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Bulk SMS Promotional SMS Transactional SMS - bulksmscoimbatore.net

Best Bulk SMS in coimbatore.Transactional SMS coimbatore, promotional SMS coimbatore, voice call SMS coimbatore.Call 91-89039 89038<br>

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Bulk SMS Promotional SMS Transactional SMS - bulksmscoimbatore.net

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  1. Bulk SMS Coimbatore Rajeshwar Phone: 8903989038 Thacil Complex 10, Raja Annamalai Rd, Saibaba colony, Coimbatore- 641011. 0422 – 4275787 rajesh@budnet.in www.bulksmscoimbatore.net BULK SMS COIMBATORE Bulksmscoimbatore provide promotional sms, transactional sms, voice call, missed call alert, two way sms, short code sms, long code sms, mobile number database. We have more than 2000 plus clients in and around Coimbatore. We don't provide sms at low price but we do provide 100% delivery ratio. If your company needs best sms service with 100% delivery ratio and support please donot hesitate to call us +91 8903989038 or mail us info at bulksmscoimbatore.net .

  2. Our clients are individual, company, corporate, hospitals, education, retail shop, MNC Company, share brokers and many more. Who need service? Company or individual who want to put their message straight into their customer pocket. Bulk sms service is one of the cheapest and easiest media of marketing. In this modern era every individual have a smart phone or at least basic phone, so reaching audience through message is the best way of communication. We also provide Coimbatore database for marketing SMS purpose. Promotional sms If a company or individual want to promote their product to common public you can choose promotional sms Coimbatore. 160 characters are considered as a single sms. SMS will not be delivered to DND numbers. 1 lakh sms will be delivered in maximum of 2 mins. Promotional sms is normally used by retail shop for sending offers in season period, educational institute use for promoting their programs, politicians use for campaign purpose. Promotional sms is cheaper than transactional sms. Transactional sms: Transactional sms is used to send information to your known clients. This sms will be send in their company name, sender id maximum of 6 characters. 160 character is considered as a single sms. SMS will be delivered to DND and NONDND numbers. Unlimited SMS can be sent per day. Transactional sms normally used by companies in billing software, schools for sending attendance, college for sending marks, share brokers for sending share market information. Voice call: Voice call is recorded mp3 file sent to your client or common public mobile. 30 sec consider as a single voice call. We can make voice call in your own number or 1800 toll free number, pricing is different for both. Mostly voice calls are used during election purpose. Voice call is mainly company branding purpose. Bulk sms Reseller:

  3. We provide whitelable bulk sms reseller at zero rupees set up cost. We provide option for adding your company logo and your company contact details and company information. If you purchase above 5 lakh SMS we provide free domain and hosting service for one year. SMS purchased above 10 lakhs we provide free corporate website. Why choose bulksmscoimbatore? Why you want to choose bulksmscoimbatore , when there are company who provide sms at very cheap price in market. We found company who provide sms starting from 1 paise, its very shocking since telecome provider itself cannot provide at this price. Our SMS charge includes sms cost and our after service charge. We are not looking for one time business with you, we are looking for relationship. We want to multiply our client through word of mouth, which our company feels the strong medium of marketing. If you are looking for quality service we are there to support you. Service: We provide phone and email support to all our clients. Our support team will solve most of the issue through phone itself, few issue will take time and that to not more than 3 hours in normal circumstance. After sale service is most important in this business and we are the best in that department. Want demo: Please call us + 91 8903989038, we will arrange demo. You can use our software before you purchase. Why choose our service?  We are most reliable in service and price. We provide this service at best price when compared to other provider in Coimbatore.  Our company provide great user experience Coimbatore , we have developed our panel keeping in mind of our customers who are not 100% from an IT background.  Our platform is capable of sending at instant speed.

  4.  Or Company provides reseller for all clients  Your panel is activated instanly after making payment. We provide best after service.  Registering sender ID is free of cost. An user can register maximum 5 sender id for an account by submitting required document.  You can send across india without any issues.  Our company accept cheque and online transaction.  Our company provides no hidden charges just pay for those you use. No need for paying for software or for our service  Customer support will be there in our working hours.  If you are looking for any trustworthy person you have landed in correct company. Our company provides sms for school, college , supermarket , education , billing , hotel , temple , politics , government , event , meeting , birthday wishes, marriage wishes , awarness , campaign , hospital , share market , real estate , software company , reseller etc .We also provide scheduled service. So why are you waiting, call us immediately and start using our service in Coimbatore now. We are eager to get a call from you. Bulk Sms Coimbatore, Bulk Sms in Coimbatore, Bulk Sms Company Coimbatore, Bulk Sms Service Coimbatore, Marketing Sms Coimbatore, Bulk Sms Software Coimbatore, Sms Gateway Coimbatore, Speed Sms Coimbatore, Transactional Sms Coimbatore. Contact us Rajeshwar Phone: 8903989038 Thacil Complex 10, Raja Annamalai Rd,

  5. Saibaba colony, Coimbatore- 641011. 0422 – 4275787 rajesh@budnet.in www.bulksmscoimbatore.net

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