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Briefing on Financial Systems Initiatives

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Briefing on Financial Systems Initiatives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Briefing on Financial Systems Initiatives Institute of Management Accountants Washington Tri-Cities Chapter December 3, 1998 Background Current Accounting System - almost 20 years old Financial Management Excellence Report - (May 1995) Recommendations: Single Budget Format

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Briefing on Financial Systems Initiatives

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briefing on financial systems initiatives
Briefing on Financial Systems Initiatives

Institute of Management Accountants

Washington Tri-Cities Chapter

December 3, 1998

  • Current Accounting System - almost 20 years old
  • Financial Management Excellence Report - (May 1995)
    • Recommendations:
      • Single Budget Format
      • Cost Accumulation
      • Performance Management Structure
      • Management Information System
      • Business Systems Integration
      • New Accounting System
  • Legal Drivers
    • Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990,
    • Government Performance and Results Act of 1993
    • Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996
    • Federal Financial Improvement Act of 1996
  • $1.1 Million Seed Money in FY 1998
cfo systems principal initiatives
CFO Systems Principal Initiatives
  • Corporate Executive Information System (EIS)
    • Operational October 1998
  • Financial Data Warehouse (FDW)
    • Pilot implemented March 1998
  • Business Management Information System (BMIS)
    • Strategic Information Management Process conducted May 1998 - September 1998
    • Draft Business Case - October 30, 1998

CFO Systems Relationships

Senior Executives


Mid-level Managers

Financial Data

Program and Project Mgrs


P.O. Financial Staff

P.O. Financial





Budget & Finance

Accounting and Budget Execution System

Budget Formulation System

Office Staff


Business Management Information System Logical Model








Core Financial






Cost Accounting

Financial Reporting










corporate executive information system eis
Corporate Executive Information System (EIS)
  • Purpose
    • Provide DOE executives and managers with immediate access to summary level business information at their desktops
  • Data sources
    • MARS/FIS, DISCAS, Human Resources Data Repository, Functional Cost System, Program Funding by Contractor and Location System, and the Strategic Alignment Initiative Tracking System
  • Users
    • 200 current users (Headquarters and Field)
corporate executive information system eis continued
Corporate Executive Information System (EIS) continued
  • Status
    • Presently contains financial and human resources data
  • Future
    • Add procurement information, performance measures, and programmatic data
    • Establish an EIS user group to plan and prioritize new developments and improvements
    • Access Financial Data Warehouse as source for all financial data
    • Expand user base (FY 1999 Projection = 500 users)
    • Add Web access
financial data warehouse fdw
Financial Data Warehouse (FDW)
  • Purpose
    • Provide program and project managers and their staffs with rapid access to multi-level financial information at their desktops via standardized reports and ad hoc queries
  • Data Source
    • MARS/FIS
  • Users
    • 50 users (Headquarters)
financial data warehouse fdw continued
Financial Data Warehouse (FDW) - continued
  • Status
    • Contains a variety of obligation/cost-related data from summary to detail levels as well as revenue/reimbursables data
    • Fast track adds includes MARS trial balance data
  • Future
    • Become the Department’s full service financial data warehouse
    • Add numerous Departmental and Contractor systems as sources of data
    • Expand user base (Headquarters and Field, FY 1999 Projection = 250 users)
    • Add Web access
business management information system bmis
Business Management Information System (BMIS)
  • Vision

A single, modern integrated Business Management Information System (BMIS) that is easy to use and reliable, and that provides the tools and capability necessary to effectively carry out the Department’s business management functions, manage agency financial operations, and report on agency financial status to central agencies, Congress, and the public.

