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Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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Winston Churchill (1874-1965) . Churchill’s Life.

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churchill s life
Churchill’s Life

Winston Churchill enjoyed one of the longest and most interesting lives of any person who has ever lived. From his birth at Blenheim Palace on November 30th, 1874, to his death at Hyde Park Gate in London on January 24, 1965, his life was one of action, controversy, setback and achievement. It was never dull.

churchill s life4





Churchill’s Life

Father: Randolph Churchill, a Conservative politician

Mother: Jennie Jerome, the daughter of Leonard Jerome, a New York businessman.

  • 1900…Conservative MP for Oldham
  • 1906…Under-Secretary of State
  • 1908…President of the Board of Trade.
  • 1910...Home Secretary
  • 1911…First Lord of the Admiralty
  • 1912…Royal Naval Air Service & Air Department
  • 1915…Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • 1919...Minister of War and Air
  • 1921…Colonial Secretary
  • Defeated by E.D. Morel at Dundee in 1922 General Election
  • Successfully elected to represent Epping in the 1924 General Election
  • Stanley Baldwin, the leader of the new Conservative administration, appointed Churchill as Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • In 1929, Churchill lost office
politics churchill in world war
POLITICSChurchill in World War Ⅱ

On the outbreak of the Second World War Churchill was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty and on 4th April 1940 became chairman of the Military Coordinating Committee.

In May, 1940, he became Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and remained in office until 1945.

After Pearl Harbor Churchill worked closely with Franklin D. Roosevelt to ensure victory over Germany and Japan. He was also a loyal ally of the Soviet Union after Adolf Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in June, 1941.

Churchill held important meetings with Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at Teheran(November, 1943) and Yalta(February, 1945).

politics the end of churchill s political life
POLITICSThe End of Churchill’s PoliticalLife

He took over the premiership again in the Conservative victory of 1951 and resigned in 1955 .

He remained a Member of Parliament until the general election of 1964, when he did not seek re-election.

  • Churchill's literary career began with campaign reports: The Story of the Malakand Field Force(1898) and The River War(1899)
  • 1900, he published his only novel, Savrola
  • 1906, his first major work, the biography of his father, Lord Randolph Churchill
  • 1933-1938, his other famous biography, the life of his great ancestor, The Duke of Marlborough
  • 1923-1929, Churchill's history of the First World War The World Crisis
  • 1930, an autobiographical account of his youth, My Early Life
  • 1948-1953/54, his memoirs of the Second World War
  • 1956-1958, History of the English-speaking Peoples
  • His magnificent oratory: The Unrelenting Struggle(1942),The Dawn of Liberation(1945), and Victory(1946).
  • Churchill, a gifted amateur painter, wrote Painting as a Pastime(1948).
  • 1953, Churchill was awarded

the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  • 1953, Queen Elizabeth II conferred on him the dignity of Knighthood and invested him with the insignia of the Order of the Garter.
  • 1963, President Kennedy conferred on him the honorary citizenship of the United States.