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AssetExplorer. The complete tool to manage your Assets and Software Licenses. Top five problems of an Asset Manager Understanding Asset Lifecycle Management Solution the AssetExplorer way Top five reasons to choose AssetExplorer Getting Started. Problems of an Asset Manager.

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The complete tool to manage your Assets and Software Licenses

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Problems of an asset manager l.jpg
Problems of an Asset Manager

  • How many assets do I have?

  • How many of the assets are in use?

  • Are all assets optimally utilised?

  • Am I missing the renewals of my Software licenses?

  • Can I decommission or dispose these assets?

Solution the assetexplorer way l.jpg
Solution the AssetExplorer way

  • Ready-to-use tools at your fingertips (queries, reports, statistics). No time consuming development or configuration needed on deployment

  • Very intuitive application and centralized console

  • Simple to use yet powerful application

  • Configuration for convenience

  • Total cost of Ownership

  • And many more benefits…

    View them for yourself in further slides…

Ready to use application l.jpg
Ready to Use application

All your assets at one shot

Due by Pos & Contracts

Intuitive application and centralized console l.jpg
Intuitive Application and Centralized Console

One shot view of all your assets & licenses across your facilities

Simple yet powerful l.jpg
Simple yet Powerful

A wholesome info in just a click

Convenient configuration l.jpg
Convenient configuration

Happy Self Customization on system settings 

Total cost of ownership l.jpg
Total Cost of Ownership

Just swap your tabs to get location, history and whole lot of info about your resources

Asset procurement l.jpg
Asset procurement

Manage Purchase Orders - from Creation to Close

Contracts management l.jpg
Contracts Management

Quick and easy retrieval of stored records, ex: contract information

Reports in a fly l.jpg
Reports in a fly!

  • Get permutations and combinations of Custom reports

  • Query your reports

  • Schedule your reports for regular discussion and decision sessions

Custom reports l.jpg
Custom Reports..

Choose your parameters

Customize desired reports

View reports in convenient display

Query reports l.jpg
Query Reports

Stock bespoke reports available for immediate querying.

Flow Chart of data structure

Use these queries in Crystal Reports

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Schedule Reports

Supports multiple formats

Schedule Inbuilt and/or Custom Reports

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AD/LDAP integration

  • Import users from AD/LDAP

  • Schedule for import regularly

  • Enable users to login into AssetExplorer when logging into their respective systems

Top 5 reasons to choose assetexplorer l.jpg
Top 5 reasons to choose AssetExplorer

  • Gain control: Know where your assets are

  • Reduce risk: Manage regulatory and security compliance

  • Reduce cost: Understand license, acquisition, support, service, and other expenses

  • Enable accountability: The right people making the right decisions about IT

  • Enhance performance: Move from being a cost center to a revenue enabler

    AssetExplorer allows you to manage IT and business processes with consolidated asset configuration to control costs, mitigate risk, and enable efficient change to maximize business value.

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Get Started Now!!

And be a happy Asset Manager

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Thank You!!

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