business management information system financial management bmis fm
Business Management Information System - Financial Management (BMIS-FM)
  • Components
    • Budget Formulation System
      • Purpose
        • Provide a modern, standardized budget formulation system with performance planning capabilities for use by all DOE organizations (excluding the PMAs)
    • Core Financial Management System
      • Purpose
        • Provide a modern, flexible core financial management and project accounting system with performance measurement capabilities for use by all DOE organizations (excluding the PMAs)
  • Status
    • Strategic Information Management (SIM) Process completed (September 1998)
    • Draft Business Case - October 30, 1998
strategic information management sim process
Strategic Information Management (SIM) Process
  • Background
    • The Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 requires Federal agencies to analyze and revise (as appropriate) their business processes prior to investing in new information management technologies to support those processes.
  • Description
    • The DOE’s SIM process is a collaborative effort involving users and customers designed to fulfill this requirement, examine the various information management alternatives, and build a business case to support the recommended alternative.
bmis fm sim process
  • Participation
    • Sixty-five employees and six contractor support staff involved:
      • representatives from most Headquarters and field organizations
      • Fifty direct participants and fifteen advisors
  • Workshops
    • Gaithersburg, MD - June 2-4, 1998
    • Albuquerque, NM - July 21-23, 1998
    • Las Vegas, NV - September 15-17, 1998
bmis fm sim process deliverables
BMIS-FM SIM Process Deliverables
  • Identification of current DOE financial processes including inputs, outputs, sources, and customers
  • Recommendations for potential systems and process improvements
  • Business case to support major upgrade or replacement of current financial management systems
bmis fm sim process teams
BMIS-FM SIM Process Teams
  • SIM Planning Team
  • Baseline Team
  • Needs Assessment Team
  • Analysis of Benefits and Cost Team
  • Configuration Team
  • Recommendations Team
  • Advisors
potential systems to be replaced by bmis fm
Potential Systems to be replaced by BMIS-FM
  • Budget Formulation System(s)
  • Funds Distribution System
  • Shadow Financial Systems
  • Field Budget Execution Systems
why are we doing this
Why Are We Doing This?
  • Inability to meet business information needs of DOE managers and customers
  • Present system cannot respond rapidly to changing requirements
  • Inability to maintain the current systems in the long term
  • Electronic commerce
bmis fm project phases
BMIS-FM Project Phases
  • Planning
  • Strategic Information Management (SIM) Process
    • Business Case
      • Status Quo
      • Hybrid System
      • COTS
bmis fm project phases continued
BMIS-FM Project Phases - Continued
  • Requirements
    • Teams:
      • Core Project Team
      • Key Support Team
      • Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Team
      • General, Costing, and Reporting Team
        • Cost and Project Accounting Working Group
        • General and Reporting Working Group
      • Payments and Receipts Team
      • Account Structure Team
      • Technical Team
  • Solicitation and Award
  • Testing and Implementation
bmis fm schedule
BMIS-FM Schedule
  • Complete SIM Process 9/98 (excluding business case)
  • Complete Business Case 12/98
  • Complete Functional and Technical Specifications 7/99
  • Issue RFP for Budget Formulation

System 8/99

  • Issue LOI for Other Elements 9/99
bmis fm schedule continued
BMIS-FM Schedule - continued
  • Award Contract for BFS 11/99
  • Award Contract for Other Elements 3/00
  • Implement BFS at Pilot Site 3/00
  • Implement BFS at Remaining Sites 10/00
  • Implement Other Components at Pilot

Sites 3/01

  • Implement Other Components at

Remaining Sites 10/01

other major departmental systems initiatives
Other Major Departmental Systems Initiatives
  • Travel Manager
    • Automatic Interface with DISCAS
    • Automatic Interface with E-mail
    • Paperless (Implementation in various stages)
    • Future: Web Access
  • Accounting Consolidation Initiative
    • Processing migrated from 18 sites to 3 service centers (October 1996)
    • Payment processing consolidated at 3 service centers (August 1997)
    • Consolidation into a single data base at each service center (March 1999)
    • Planned FY 1999 DISCAS Enhancements
      • ASAP Interface with Treasury
      • Electronic Invoicing
paperless travel implementation in various stages




Pittsburgh Naval Reactors

Schenectady Naval Reactors

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Office


Oak Ridge





Rocky Flats


Not Started

Federal Energy Technology Center


Paperless Travel(Implementation in various stages)
other major departmental systems initiatives continued
Other Major Departmental Systems Initiatives - Continued
  • Electronic Commerce (EC Web)
    • Partnered with Procurement to develop
    • Automatic Interface with DISCAS
    • Currently Implemented at 4 sites
      • Headquarters
      • Oak Ridge
      • Chicago
      • Savannah River
    • Plans to Implement Department-wide in FY 1999
cfo y2k status november 25 1998
CFO Y2K STATUSNovember 25, 1998

Mission-Essential Systems

Renovation Validation* Implementation*

Systems Complete Complete Complete

16 100% 81% 56%

Non-Mission Essential Systems


Systems Complete Compliant

9 100% 89% *

*All CFO systems are scheduled to be completed on or before

the OMB due date of March 31, 1999



For Additional Information:

Office of Corporate Financial Systems

Warren Huffer, Director

301 903-3761


Ike Smith, BMIS Project Manager

and Future/Development Team Leader

301 903-5264