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Things to Learn in a PMP Certification Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Learn in a PMP Certification Class

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Things to Learn in a PMP Certification Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn lot from PMP certification classes. The importance and value of the certification is realized when you deserve the respect from your peers for deserving the PMP

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things to learn in a pmp certification class

Things to Learn in a PMP Certification Class

If you are an aspiring Project Manager, you need to realize the importance of being well qualified if

you want to rise in life. Enrolling yourself in PMP certification classes will not only enhance your

knowledge theoretically but practically as well. This in turn will help you a find a strong footing in your


Joining PMP certification classes will give you access to:

Experienced and skilled instructors

Modern project management tools

Develop a broad and flexible knowledge of techniques

Help you in adapting your approach to the context and constraints of projects

Train you in delivering projects on budget and timely

Help in cultivating the people skills, trust and leadership necessary to meet project requirements

Best and reliable review manuals

The hands-on approach that these classes give will guide you through at least four industry-based

projects covering the various concepts and scenarios of these industries.

The classes will help you enhance your performance and scope management. If your client has

requested for improvements in the performance of their existing systems then as the owner of the

project, it becomes your responsibility to lead the project. You will need to examine the processes and

the flow of activities from project initiation to close. Time and cost management is also a module that

you will be trained in when you join these classes. When given the scope of handling a detailed new

project you will have to categorize the project into different phases, make an estimate of the duration,

and \ budget the cost of the project. As a Project Manager, you will have to analyze the need to

outsource certain activities and offer relevant suggestions. You will also learn to consider the quality-

related aspects of a project to ensure that the product meets its expectations.

What you learn in PMP certification can be described as tools which train you to handle a project at

most times very successfully. An insightful Project Manager can help avert most debacles when they

arise. The PMP certification not only trains you in ‘hard skills’ but ‘soft skills’ too. In absence of either

of the skills, a project is unlikely to be successful. ‘Hard skills’ indicates the

Knowledge of processes,

Work breakdown structures, and

Budgeting and software tools.

On the other hand, ‘soft skills’ refers to



Team building,

General decision making, and

Motivation techniques

it is obvious that pmp certification classes

It is obvious that PMP certification classes develop you into a fully-fledged Project Manager who can

deal with any project that is given. It trains you to accept the challenges, complete the tasks

successfully, communicate effectively with clients and team members, and understand their needs.

So why wait? If you want to be successful in your career, go ahead and join a PMP Certification Class.