course ! • Budget amount will be intimated at the Nov meeting (hopefully !)

    24. Group Grant • Competitive award for primarily academic events • Poster sessions, Speaker Events, Journals • Big Budget Events • Approved by a committee • GSGA EB, Rishi, Custodio and Ciprian • Step-by-Step Process to follow

    25. Group Grant • Submit proposal with necessary letters • Receive approval notice within 7 days • Spend money and get reimbursed • Submit documents by deadline • Entire year divided into 8 deadlines • Limited amounts per deadline

    26. Questions ?

    27. Last Year’s Expenses • Total Budget amount : $267,214 ($274,441) • Scholarship Budget: $62,189 (pays for officer honorarium, tuition, etc) • Operating Budget : $205,025 (Student travel, group events, etc) • Actual Scholarship Budget Expenses : • Officer Tuition, Honorarium : $54,113 • Research Awards + Excellence Awards : $4058 • Actual Operating Budget Expenses : • Encumbrance(deficit) from 2006-2007 : $21,095 • Individual Travel : $156,359 • Group Events : $17,060 • GSGA Expenses : $8,221 • Research Awards : $10,942

    28. Last Year’s Expenses • Total Scholarship Expense : $58,171 ($62,189) • Total Operating Expense : $213,677 ($205,025) • Deficit for FY07-08 carried to FY08-09 : $8,652

    29. GSA Treasurer’s Workshop

    30. GSGA TREASURER Manoj Dhanotiya Office Hours: T 11-1pm Fri 11-1 pm. OR by appointment

    31. GSA MONIES THUMB RULE – • GSA FUNDS COMES FROM GRADUATE STUDENT GENERAL FEE • All UC Graduate Students are eligible for a maximum of $400 per year from the GSGA

    32. "One Year" -Time period starting the first day of the summer quarter of a year to the last day of summer break (the break after spring quarter) the following year. • There is no separate "funds reserving process" with the GSGA • Reimbursement – Only to person who actually incurred the expense

    33. Awards • FULL Conference Travel Award • Partial Conference Travel Award • One-Time Research Award

    34. FULL Conference Travel AwardMaximum - $400 General Rules : Must be a degree seeking graduate student with at least 12 credit hours earned.  Must be registered for at least one credit hour every quarter (Except Summer). Must be a member of a properly registered and active GSA group.  Must be presenting original research in the form of papers/posters or chairing a panel/session at a conference.

    35. Easy Two Step Procedure STEP ONE (Before the travel) Submit Travel Authorization (TA) form STEP TWO (After the travel) Submit Current quarter registration proof Submit Original Expense receipts TER(A113) Envelope

    36. Partial Conference Travel AwardMaximum $100

    37. One-Time Research Award • Funds for helping/furthering research. • To buy consumables or research materials - things that are not available for free to the student from the university • To fund travel for research activity.

    38. RULES • You are allowed to apply for a RA, for up to $400, only once during your graduate schooling at UC. • Estimated item wise costs must be included in the letter and the application.

    39. Easy Two Steps • Fill out the RA application form & letter of approval from your advisor. • Approval Email. Please submit a printout of the RA approval email received from the GSGA Treasurer + All the expense receipts Fill TER A113 (IF Travel related to RA)

    40. Failure to include registration. Failure to include proof of presentation Demand of reimbursement of money paid by Professors P card . (P Card ?) Some common errors :

    41. NIU • Occasionally, a group will buy something and their department “front” the costs. • Or, your department given you money for a conference, but you need to pay it back.. • NIU form comes into play. • It is not in your folder, your department will have it or come to us.

    42. Website • Remind students to go through the step by step process at GSGA website A Quick View Of Website • Website Suggestions Scanning or Office Drop ?

    43. If you are too confused now then I did my Job well ! Questions ?

    44. Location & Communication      683 Steger Student Life Center (above STARBUCKS) ML 0193513-556-6101