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Consult Lex Protector And Avoid Domain Infringement Issues

DOMAIN Infringement occurs when a DOMAIN Name is infringing upon another’s DOMAIN Name or trademark. Then there has some factors, we at Lex Protector provides to consider that would help avoid domain name infringement. For more details please visit us at: http://www.lexprotector.com/DomainName

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Consult Lex Protector And Avoid Domain Infringement Issues

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  2. Domain Name And Its Great Value !!! • Are you searching for a domain name? Domain name is a key component of your online presence. • A domain name is your unique identity and always will be as long as you continue to use that particular name. • The domain name is kind of address that helps your target customers and others to locate you on the internet.

  3. Protection!! Domain Name Protection • Domain name is an important part for every online business venture and thus, should be protected from people on the Internet who might potentially misuse the same. • This will not only destroy your online reputation but also your online client base. • The service provided by domain registration service provider secures your brand name, wherein your domain name is registered in a database. • The process of domain registration or Trademark your Domainservices protect your domain from being misused by others. • With result the process gives you the benefits of securing your domain from hackers, domain theft and from using it by anyone who can harm your online reputation.

  4. Tips to Avoid Trouble From Domain Name?? There are a few basic guidelines that will help keep you out of trouble when you are choosing a domain name. • Firstly, you need to realize that a name that is used to identify a particular service or product is a valid trademark. • Trademarks that are deemed to be suggestive and memorable are granted protection by both state and federal law. • A confliction of trademarks occurs when one trademark is in conflict with another and the deployment of both is probably going to be confusing to customers or would be customers concerning the company's products or services. • when the legal issue is with a later user of a trademark, the law rules that the first commercial user of the trademark is the legal owner and is therefore given protection. • The loser will be forced to cease using the trademark and may even be compelled to pay damages to the original owner, particularly if it is determined that they were malicious in their intent. • The smart thing to do is to consult a trademark lawyer and have them check out your idea for a domain name before you invest too much in developing and marketing it.

  5. Trademarking Domain & Its Infringement- Both Service At One Place • “Since websites have become the most popular means of conducting as well as featuring one’s services to the masses, it has become more prone to cybersquatting and related offences than ever before”. By keeping this thing in mind, Lex Protector International law office will not only help you to identify potential infringers but also assist you in case of any actual infringement. • The expert team will help you to protect your domain name against all the legal hardships by providing Domain Infringement services.

  6. About Lex Protector • It is an axiom in the commercial marketplace that Intellectual Property holds the key for the Global Future Development. • Therefore its significance also cannot be subverted in any manner whatsoever. • Trademark lies at the very core of this and we at Lex Protector are well aware of this fact. • Our unparalleled dedication towards the subject and knowledge of trademark law has done wonders for our existing clients. • We have been providing a plethora of services relating to trademark since year 2012 and will continue to do so in our near future too.

  7. Contact Us Lex Protector International Law Office Address: Plot No - 475/1522, DAV - CRPF Road, Nilakhanta Nagar, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, Pin - 751012, Odisha, India Mob: +91-9658577326         +91-9040077326 Tel: +91 (0674) 6077326 Email:mail@lexprotector.com Website:www.lexprotector.com Skype: lexprotector

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