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BuyND. Athletics e.Purchasing. Login & Navigation. Login Enter afs ID & password Navigation Home – The first screen after login where you can begin tasks. Includes your requisitions folder

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Athletics e.Purchasing

login navigation
Login & Navigation


  • Enter afs ID & password


  • Home – The first screen after login where you can begin tasks. Includes your requisitions folder
  • My Favorites – Allows you to store & access frequently ordered items
  • Product Search – Start shopping by choosing a category to search on, or a punchout catalog to shop from
  • Carts, Approvals & Orders – Gives access to shopping carts (current, draft & new), and req/order history
  • Receipts – DO NOT USE
  • Profile – Users can set personal information for Shipping Address and FOAPAL codes
creating a profile
Creating a Profile


  • Only needs to be setup once unless changes are to be made
  • Select the Profile tab

Addresses ***

    • Create multiple shipping addresses by nickname
    • Use the corresponding location code
      • 1028 Stadium
      • 1039 Rockne
      • 1083 Joyce Center
      • 1096 Eck Tennis
      • 1097 Loftus
    • Include phone number
    • Set a default Ship To address
creating a profile4
Creating a Profile

Custom Fields and FOAPAL ***

    • Select Codes and FOAPAL
    • Click Edit & Create New Value to enter the budget units you will purchase for
    • Select defaults, if preferred
    • Data entered will appear in a drop down menu when purchasing
    • If you prefer to enter a different number each time do not edit the field
  • Save changes & you’re ready to shop!

Overview – follow these steps to create a requisition

  • Check for Active Cart
  • Shop/Add Items
  • Name your Cart, Verify or Change FOAPAL Codes & Ship To information
  • Complete Requisition
  • Submit

Check for an Active Cart

  • Prior to shopping, verify your cart is ready
    • The cart status indicates “no active cart”
    • A cart is active but empty (total = $0.00 and 0 items)
    • A cart is active and you would like to add items from the same supplier
catalog orders
Catalog Orders

Ordering from an online catalog

Access to the online “punchout” catalogs is available from the Home or Product Search page.

  • Click the Advanced Search tab
  • Choose the Category you would like to shop from
    • Lab Supplies
    • Office/Computer – Office Depot & GovConnection
    • Facilities – not used at this time
    • Furniture – not used at this time
  • Choosing a catalog takes you directly to that site where you can search for a product by name, description or product I.D.
  • As you locate products to purchase add them to your cart
  • Click Check Out once you have completed your shopping with the supplier & you’ll automatically exit the catalog & return to buyND
catalog orders7
Catalog Orders
  • Update the cart name to reflect your purchase (ie. Rosbrugh/office depot 10/01/04)
catalog orders8
Catalog Orders

Editing the Header

  • Priority – Normal or Urgent
  • Note to Procurement – not mandatory (nm), ie. Vender selection form forwarded
  • Pricing Source – nm, ie. Jim 255-0555
  • Shipping Instruction – nm, ie. Next Day
  • Contract/Quote # - nm
  • Attach notes to Procurement or the Supplier as needed
  • Add to Favorites if your order is common
  • SAVE Updates
catalog orders9
Catalog Orders

Editing the Requisition Details

  • Codes & FOAPAL
    • Edit for all products or by product
    • Default appears but can be changed in drop down
    • Commodity Code
      • Pick form menu
      • 10 – Office Supplies
      • 36 – Ath. Equipment/Supplies
      • 50 – Printing & Advertising
    • Payment can be split between FOAPALs
    • Save and Apply
    • Return to Review
  • Ship To
    • Select an address from your profile
    • Alter the Ship To name if other than you
    • Include a Ship To phone # & address if other than you
    • Save and Apply
    • Return to Review
  • Bill To
    • Should be Accounts Payable
  • Click Approvals, if necessary, or skip to Submit Requisition when ready
catalog orders10
Catalog Orders

Preview Approvals

  • All submissions are subject to approval from your Business Office contact and administrator, if necessary
  • If you purchase for several offices you can choose your approver from a drop down menu
  • Approvers will automatically be notified via email that you’ve submitted a requisition
  • The system verifies your ability to charge the FOAPAL numbers requested
  • Upon complete approval, a P.O. is sent to the supplier automatically
  • When complete, click Submit Requisition
catalog orders11
Catalog Orders

