Inspiring Citizenship Through Sport
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Inspiring Citizenship Through Sport Presented at annual meeting of American College Personnel Association April 1, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inspiring Citizenship Through Sport Presented at annual meeting of American College Personnel Association April 1, 2008. Kathleen Hill – Patience Whitworth – The Ohio State University

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Inspiring Citizenship Through SportPresented at annual meeting of American College Personnel AssociationApril 1, 2008

Kathleen Hill –

Patience Whitworth –

The Ohio State University

What do sport citizenship have to do with each other l.jpg
What do Sport & Citizenship have to do with each other?

  • Concepts of sport & citizenship in hg ed

  • Popular culture events

  • Sport participation data

  • CIRP data on civic engagement

Purpose of program l.jpg
Purpose of Program

  • Think about sport as a means to helping students start, or move further along, on their journey that provides them with the understanding, motivation, and skills they need to meet the challenges of engaged citizenship.

Purpose of program4 l.jpg
Purpose of Program

  • Explore the goals and dimensions of citizenship learning.

  • Consider how engagement in intentionally designed sporting experiences may inspire active citizenship.

Presentation format l.jpg
Presentation Format

  • Citizenship Overview

  • 3 Sport Contexts: Sites of Citizenship Learning

  • Model-Building Framework & Thematic Perspectives

  • Model-Building Discussion (small groups)

  • Synthesis Discussion & Closing

Review of literature l.jpg
Review of Literature

  • The tragedy is that the cynicism that stems from the abuses in athletics infects the rest of student life (Boyer, 1987)

  • Recent literature has further discussed the “corrosive” effect of collegiate athletics in particular (Colby et al., 2003; Shulman & Bowen, 2001)

Review of literature7 l.jpg
Review of Literature

  • Inherent in every setting is the potential for learning… including the playing fields. (Kuh et al., 1995)

  • “Civic learning can be incorporated into virtually any kind of student activity with sensitive guidance and support from faculty and staff advisors” (Colby et al., 2003)

Review of literature8 l.jpg
Review of Literature

  • Civic engagement defined as working to make a difference in the civic life of communities. (Erlich, 2000)

  • Civic engagement as a moral responsibility with 4 core values for responsible citizenship:

    • Concern for welfare & rights of others

    • Individual part of larger social system

    • Critical reflection

    • Commitment to discourse & procedural fairness

Civic learning framework colby et al 2003 l.jpg
Civic Learning Framework (Colby et al., 2003)

  • Six reasons citizenship education has lost emphasis in higher education

  • Three main sites for moral & civic education:

    1. Curriculum

    2. Extracurricular programs

    3. Campus culture

Developmental issues goals dimensions l.jpg
Developmental Issues:Goals & Dimensions

  • Moral & civic understanding

  • Motivation to do the right thing

  • Practice

Thematic perspectives l.jpg
Thematic Perspectives

  • Community Connections

  • Civic Virtues

  • Social Justice

Sport contexts 3 sites of citizenship learning l.jpg
Sport Contexts:3 Sites of Citizenship Learning

  • Student participation in intercollegiate athletics

  • Student participation in recreational/intramural sports & club sports

  • Students as fans of intercollegiate athletics

Model building framework l.jpg
Model-Building Framework

  • Alignment with institutional & programmatic missions

  • Personnel & resource support

  • Intentional program design and outcomes

  • Assessment design and use

  • Three questions

Exemplars l.jpg

  • INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS: Sport & Citizenship Leadership Institute

  • SPORT CLUBS: Membership Development Programming

  • STUDENT FANS: Sportsmanship “Best Fans in Land” Initiative

Model building discussion l.jpg
Model-Building Discussion

  • 3 Discussion Strands – Small Groups: recreational sports, intercollegiate athletics, student fans

  • Discussion Guide

  • Time

  • Report Out & Synthesis Discussion

Closing l.jpg

  • Interested in further exploration & networking? Suggestions for next steps and leave contact information.

  • Program materials available at:

  • Please complete program evaluations. Thank you for participating in this presentation.