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Word Ladder Honey….

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Word Ladder Honey…. Fourth Grade Phonics Unit 1 Week 4. On the bottom rung of your word ladder, write the word:. honey. Change the beginning of honey to make a word for currency. h oney. You should have spelled… money. Add a letter to the green letters in money to make a word for travel.

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word ladder honey

Word LadderHoney….

Fourth Grade Phonics

Unit 1 Week 4

Add a letter to move to make a word for a form of entertainment that enacts a story on a screen.


Add the letters r, a, r, and i to the letters in pie to make a word for a treeless grassy plain.


Add the letters b, n, and y to the green letters in calorie and scramble them to make a word for a platform projected from wall of a building.


Add two letters to the green letters in balcony to make a word for a narrow street with walls on both sides.


Add the letters u and k to the green letters from trolley and scramble them in order to make a word for a large bird with a fan-shaped tail.