Completing your order

  • Now that you’ve submitted your order, click on the link to print your requisition
  • Keep a copy for yourself & forward the following to your Business Office contact:
    • Signed Purchase Requisition
    • Requisition Number Printout
    • Vendor Selection Form, if necessary
  • Upon approval you will receive an email specifying the P.O. # that has been sent to the supplier
  • Once you receive your materials, fully or partially, you must forward the packing slip and/or invoice to your Business Office contact.
  • The vendor is paid only after the packing slip/invoice is received from you
non catalog orders
Non-Catalog Orders

Ordering from a vendor without an online catalog

Access to the non-catalog form is available from the Home or Product Search page.

  • Click the Advanced Search tab
  • Click on Non-Catalog Form
  • If you know the catalog number enter it & Continue
  • If you do not have a catalog number, type n/a and either
    • Click Search to conduct an inquiry of the product catalog. If the item exists, you will be able to add it to your cart
    • Or, click Continue to bypass the catalog search process – most often used
non catalog orders13
Non-Catalog Orders

Choosing your Supplier

  • Click Search under Supplier Info
  • Type in your vendor’s name
  • Click Search
  • Select your supplier & click Choose Selected Supplier

If a vendor is not found email the following to

  • Company name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number

Procurement Services will add the vendor as soon as possible (1-3 days typically)

non catalog orders14
Non-Catalog Orders

Completing the Non-Catalog Item Form

  • Type the products name/description as stated on your purchase requisition
  • Enter the quantity
  • Enter the estimated price
  • Click Add to Cart or click Add to Cart & Return if additional items are being purchased from the same vendor

Proceed with requisition as noted under Catalog Orders

helpful hints
Helpful Hints
  • To Empty a Cart – in the requisition Edit Detail screen click Empty Cart
  • View your previous requisitions from the Home Page, My Requisitions
    • Locate requisition in list provided – or
    • Click PO Search & search by supplier, requisition or P.O.
  • Approvers can substitute their role when they are out of the office & unable to receive email. If you have an additional (non-business office) approver they may need a reminder to do so!
  • DO NOT “RECEIVE” ITEMS in BuyND. You will not use the Receipts menu tab
  • Vendors will not be paid until you have forwarded the packing slip/invoice to your Business Office contact
  • In order to view a list of suppliers in BuyND:
    • Home or Product Search, Advanced Search,. Browse by Supplier, leave the supplier name blank & click Search
      • Click the next arrow for additional pages
      • To find all suppliers beginning with a particular letter enter the letter in the supplier name & click Search
  • Do not include multiple suppliers on one requisition
  • Order payments can be split between several FOAPALs by dollar value or percentage
    • Split under Edit Detail, Codes & FOAPAL
  • If you have already submitted a request & no longer would like to make the purchase or would like changes to be made alert your approver to reject or change the order. If you have already received the merchandise and no longer need it, let your Business Office contact know.
  • Be sure to always click Save Updates as you add to a requisition
  • To delete a product before submitting a requisition select the item under Save Updates & choose to remove the item, Go
helpful hints16
Helpful Hints
  • Shipping is automatically added (if applicable) to your order & FOAPAL code. To charge shipping to a different FOAPAL code, in the non-catalog form create a new line item for it
    • Enter quantity of one, unit of measure is ‘lot’, description of ‘shipping’, and assign an approximate value
  • The FOAPAL Location code must be filled in for capital purchases exceeding $2,500
  • The status of your requisition can be viewed under Approval Status or History when viewing one of your requisitions
  • You can copy a previous requisition into a new cart by choosing Copy to a New Cart from the list of possible actions. Update the header and codes as necessary.
    • Note: the price of your item may have changed since your last order. Verify the item and price with the supplier.
  • Continue to allow your Business Office contact to handle your blanket purchase orders
  • Allow your Business Office contact to handle any Sam’s Club purchases
  • Items charged against a Summer Camp, Joyce Center Event or Athletics Event account are NOT to be handled by you through BuyND. Allow Bev to continue making these purchases.
  • Additional help, FAQs, and animated tutorials are located on the BuyND website
  • When in doubt, ask!!!