building biotech solutions for diseases of the developing world l.
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Building biotech solutions for diseases of the developing world PowerPoint Presentation
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Building biotech solutions for diseases of the developing world

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Building biotech solutions for diseases of the developing world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building biotech solutions for diseases of the developing world. Global Health Council June 1, 2006 Washington, DC. Wendy Taylor Founder and Vice President Strategy and Operations. BVGH’s Fundamental Premise.

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building biotech solutions for diseases of the developing world

Building biotech solutions for diseases of the developing world

Global Health Council

June 1, 2006

Washington, DC

Wendy Taylor

Founder and Vice President

Strategy and Operations

bvgh s fundamental premise
BVGH’s Fundamental Premise

The innovative drive and expertise of the biotech industry are integral to the mission of saving lives and treating diseases that afflict the world's poorest people.

key barriers to biotech participation
Key Barriers to Biotech Participation
  • Market
    • Disbelief that there’s a market for global health
    • Concern about opportunity costs and focus
  • Funding
    • Skeptical of investor support for global health
    • Unable to access sufficient R+D funding
  • Information
    • Unfamiliar with neglected diseases
    • Unsure of developing world markets
bvgh mission
BVGH Mission

BVGH is breaking down barriers that hinder development of new vaccines, drugs and diagnostics to treat the urgent medical needs of the developing world.

bvgh role bridging biotech global health
BVGH Role: Bridging Biotech & Global Health
  • Identify targets for biotech impact
  • Create opportunities and incentives
  • Build strategies
  • Catalyze private sector R&D through new partnerships and funding
reasons to be optimistic
Reasons to Be Optimistic
  • Revolution in scientific tools available
  • Biotech industry is mature enough to tackle problems of this scale
  • Funding increasingly there to develop new solutions
  • Untapped markets that appeal to innovators
1 scientific opportunity
1. Scientific Opportunity
  • Biotech advances applied successfully to many diseases of developed world
  • NO Reason these advances can’t be used to make strides against neglected diseases

Rheumatoid arthritis

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Multiple sclerosis

Breast cancer

Cardiovascular disease

Respiratory syncitial virus

Gaucher’s Disease

targets for biotech impact
Targets for Biotech Impact
  • Malaria drugs
    • P. falciparum genome sequenced
    • Multiple targets for HTS / RDD
  • Diarrheal disease vaccines
    • Several candidates in clinical trials
    • Key test of dual-use rationale
  • TB drugs
    • Apply novel anti-infectives vs. TB
    • Key targets ID’ed for rapid therapy
  • Trypanosomatid Drugs
    • All 3 genomes sequenced in 2005
    • Increasing consensus on targets
  • Diagnostics
    • Critical need for improved POC IVD
2 technological opportunity
2. Technological Opportunity
  • Industry’s capable biotech companies DRIVE innovation
    • Biotechs developing new technologies + novel compounds
      • VCs pouring in $4B/YR
      • Big pharma signs dozens partnering deals + buys best companies
  • Huge advantage is industry’s diversity
    • –15 Big pharma + 4000 biotechs
    • – Need lots of different ideas/approaches/competition
    • to sort winners/losers
3 funding opportunity
3. Funding Opportunity
  • Funding opportunities have improved dramatically
  • > $35 billion committed over last 7 years
    • Gates Foundation: $6 billion
    • Global Fund: $4.8 billion
    • PEPFAR: $15 billion
    • GAVI: $3 billion
4 market opportunity
4. Market Opportunity
  • Potential untapped markets
    • The 85% of the world NOT served by leading pharma/biotech
    • Emerging market economies can and do pay

Global pharmaceutical sales focus on the fastest-growing segments

Rest of the world

SE Asia + China



Latin America



Total >$400 billion

75% in 12 countries

bvgh bridging biotech global health
BVGH: Bridging biotech & global health
  • Create incentives and opportunities
    • Build business cases for major product classes
      • TB and ETEC vaccines
    • Spearhead global Advance Market Commitments (AMCs)
  • Build strategies
    • Focus leading-edge discovery engines on key GH problems
    • Help companies build business strategy
  • Catalyze private sector R&D
    • Assemble sustainable partnerships around the most compelling projects
    • Help secure financing
findings and initial actions from tb vaccine business case
Findings and Initial Actions from TB Vaccine Business Case
  • Identify markets that could potentially generate a return
  • Quantify financial and social returns
  • Define how public sector can enhance market and remove barriers


