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Facebook Live Video: What Bloggers Need to Know PowerPoint Presentation
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Facebook Live Video: What Bloggers Need to Know

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Facebook Live Video: What Bloggers Need to Know - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With sites like Periscope, Meerkat and Blab setting the stage for the live streaming craze, Facebook has now released Facebook Live video. Discover how bloggers can use this to their advantage.

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Facebook Live Video: What Bloggers Need to Know

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Facebook Live Video: What Bloggers Need to Know WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    2. Why LIVE STREAMING took off in 2015: Smartphonesarecommonplace. Itwaseasy. IntegrationofPeriscopewithTwitter. Celebrities. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    3. Why Facebook Live is a thing: BIG It's on Facebook 1.6Btotalusers 1.4BMobileusers Over1Bdailyactiveusers. 900Mdailyactivemobileusers LIVE WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    4. FACEBOOK LIVE PERISCOPE VS LIVE 10 Million+ Landscape and Portrait Followers and friends of followers via sharing. Feed and search. 1.6 Billion Reach Square video Video Mode Friends and friends of friends via sharing Discovery Likes Hearts Social Proof WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    5. COOL-er So, why is Facebook Live ? It’sonFacebook - mostbloggers' favoritesocialnetwork. Morepeople.Moreengagement. Theabilitytoscrollthroughcomments. Livesonyourtimelineindefinitely Realnamespolicyreducestrolling. Youcanedityourvideoinfoafterthefact (videosand comments) WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    6. Blogger for Using Facebook Live TIPS

    7. Plan your content (outline) WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    8. Set a schedule and be consistent WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    9. Airplane mode with Wifi on WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    10. Check your lighting WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    11. Stabilize your video (tripod, iOgrapher, etc) WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    12. Get better audio quality with an external mic (optional) WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM

    13. More about FACEBOOK LIVE at www.becomeablogger.com