pmp exam prep guide for pmp aspirants n.
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PMP Exam Prep Guide for PMP Aspirants PowerPoint Presentation
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PMP Exam Prep Guide for PMP Aspirants

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PMP Exam Prep Guide for PMP Aspirants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This article will guide you to the best PMP exam prep book and other resources you can follow to score well in the exam.

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pmp exam prep guide for pmp aspirants

PMP Exam Prep Guide for PMP Aspirants

PMP is a well-known exam among the students, not only in the US but all over the world. Currently,

almost all the developed nations prefer a PMP certified manager over the normal project managers.

But the exam is quite hard to crack, especially when you are unprepared. So, this article will guide you

to the best PMP exam prep book and other resources you can follow to score well in the exam.

Importance and PMP exam qualification maintenance

The PMP exam, or Project Management Professional exam, is conducted by Project Management

Institute to select out the best deserving candidate for the post of project manager. The exam is a high

valued exam, and hence industries prefer candidates with a PMP certificate to lead the projects. In

fact, PMP tests one’s ability to apply his knowledge in the practical situations. It also tests how

responsible a manager is when it comes to leading and managing a project. All these factors make the

industries look for PMP certified professionals to increase their success rate.

The PMP certification exam is useful in several ways. As it tests one’s true potential in the managerial

field, the industries offer high paying jobs to them. Hence, the employee secures his career in for

certain period. Though you must be cautious of one fact. To maintain the PMP certification, you need

to earn at least sixty professional units (PDUs) over a period of three years. But considering the

potential of a PMP certified professional, it won’t be hard for him to earn PDUs.

Study guidance

This is a million dollar question each student asks, what are the efficient ways to prepare for the PMP

exam? The answer is obvious. You need to enrol for a course, either live online course or a regular

boot camp course. The courses offer the best PMP exam prep book materials along with the guidance

on the PMBOK. Before you ask what the PMBOK is, let’s focus on the other benefits of PMP course.

It offers the students with reliable study materials. The materials can be printed out from the

student’s portal.

Besides offering study materials, the instructors offer assistance on the topics and help

candidates in solving all the problems.

You get numerous free question papers to practice. As practice helps people sharpen their

knowledge, you can utilize these question papers to prepare yourself for the PMP exam.

You get course binder consisting of all the necessary study materials, to the point lecture notes,

workshop exercise, etc. to help you prepare for the PMP exam.

You get guidance on the PMP exam prep book, i.e., PMBOK guide. Let’s discuss this book in detail.


PMBOK, or the Project Management Body of Knowledge, is a PMI issued guide on which the entire

PMP exam is based. This PMP exam prep book consists of a set of terminology, standard, guidelines,

and principles required in project management. The book consists of inputs such as documents, plans,

designs, tools including mechanism applied to inputs, and outputs such as documents, plans, etc. The

PMBOK can be hard to understand if you aren’t aware of the project management course and

structure. In those cases, the training on PMBOK can come useful.

the pmbok extensively discuss the five main

The PMBOK extensively discuss the five main processes of project management, i.e. Initiating,

planning, executing, monitoring or controlling, and closing of a project. The processes aren’t simple

and require an experienced hand to handle. Hence, the PMP exam prep book guide offers guidance

on how to effectively apply sets of principles and mechanisms while coordinating a project. However,

the PMBOK guidance isn’t limited to only the processes. The instructors combine their knowledge and

use the PMBOK to educate candidates on certain aspects of project management.

Listed below are few of the areas where the instructors and the PMP exam prep book focuses on.

Time management

Quality management

Scope management

Human resource management

Cost management

Stakeholder management

Communication management

Risk management


By now you have probably learnt about the importance of PMP exam certification. Hence, it is

recommended for you to take an online or boot camp PMP course and focus on PMP exam prepbook

for all kind of references. Then, it will be just a matter of time before you see yourself as one of the

best leading project managers in the industry.