  • Market size sufficient to attract innovators ($450M - <$1B/year at peak)
  • Potential impact justifies substantial public sector investment (millions saved)
  • Clinical trial risk high: >7 years with thousands of patients
  • Biggest impact on timelines/costs would be improved biomarkers


  • Promote findings with vaccine companies
  • Promote development of novel biomarkers
  • Enhance developing world market to ensure access


booster vaccine cash flow by market
Booster Vaccine: Cash Flow by Market

Profits by year and market for BCG boost (2013 – 2030)

Annual profit


Public mkt demand

Competitive event

High income

Private mkt demand


Private mkt



Mid income


Low income


Upfront facility costs ($250MM) ((infrastructure), adjusted for timing of investment(1)





Represents all costs ($638MM) incurred for R&D, adjusted for timing of investments(2)

Source: BVGH/BCG analysis NOTE: Estimates for potential analysis only; information not provided by industry.

potential impact of tb vaccine
Potential Impact of TB Vaccine

Over a million lives could be saved each year by novel TB vaccines at low cost/DALY

Deaths (millions per year)













BCG boost







BCG Replacement






Cost per DALY averted in Africa

- BCG Replace ($6-10)

- BCG Boost ($21-26)

- Prime + Boost ($21-23)

Source: BVGH TB Vaccine Business Case

building markets advance market commitments amcs
Building Markets: Advance Market Commitments (AMCs)
  • Major shift in donor mindset
    • Understand need for market-based solutions
  • How they work:
    • Donors make legally-binding commitment to create viable markets for key vaccines
    • Guarantee minimum price for certain volume of successful vaccines
    • Technical specs for the product must be met
    • Industry commits to lower long-term price
amcs bvgh s role
AMCs – BVGH’s Role
  • Ensure AMCs cost-efficient for donors and attract industry’s capable innovators
  • Consulted extensively with biotech industry
    • Over 50 companies and 150 senior executives
  • Issued two AMC reports
    • Supported concept and outlined key issues

to be addressed

  • Industry response
    • OVERALL: Promising mechanism that should

move forward

    • Not magic bullet – push funding still needed
    • Must be competitive with other opportunities
    • Concern about demand risk

BIO Ventures for Global Health

Building biotech solutionsfor diseases of the developing world

tb vaccine business case
TB Vaccine Business Case
  • Approach
    • Identify markets that could potentially generate a return
    • Quantify financial and social returns
    • Define how public sector can enhance market and remove barriers
  • Findings
    • Strong financial and social case for investment
      • Est. annual global market: >$450M for BCG replacement; >$750M for boost
      • Positive NPV, driven by developed world and emerging markets
    • Potential impact justifies substantial investment
      • SROI: millions of deaths avoided; cost $19-63/DALY averted
    • Clinical trial risk high: >5 years with thousands of patients
  • Follow-Through
    • Study embraced by industry – first clear definition of market’s value
    • Companies newly attracted to work on biomarkers and vaccines
    • “Road show” will promote findings; value of “deep dive” approach
bvgh expertise
BVGH Expertise
  • Deeply networked with leading players in industry
  • Broad convening power: Bringing together the best science and the most skillful product developers
  • Experience building successful product development organizations and partnerships
  • Trusted partner: Ability to advocate for global health without promoting particular products or strategies
landscape analysis
Landscape Analysis

High level assessment criteria


Global burden of disease in DALYs and deaths

Needs Gap

Adequacy of current solutions proxied

by mortality CAGR. Qualitative scan of

gaps in current drugs, vaccines, & diagnostics

Status of


Quantitative scan of publication activity, state of

pipeline, and NIH funding; review of key

publications, partic. rel. to targets

Relevance to


Match needs w/ key biotech assets – Rx, Dx, Vx

discovery; preclinical and clinical product

development capabilities

Availability of


First pass review of a) hybrid and dual/use

markets; b) other pull and push funding