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CSAT Strategic Planning For Providers to Improve Business Practices PowerPoint Presentation
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CSAT Strategic Planning For Providers to Improve Business Practices

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CSAT Strategic Planning For Providers to Improve Business Practices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSAT Strategic Planning For Providers to Improve Business Practices

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Presentation Transcript

    Slide 2:CSAT Strategic Planning For Providers to Improve Business Practices Arlington, October 21-23, 2009

    Slide 3:NJ Delegation Providers: James Curtin Glenn Duncan Luis R. Nieves Alan Oberman Kristina Raymond Shelly Scheffler Division of Addiction Services: Raquel Mazon Jeffers Lew Borselino

    Slide 4:Time For Change We Need To Prepare


    Slide 6:Every Modality of Substance Abuse Treatment Will Change Because

    Slide 7:The Evolving Landscape Alan Oberman Executive Director John Brooks Recovery Center

    Slide 8:The economic climate; Technological advances: EHR, Interoperability; Results-oriented evaluation and funding;

    Change Drivers

    Slide 9:Change Drivers (cont.)

    Expanded pay systems; Best practices for treatment for solvency; Healthcare reform

    Slide 10:Change Drivers (cont.)

    New funding alternatives: Linkages long term residential, halfway houses; Fee for Service will expand Interwoven with EHR Integration of Medical, Clinical, Fiscal;

    Slide 11:Change Reasons (cont.)

    Value proposition: Do More With Less; Leverage and Interoperate Technology Stigma remains: Educate holdouts within treatment community regarding MAT

    Slide 12:Change Reasons (cont.)

    Broader acceptance of psychoactive medication in treatment settings in general

    Slide 13:Survival will depend on your application of business principles and practices

    Slide 14:Integrating Business Practices Luis R. Nieves, MBA, Psy.D., ABPP Executive Director New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc.

    Slide 15:Key Business Principles

    Effective use of scarce resources; Change in funding options and sources.

    Slide 16:Basic Management Issues

    Financial management Staffing- work force Service requirements Evidence-based practices Continuity of care Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)

    Slide 17:Treatment Assumptions

    Clients need more than any one system can provide: Expect/plan for integration with medical and other services; Imagine broader qualification for substance abuse treatment

    Slide 18:Treatment Assumptions (cont.)

    More has to be done for clients- broader, longer; More people need treatment than are receiving treatment: Envision greater outreach, more robust linkages across modalities, with greater transparency and fewer barriers

    Slide 19:Finally: Our models of treatment must expand to reach more people

    Slide 20:Health Reform

    Health reform defines parity between SA,& Mental Health; Join healthcare networks; Business Plan co-located with Strategic Plan in leadership landscape.

    Slide 21:Suggested Strategies

    Provider networks; Embrace healthcare reform; Integrate technology; Innovate; Use ROSC

    Slide 22:State-Level Strategies

    Slide 23:What to Expect At The State Level

    New contracting; Pay for Performance; New customers; New providers; Expanded services; Addl. Serv. Sites; New business models

    Slide 24:Tom McLellans suggestions

    Expand your market; Shift model: cure chronic; More services to more people; Integrate w/mainstream; Align w/primary care; SBIRT Model: Screening-Brief Intervention-Referral & Treatment

    Slide 25:Early intervention; Specialized care for offenders; Longer term treatment; Teach self-management; Recovery Support Services; Align w/Corrections

    McLellan Suggests (cont.)

    Slide 26:Data Driven

    Treatment Business Marketing Financials Performance

    Slide 28: In Conclusion James Curtin,MBA Senior VP/Executive Director Daytop New Jersey

    Slide 29:Key Concepts

    Healthcare reform Electronic Health records (technology) Business practices Network Models Evidence Based Practice Performance Improvement models

    Thats The Beginning.! Thank You!