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www.tickingclock.petfinder.org. Casper's Story. www.tickingclock.petfinder.org. Have you visited the dogs in animal control in your city?. www.tickingclock.petfinder.org. The dogs are frightened in this strange place. www.tickingclock.petfinder.org.

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Have you visited the dogs in animal control in your city?

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The dogs are frightened in this strange place

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They have no names, only numbers on their cages and in the computer

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There is a noisy barrage of crashing metal gates, constant barking, shouts of kennel workers, volunteers and visitors

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Each cage is a barren concrete block with no bed, no toys - not even for little puppies who huddle together to stay warm

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There is no one to take dogs on walks unless a volunteer shows up. The dogs that were housetrained are forced to eliminate in their cages

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All the dogs have about two weeks in adoption, and if not adopted, they are euthanized, puppies and all

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Dogs start to go crazy, especially if they have never been owned by a human, never worn a collar, never walked on a leash and have no obedience training

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The dogs that have not had sufficient puppy socialization hide when visitors come in and are usually not adopted because they are too nervous to interact

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If a dog does not perform obedience well when a visitor comes to take the dog to the “get acquainted” room it is unlikely it will find a home in time

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Casper was an untrained dog. I was a volunteer dog walker. He barely escaped. I found the kill list and adopted him just one day before his scheduled death.

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Here is Casper at his boarding kennel where he and I learned obedience training. Casper was saved but many dogs are left behind

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Casper was neutered at animal control. He needed his vaccination booster. Here he is on his way to the clinic. His first impulse is to get up front with the humans.

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The obedience training began immediately. First he got a real collar. His training was done with a nylon training collar. First he learned SIT, then DOWN and then HEEL. He also was housetrained.

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Casper graduated from the “Puppy Room” at the kennel and began to play with the BIG DOGS. He loved to play with the puppies, but soon learned that all the big dogs don’t humor kids who just want to play

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This is a birds eye view of a successful SIT. Casper was an affectionate and attentive student

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A long SIT means you sit the dog and can walk away and he will remain in SIT until you release him. This takes patience and determination.

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Casper awaits his reward for an immediate response to the obedience command

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It’s break time during a training session. The long pink lead is used when teaching advance commands like LONG DOWN.

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Casper was on my Petfinder.org website. A wonderful couple saw this funny face with big bat ears and fell in love. The adoption process began.

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This great couple agreed to continue Casper’s obedience training, agreed to bring him back to me if they didn’t want him, would make sure he got all the exercise, play, vet care and grooming needed. After several visits, signing the adoption contract, they took Casper home.

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Casper is being treated well and is loved immensely.

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What Can YOU Do To Help Dogs Like Casper?

Saving one dog doesn’t make a big difference, but for that dog, it is the difference between a happy life and death. Contact a volunteer non-profit rescue group and ask how you can help: