A Brief Introduction to Meat Tenderizer
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Electric manual meat tenderizers meat tenderizer

Meat is among the trickiest dishes when it

comes to cooking. Reason? The best quality

of old or new meat is always available in

coarse to hard texture. Therefore, cooking it

right requires tenderizing. What serves the

purpose here is a meat tenderizer.

meat tenderizer

Tenderizing causes the meat to become soft, lending it the ability to

absorb the flavors better. This means that the cooked meal will be rich

in flavors and optimally cooked to treat those taste buds.

Electric manual meat tenderizers meat tenderizer

Meat Tenderizer–The utensil

American Eagle Electric Meat Tenderizer

(Item #600299)

Has 33 Stainless Steel blades also has 1 hp motor.

Works Great! Easy to clean.

Opening Size is 7 1/2" x 1"

meat tenderizer

The tenderizer is available in two forms. The first is as a utensil. There

is nothing complex in the structure and design of this utensil. It is a

simple, manually operated tool to soften the meat slabs in the course

of cooking. It can actually be any handy tool that can easily smack the

meat to serve the purpose of tenderizing.

Electric manual meat tenderizers meat tenderizer

The three most common designs


•The dual head tool –Available in the options of metal

and wood, it is shaped more or less like a mallet or

hammer that has a short handle to be easily held by hand,

with a comfortable grip. Just as a hammer, this tool too

has one flat side and other pyramid shaped side.

•Potato masher lookalike –This tool has a large metal

face and short yet easy to hold handle. The metal surface

may be designed smooth or carved with multiple pyramid

shaped tenderizers.

•Puncture tool –This tool has several blades that cut

into the meat, puncturing it thoroughly so as to

disintegrate the fiber component of the muscle.

Electric manual meat tenderizers meat tenderizer

Meat treated with the above stated tools is left tender, making them

chewable and easy to digest. It is ideal for preparing well cut steak

portions and also with cooking methods such as steaming and broiling.

Electric - Manual Meat Tenderizers